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If you’ve been looking for a way to streamline your digital life, Krome might just be the utility app you’ve been looking for. Working together with the Chrome web browser, Krome can push real time notifications from your Android device, onto your computer.

All you need to get started is to install the Krome extension from the Chrome Web Store and after downloading the Android companion app, you’ll be receiving notifications from all your favorite applications on desktop or laptop computer. One small caveat is you’ll need to have the Chrome web browser installed with rich notifications enabled (Windows-only for now, but Mac OSX is coming soon).

Krome for Android

For those apps you don’t want to popping up on your computer (Facebook has a tendency to kill productivity), you can disable specific apps from showing notifications on Chrome. The best part? You can even quickly reply to SMS messages directly from the notification using your computer. Genius.

You can find the links for both the Android app and Chrome extension via the links below.

[Krome on Google Play | Krome on Chrome Web Store | via ChromeSpot]

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I’ve been using Desktop Notifications for a while now: It works well enough and doesn’t require rich notifications.

    1. Does Desktop Notifications allow you to reply to text messages?

        1. Excellent, just what I’d need! Of course I wouldn’t need it at all if Google would just add mms support to Google Voice. People get confused and send sms to my actual phone # instead of my GV one, which I’d prefer to use…unless it’s mms. Well actually, I’d prefer TO use it for mms, if it was a supported feature. Sons of…..

        2. BTW, not sure if you didn’t enable it or if it’s a newer version, but within the web app there’s a desktop notification option in AirDroid. I’m not sure that I’d need Desktop Notifications in addition to AirDroid since it seems to do anything I’d want. Oh, and bonus phone locator too? Great Odin’s Raven that is fantastic!

          1. I like to use the Desktop Notifications app because it’s always connected and active whenever I ‘m using Chrome. That way if my phone is charging in another room, I can easily see if the received notifications are important or not. I also use Chrome at work so it’s really helpful in places where you can’t be on the same Wifi network, which is required by AirDroid. But by all means, AirDroid is a far superior app.

          2. Ah, yeah that’s an excellent point too. I guess I’ll go with the combo as well. AirDroid’s interface is clean and has a lot of great features, but if someone isn’t on the same network (or vlan’d even I bet), then that would limit things. They should just do a widget that has the reminders like the GV ones and then you’d see them in small form off of that or just go to “inbox” or “interface” or what have you from the widget to launch the whole web interface. At least, that would be my suggestion to them. If they can do a web/diverse network option and authenticate it like how PocketCloud or other things like that do, then they would be perfect.

          3. AirDroid’s reliance on Wifi for desktop notifications is the key flaw. Desktop Notifications will provide the notifications anytime you are logged into Chrome thanks to extensions.

  2. I personally do not use chrome on a daily basis as Firefox is my main desktop and mobile browser since it works fine with both my android devices. The main time I use chrome is on tuesdays when I do the tech tuesday hangout since hangouts for me work better with chrome then the recommended firefox browser. Yeah google recommends that you use firefox with hangouts and not chrome even tho they work better for me with chrome.

    1. I remember Firefox. It was the only browser i recommended to anyone before Chrome premiered. As soon as i discovered Firefox I dropped Internet Explorer like the dirty snot rag that it is.

  3. Can I clear the android notifications from chrome too?

  4. OK the reply to SMS is pretty cool! :)

  5. this Android+Chrome ecosystem is getting better by the minute.

  6. someone tried this yet that thinks its better than mighty text?

  7. Here is a free version – – But you cant reply right from the notification

  8. This is good. At my friend’s apt, I have to leave my phone by his patio to get LTE on Tmo. The H and 3G isn’t that good. So I’d leave it there while playing online games.

    Well this will help with getting notifications. I hate having to stand up just to go see what it is. I love making my life even more lazy. =.P

    In it’s only funny because I’d get up to replace my empty beers. Them priorities though.

    1. i do the same for my ps3, when at work (dont tell my boss), i leave my phone outside to get a stable 14mbps, then play my ps3 off phone’s wifi in office!!!

  9. …and was created by developer from Poland:-)

    1. would explain “readed”

      1. I wonder if there is a toggle, so you can change it back to “unreaded”?

        1. it’s not his fault the English language makes no sense. Present tense – Read…. Past tense – Read. (head scratch) ??

          1. Good point. I suspect he speak better English than we do Polish :)

  10. Ah rats. Don’t use Chrome browser. Airdroid’s the closest thing, it’s good enough for SMS alerts.

  11. I’ve heard of this a while back, but I can’t use it with my MacBook Pro yet. Counting down the days until I get the support so I don’t have to keep checking my phone constantly during class.

  12. Can you reply to WhatsApp messages through it too? That would be very handy.

  13. Now you can exchange malware between your Windows computer and your android device.

  14. The encryption seems to be working for me.

    Yesterday I had issues getting the code but that is due to their servers not handling the amount of requests (said the dev).

    So if you get an error getting a code.. just try again.

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