Aug 16th, 2013

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Have you checked out Android Forums lately? Plenty of great discussion and debate abounds. In fact, it  so happens I was perusing the many and various topics over in that very forum moments ago. Here’s what people are talking about:

The Epic Moto X Thread – People are pretty excited about the Moto X. Some are already getting their invite to complete an early Moto Maker experience next week with AT&T. One Guy already got his. Guy Kawasaki (see what I did there?). He unboxes it in slow-mo. A nice little sendup, if you ask me.

Where have all the SD cards gone? – The debate continues to rage on as one user has noticed “an alarming trend” with recent handset releases: NO MOAR SD CARD SLOTS. Do people want them? Are they even necessary? Is the technology going the way of the dinos?

Peeved over privacy – Did you hear about Google’s recent statement that gmail users shouldn’t really expect privacy? Privacy, after all, is a luxury, not a right, right? Or wrong? Some forum goes aren’t all too pleased with Google’s insistence on scouring your messages in order to feed targeted ads. But hey, it’s Google. That’s sort of their thing. What else did you expect?

There’s plenty more where that came from, too, but what would be fun in spoiling it all here. Head over and see for yourself!

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