Aug 15th, 2013


Tardis Google Maps Street View

If there was any question that the brilliant men and women at Google were Dr. Who fans, look no further than definitely know how to have a good time. In between mapping out the 4 corners of the globe in painstaking detail, the Google Maps team still felt the need to throw in a little Easter egg for virtual globetrotters.

Street View Inside Tardis

Jumping onto Police Telephone Box, Earl’s Court Rd, London, Greater London SW5 9RB, United Kingdom will give you a rare glimpse at, not only the outside of Doctor Who’s famous intergalactic “Police Telephone Box”, but thanks to Street View, fans can even take a 360-degree tour of the inside of the Tardis as well. Even though I’m not the biggest Doctor Who fan in the world (ducks), even I can appreciate something as geek-tastic as this. Google can be so lovable at times..

[Tardis on Google Maps]

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