LG Vu 3 leaked, coming in hot with a 5.2-inch display, Snapdragon 800 processor


LG Optimus Vu II 2 BIG girl cute card

LG Optimus Vu 2 pictured

When the LG Vu first debuted back in 2012, it was an awkward device that LG was hoping would find Note-like success across the globe. Eventually, the Vu made its way stateside as the LG Intuition on Verizon Wireless, an underpowered slab featuring an odd 4:3 aspect ratio in a world filled with the 16:9 standard.

Shortly after this release on Verizon, LG announced a successor with the LG Optimus Vu 2. The Vu 2 brought the device up to speed with then powerful 2012 flagships, featuring a dual-core S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Just because the Vu seems to be having some trouble finding success outside its homeland of Korea doesn’t mean LG is ready to give up on the phablet. This was actually confirmed via the LG G2 press release (well, the name anyway) and now the Korean site Asia Economic claims to have a few more details on the Vu 3.

LG Vu 3 specs Korean

It looks like the Vu 3 will come with a 5.2-inch 1280×960 resolution display using the familiar 4:3 aspect ratio of previous generations. Other specs include a powerful Snapdragon 800 processor (ala the LG G2), 13MP camera, and support for LTE-Advanced networks.

While nothing has been confirmed just yet, rumor has it the LG Vu 3 will be officially unveiled at this year’s IFA, where it will go head-to-head with Samsung’s much taller Galaxy Note 3. For those partial to BBP’s (big beautiful phones), do you think a 4:3 aspect ratio might be too strange for use in this day and age?

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  1. odd display proportion – at least to me.

    1. 16:10 is better for tablets and phablets

      1. just to wide for my hand – thats all – seems like a box then a brick.

  2. That 4:3 aspect ratio is still…


  3. Not for me. I prefer one with a circular shape.

  4. I went and held the last one, did not like it.

  5. The lady sitting in front of me in church on Sunday was using one of the originals. I didn’t think anybody actually bought one. O.o

    1. LOL! There’s a lady in my church who has one too! xD

      1. Same church?

        1. no. just the same lady…. that church slut…

          1. I love church sluts

  6. Um..no one cares

  7. it looks like a child’s toy

  8. That phone will never succeed in America. Change the aspect ratio and maybe it will sell in somewhat decent numbers.

    1. If you change the aspect ratio it would just be an optimus g pro which would make it pointless. Its not something I would buy, but there were a lot of people bashing the OG Note when it came out as well.

      Now if it came with a stylus and the proper hardware/software to utilize it, then I could see it being very appealing to alot of people.

  9. It’s certainly… interesting…

  10. Ugh, just make another (Optimus) G Pro to compete with the Note 3 and dont make another bonehead move by giving it to one carrier as an exclusive

  11. I’m more of a 3:4 aspect ratio kind of guy

  12. Those specs can’t compete with 3 gigs of Ramm and a quad or octacore processor on the note 3.
    That has got to be a joke. Weird shape. Don’t think I’d buy it unless it was free with a plan or I had no other choice.

    1. the s800 competes quite nicely with the octacore processor… the s600 competed just fine with the one in the gs4 and the s800 is on another level.

      But yeah this phone looks weird.

    2. Do you hear yourself? Do you think 3 gigs of ram is necessary on a phone? My nexus 4 multitasks and handles any process I throw at it. What are you doing on your phone that 2 gigs and 4 cores can’t handle? I think Motorola is on the right track here: integrate the software with the hardware better. Not Samsung’s approach of beefing up the hardware to handle the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bloat.

      1. Motorola is on the right track, as you said, now all they need to do is adopt Google’s pricing model.

    3. 3 GB of RAM is _impossible_. All top-end ARM processors use dual-channel memory controllers, so to use 3 GB of RAM would require memory modules in a size that doesn’t exist. You’ll either see 2 or 4 GB, but not 3. Any rumor saying 3 is a load of crap.

  13. I never thought much of the Note, but this one was even more ridiculous.

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      The lady sitting in front of me
      in church on Sunday was using one of the originals. I didn’t think
      anybody actually bought one. O.o

  14. I like the 4:3 ratio. Its ideal to read books with safari book online. I hope the vu 3 will come out in germany too, the vu 2 never came out.

  15. The 4:3 ratio is exactly what drew me away from LV1. I bought the SGN2. a few months later my friend ended up ditching his LV1 and picked up the SGN2…with the VZW Tramp Stamp.

  16. The intuition came with a stylus.

  17. Phones are too narrow for me… I want a nice full screen while watching videos. i’m glad that there are still wide phones out there… the chances of this coming to my carrier? ( sprint) hardly.

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