Aug 12th, 2013

lg g2 balloonsjpg

The last thing you expect to hear out of a promotional event for a phone is that a ton of people got injured, but that’s exactly what happened with LG’s G2 event in Korea. The company filled up hundreds of balloons with helium, and attached vouchers for free G2 units to them before letting them ascend into the clouds. The idea was to allow some lucky random people to find helium-depleted balloons with the vouchers all over the area, though some folks proved to be too impatient and competitive to allow that to happen.

Instead, many got BB guns and attempted to shoot some of the balloons down prematurely. That unfortunate change of events caused about 20 people a decent amount of hurt, according to the Korean Times. It was a neat idea by LG, but it’s something the company won’t be doing again anytime soon. LG cancelled the remaining events in other major Korean cities. And that, folks, is why we can’t have anything.

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