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GPS on that new Nexus 7 giving you woes? You’re not alone. Reports indicate that the tablet is having trouble maintaining a GPS connection, losing signal after a period of time and failing to reestablish a lock. Numerous complaints have surfaced on various discussion boards, including the Google’s Product Forums.

Google has acknowledged the issue and is investigating the source of the problem. Pending what they find, a fix will likely be cooked up in quick order. For now, it seem there is nothing Nexus 7 users can do to correct the unreliable GPS.

[via The Verge]

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      1. I’ll be curious to see how the GPS and radio’s perform on the Moto X. That’s one thing Moto almost always had was bullet proof radios and gps hardware. Could end up being a feature in itself since my Nexus 4 GPS has fairly underwhelming performance.

    1. I have absolutely no issue whatsoever with the Erotic Screen. In fact,…. Oh, wait… I see my mistake… One too many way too early….

  1. Dear Google

    Can you please make a cheap and high end version. Of your nexus devices? I know it probably won’t happen but if I’m willing to pay for a better quality product, I’m sure others are too.

    1. Cheap. High-end. Pick one.

      1. Choice. They went completely one way and that worked to get the Eco system some good pub, but now that people are willing to pay more how about we get some good quality hardware. I’m not saying give up the budget minded devices but it would be nice to have a choice.

    2. The Nexus 10 is their high end offering.

      1. I would completely disagree. The nexus 10 is a bigger tablet so it commands the higher price.

        1. Agree’d… the tablet otherwise is pretty much the same.

        2. I own both a N7 and N10. I guess I should say used to. Gave the N7 to the padre. It was OK. IMO the Nexus 10 is premium from a hardware standpoint. So much so, that I found my usage with the Nexus 10 to be ten times more enjoyable than the Nexus 7. There just isn’t a better tablet for Netflix IMO. Spectacular picture, sound and viewing angles. Also, because the hardware is more powerful, scrolling through the Android UI is much more consistent when compared to the Nexus 7. I have them both running 4.3 right now, and it’s not even close. Although, screen rotation on the Nexus 10 could be much faster. Probably all those pixels holding it back, but 90% of the time I use it in landscape mode anyways. Lastly, I love the material of the Nexus 10 too. Jet black and it just sticks to your hand when you hold it. Much preferred to the cold slippery metal chassis of the iPad.

  2. ahh, brings back the galaxy s1 days lol, freakin hated the gps on that thing.

    1. My E4GT had HORRIBLE GPS as well. So it migrated from the GS1 to the GS2. LoL!!

    2. Nothing is worse than the LG G2X. Oh wait, Apple Maps.

  3. Its probably the Qualcomm chips, lol sarcasm

  4. Now do you understand why the Moto X isn’t $200 off contract?

    1. why does everybody assume this is a hardware problem? it could possibly be software. and the moto x isn’t released yet so nobody knows if it has bugs or not

  5. didnt asus have this issue before???

    1. Yep, Transfomer tablets. I don’t understand how a company at this level can continue to have the same issues with their products.

      1. Did all of the Transformer tablets have this issue? I thought it was only the Transformer Prime because of the all metal body.

        1. Mostly the Prime (which I had) but my son’s 300 has issues as well. Fortunately I use my phone with GPS primarily, but there are many apps that use GPS, so it can be quite frustrating at times.

          1. It’s kinda awkward to have a 10″ GPS on your car.. but oh well, ppl got preference.

          2. As I said in the comment you replied to, there are other apps that use GPS other than navigation.

          3. I can dock my Nexus 7 (1st Gen) in my car radio. I made a spot. So I’m sure a 10 inch would fit nicely. Only matters where you put it.

      2. Technical issues can be very complex. I highly doubt this is the same issue, but I cant see how for the less technical it appears the same on the surface.

        1. I didn’t claim it was the same exact issue, but it is another ASUS GPS-related issue.

      3. I have two asus transformers, prime and tf300.. Prime with supposit known issues with reception due to the metal back panel.. Have never had issues with either regarding this issue and at that any side from ui performance issues which were easily and quickly addressed with firmware updates

    2. Yes, but that was because of metal body covering the GPS chip

      1. the new nexus 7 doesnt have a metal body does it? If not i guess google is looking into a software fix huh?

        1. yeah!! N7 dont have a metal body so it might be a software fix

          1. Most likely.. Some firmware updates for my prime quickly fixed the reception issue for mine as well… I personally believe they were very few isolated incidences these tablets carry some high end relievers..
            I don’t think a thin layer of aluminum would play that bad of a factory unless you live in a dead spot or ur house has sucky reception

  6. Hopefully they can fix it soon!! ):

  7. I noticed I couldn’t get a lock the other day and just thought it was the room I was in. Hmm guess it’s a bigger problem than I thought

  8. If it’s the wifi only who needs a gps.
    I guess the ones with 4G service people might not be happy. My tablet is wifi only I use my phone for a gps.

    1. I use my WiFi only nexus 7 for GPS Navigation without any internet connection. All you have to do is cache the map and you are good to go, no need to kill your phone battery.

    2. Play Ingress on it by tethering to your phone.

    3. I use my (2012) Nexus 7 in the car to listen to music and use as gps (sometimes tethered to my phone) so gps would be a huge issue/dealbreaker for me if I were looking at this to replace the original.

  9. Like ive said sang got down voted so many times for Asus products are crap they have no idea what quality control is. I hope this is the last nexus device they get. I want a new n7 but after finding out Asus got it again it was a pass for me.

    1. I remember your comments.

      I actually ordered N7 from BestBuy the other day and i couldn’t care less about GPS problems, BUT the multi-touch issues really concern me and I’m thinking of returning it for good if my unit has them.

      I might need to reevaluate my choice for replacing my broken 7″ tablet.

    2. Yeah I’ve posted a few times about how horrific their QC is and get massively downvoted every time, but if you’ve ever owned a transformer prime you will never forget how low that company can go… with that said, I’m thoroughly enjoying my new nexus 7, but I half expect it to explode any second

      1. Really? Did you have to end it like that? LoL!!

    3. Ur crazy man asus makes some of the best tablets out there, and you wanna talk about quality control… They have amazing specs (for the time they came out) on top of that they have probly one if the fastest response times when it comes to addressing ui issues vie firmware updates and if I’m not mistaken their always the first to get the latest version of android..
      Soon as they announced jellybean was coming it wasn’t that far along i got my update… I’m pretty content with my tf300 tablet/netbook… And don’t worry there won’t any more people jumping on ur troll wagon ;-)

      1. Dam you are just a blind fanboy software patches and specs have nothing to do with quality control on the production line.and as for Asus I’m not just talking tablets but their whole spectrum of product including PC parts that I have bought. To me it seems they rush everything out the plant and don’t check the products before packaging. I would love for them to prove me different but I’m not going to let myself get burned by them again. My original n7 was me giving them another chance and that thing has a loose screen and if the battery dies all the way it is hell trying to get it to accept a charge. You should check your fanboyisim before calling someone posting true facts about their experience a troll.

    4. Not thing to do with fanboyism, the fact that asus next to the kindles and ipad sell the most tablets is a testament of how wrong you are and u wanna talk about asus as a whole just because uve had some Isolated incidents with asus doesn’t take away that when u go online and check specs for gaming desktops that almost everytime ull either see asus or gigabyte, its not a coincidence u know… And ui optimization plays as much of an important roll to the quality of a device as much as hardware does perfect example of how older apple devices would run super smooth on crappy hardware specs… So maybe u should go do ur research before you shoot ur hipster mouth off trying to make urself sound like the fake individual… Plus i like htc fyi.. Dont go around discrediting other brands because i like htc…

    5. Asus built motherboards are some of the best in the world, quality is top notch. The issue here is more likely cost savings impacting the end product, you can’t have the penny and the bun.

    6. haha, I’m on the same boat as well. Asus Tablets SUCK. Hope the rumors of them getting the next Nexus 10 comes out to be untrue

  10. I’m not sure that this is an issue with the new N7, or if it is Android 4.3. I have the original N7, and the GPS was having the same issue when I tried to use it the other day.

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      I’ll be curious to see how the
      GPS and radio’s perform on the Moto X. That’s one thing Moto almost
      always had was bullet proof radios and gps hardware. Could end up
      being a feature in itself since my Nexus 4 GPS has fairly underwhelming

    2. I’m running 4.3 on my Nexus 4, and have used the GPS on Google Maps these past couple of days for a number of 1 hour plus journeys without any issues. I hope it’s not related to over heating problems in the Nexus 7 as I hear the issue only occurs after extended GPS use.

  11. This is why you DO NOT buy the 1st batch. LoL!! Oh my gosh. =.P

    But then if no one bought the 1st batch, you wouldn’t know the problems. Ah, the conundrum.

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