Aug 9th, 2013

Developer Sean McCracken is crackin’ away on his first game for Google Glass, Psyclops, which is described as “a 3D Space Invaders mixed with Missile Command.” As demonstrated by Kenji Castro, it’s hard not to draw some sort of comparison to virtual reality gaming and the Oculus Rift.

Glass won’t provide the full-bodied experience of that particular VR headset, but given the platform and method of control it will be interesting to see how developers blur the line. No, Glass probably won’t be the next big thing in gaming. It’s not really designed for it. Games for Glass at this point are the equivalent of getting Snake on your TI-83 graphing calculator. It can handle it, but don’t expect wonders. Where it eventually leads, though, that’s the big thing to keep an eye on.

[via G+]

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