Aug 7th, 2013

ActiveNotifications Moto X Active Display clone

Motorola threw everyone for a loop when they finally announced the Moto X but instead of following the current trend of bigger and badder internals, instead focused on things consumers can actually see, like the software features and custom color options. One of the X’s best software features was its Active Display notifications, a lockscreen on top of the lockscreen that gives its user the ability to peek at a notifications, without having to fully unlock their Android device. It was simple, intuitive and for the most part, unlike anything we’ve seen before.


Leave it to an opportunistic Android developer to open this handy feature up for additional Android devices, with Great Bytes Software’s Active Notifications now available on Google Play. Much like Moto X’s Active Display, ActiveNotifications shows notifications on the lockscreen, with apps users can quickly jump to by swiping to the respective notification.

The all-black background should provide the same battery benefits for those with AMOLED devices. The catch? Well, you’ll need a device running Android 4.3 seeing how the app takes advantage of Android’s new notification listener service.

You can grab the app for free in the Google Play Store and with an in-app purchase of 99 cents, unlocks additional functionality like sleep schedules, or privacy options.

[ActiveNotifications on Google Play]