Aug 7th, 2013

Instagram 4.1

When Instagram announced their big 4.0 update back in June, they made waves after finally introducing video, a feature rival service Vine had become known for. I mentioned several times that while this was a great new feature for social media junkies, it was still only one less than half of all Android users could partake in. This was thanks to Instagram’s Jelly Bean-only compatibility for video captures (approximately 40% of all Android users).

Today, Instagram took to their blog to announce the release of v4.1 and aside from bringing Ice Cream Sandwich users into the video recording fold, also gives users the ability to import video directly from their gallery applications. This should prove especially useful for times when carefully planning out a video just isn’t possible. Now you can simply shoot something from the hip for later sharing, and quickly get back to enjoying that awesome lunch wanted to make sure your friends knew you were eating. Videos imported from the library can also be edited for length, and square-cropped to Instagram’s standards.

Unfortunately, it looks like there is still no video stabilization for Android users as found on iOS, with Apple’s flock also getting an exclusive new photo straightening feature. Too many ‘Droids to code for, I suppose. The update hasn’t gone live just yet, but we expect that to change any minute now. Have fun!

[Instagram on Google Play]