Aug 5th, 2013

Google Play Music banner

A very interesting rumor has made its way into the fold early this week. According to Billboard, Verizon and Google are in talks for the former to offer the latter’s Play Music All Access subscriptions to Verizon customers. If it comes to fruition, the end result would be customers having the ability to subscribe to Google’s music service by adding it as a plan feature. The monthly cost would be rolled on top of the customer’s bill just as it is for, say, those who subscribe to NFL Mobile.

So what benefit does this provide over getting your subscription straight from Google? Well… nothing, really. Such a deal stands to be more about Google getting the exposure it needs to attract more users to the service. With over 100 million potential customers on Verizon’s airwaves, I’d say they wouldn’t have a problem getting more than just a few eyes pointed their way.

Billboard says talks are still ongoing, and that there are still quite a few issues which need to be ironed out. For one, it sounds like Verizon and Google are still trying to figure out who’s going to foot the bill for the first free month of access every user gets when they sign up. Someone has to do it, and apparently Verizon doesn’t want it to be them and them alone. The other parties involved with the deal — those who are providing the licenses for the music — also have to ensure their bottom line isn’t being hurt as a result.

Google and Verizon stand to help each other out in a big way, though. On Google’s side, they get more subscriptions and big marketing dollars from Verizon’s overstuffed coffers. For Verizon, the carrier gets the legit music service they need to round out their offering of premium content to mobile subscribers, giving them another element for the competitive edge that has put them in the first place spot they’ve been enjoying for quite some time.

Whether or not this deal would be exclusive to Verizon remains to be seen, though we’re probably getting a little bit ahead of ourselves. Talks are so early that they could fall apart at anytime, according to the source. We’re not sure how that translate into time on the Gregorian calendar, but it sounds like we shouldn’t be expecting anything before the new year is here. Would you take Verizon up on this offer and get the service through them?

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