Rumor: Verizon in talks to offer Google Play Music All Access as plan add-on


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A very interesting rumor has made its way into the fold early this week. According to Billboard, Verizon and Google are in talks for the former to offer the latter’s Play Music All Access subscriptions to Verizon customers. If it comes to fruition, the end result would be customers having the ability to subscribe to Google’s music service by adding it as a plan feature. The monthly cost would be rolled on top of the customer’s bill just as it is for, say, those who subscribe to NFL Mobile.

So what benefit does this provide over getting your subscription straight from Google? Well… nothing, really. Such a deal stands to be more about Google getting the exposure it needs to attract more users to the service. With over 100 million potential customers on Verizon’s airwaves, I’d say they wouldn’t have a problem getting more than just a few eyes pointed their way.

Billboard says talks are still ongoing, and that there are still quite a few issues which need to be ironed out. For one, it sounds like Verizon and Google are still trying to figure out who’s going to foot the bill for the first free month of access every user gets when they sign up. Someone has to do it, and apparently Verizon doesn’t want it to be them and them alone. The other parties involved with the deal — those who are providing the licenses for the music — also have to ensure their bottom line isn’t being hurt as a result.

Google and Verizon stand to help each other out in a big way, though. On Google’s side, they get more subscriptions and big marketing dollars from Verizon’s overstuffed coffers. For Verizon, the carrier gets the legit music service they need to round out their offering of premium content to mobile subscribers, giving them another element for the competitive edge that has put them in the first place spot they’ve been enjoying for quite some time.

Whether or not this deal would be exclusive to Verizon remains to be seen, though we’re probably getting a little bit ahead of ourselves. Talks are so early that they could fall apart at anytime, according to the source. We’re not sure how that translate into time on the Gregorian calendar, but it sounds like we shouldn’t be expecting anything before the new year is here. Would you take Verizon up on this offer and get the service through them?

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I suppose it’d be nicer to have a consolidated carrier bill, especially if AllAccess was discounted on Verizon….. WAIT, sorry, I used the words discount and verizon in the same sentence.

    I didn’t think I’d love AllAccess as much as I do, so I ponied up the $8/mo after my free month ended. It’s the much better Pandora-ish automatic “radio” stations that hooked me. I also love exploring the Top songs in each subgenre (I just wish the Top songs weren’t limited to 20 on my phone, when the same list is ~100 in the browser).

    1. It really is a great service. The only thing that even touches it is Spotify. Google’s UI is soo much prettier though.

    2. Yeah, I had a hard time believing I’d end up keeping it after the trial as I’m pretty particular about what I listen to, but the automatic radio stations have actually been enough to keep me subscribing because they’ve helped me discover some new artists I hadn’t heard of.

      1. My favorite feature still has to be the ability to pin all your “thumbed up” songs to your device with the tap of a button.

        Playlists – auto-generated thumb-up playlist – pin playlist.

        It’s a beautiful thing…

    3. LOL noooooo, because then that gives Verizon incentive to charge you more for the convenience of having it all in one bill, not the first time they have done this and surely not the last.

  2. Verizon won’t offer me a Nexus device so they can forget me giving them any more money than I have to.

  3. Refuse to pay Verizon any more money than I already do. I will continue to keep a middle-man out of the equation by going through Google directly.

  4. And how much MORE will it cost to add it thru Verizon?
    Sorry, I don’t see Verizon doing this for kicks… it’s costing someone.

    1. Yeah, it costs you data

      1. When it eats into your data plan, yes.
        Verizon is a very greedy company.. I used to work for them in wireline and I can’t count how many times as an employee that I was screwed over and watched other people in my garage get screwed over.

        I can see all the naive people that would subscribe to this and think it’s great.. until that $300 data overage hits.

        That said… I am fairly certain Verizon will double dip and ask Google to pony up something too. Why have one payment when you can have 2 at twice the price?

  5. Eh, this isn’t that interesting of a rumor as far as I’m concerned. Now, if Verizon said that they weren’t going to count AllAccess streaming toward your data usage… Now THAT would be an interesting rumor. But this is just another way for Verizon to make more money. Hardly newsworthy.

  6. Can’t wait for a bloated edition of Google Play music with Vzw logos! I already have all access at the early discount. Unless it’s cheaper than that, which I highly doubt, I wouldn’t want it from Vzw. I actually haven’t used it much, mostly since my phone battery sucks and I’ve been waiting on HTC One (or better) from Vzw. I just haven’t canceled the AE since I figure I’ll use it more later and have the good price. I don’t see any added value to having it on my phone bill. I have plenty of things auto debited monthly and keep track on a “bills” calendar I code in green on Google calendar… no big deal to me.

    1. er AA

    2. you do realize play music is a free download from the play store. It has NOTHING to do with any VZW logos. Quit whining.

      1. Uh…no I’m really that dumb. You’re right. Internet win for you! Seriously, what part of “a bloated edition of Google Play music with Vzw logos” where I clearly recognize they would have their own version, gives any indication that I didn’t know a version (inherently Google’s) doesn’t already exist? I even stated I have All Access. Jeebus, get off your insult horse, read the whole statement, and then count to 10…before you proceed to not comment with flaming insults of drivel that indicate you can’t handle a whole paragraph.

        “Top to bottom, left to right… a group of words together is called a sentence. Take Tylenol for any headaches… Midol for any cramps.”

  7. I’m glad to see these two playing nicely together. Haven’t heard much of a partnership between them since the infamous bad choices VZW made on behalf of the Galaxy Nexus.

  8. Actually, zero rating is a big attraction here. Play Music All Access service, without eating into my monthly data plan, is attractive. The question remains – whether Google will pay for the data I use – by sharing some revenue on the advertising side with Verizon, or whether the service, through Verizon, will carry a premium over what Google charges to account for the data

    1. this

    2. This would be a very dangerous precedent and completely against the principals and maybe laws of net neutrality though.

      1. ESPN has already they are doing this. The SP is still confidential, but I would expect it is the same as this article.

  9. Verizon is going to put a Droid commercial in between each song you listen to.

    1. I hope it is DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOID awesome intonation dude.

    2. whine much

  10. It’s not even news if it would count towards your data pool.

  11. I tried Google Music and it wasn’t as good as Spotify

    1. Its just as good if not better imo. Beauty is to the eye of the beholder.

      1. LOVE Google Music compared to Spotify.

    2. and spotify is one of the worst….

      1. I thought Google Music’s interface was very clunky.

  12. But how??? Verizon doesn’t offer any data!

    1. At least 2GB of my data goes to my All Access. LoL!!

      1. 2gigs is the same thing as nothing.
        I really wish the 700mhz spectrum was in
        the hands of a wireless carrier that actually offerred a usable amount of data, 10-12gb’s.

        1. I didn’t say all my data is 2GB. I’m saying I use about 2GB from All Access alone. LoL!! I found so many songs. =.P

          There’s not much I can say about your spectrum thoughts. I’m pretty content with what I have. Though that 700Mhz would be lovely to have on an unlimited data plan.

    2. short bus?

  13. There seems to be some confusion about this.

    It’s meant to increase Google’s All Access subscriptions, not to help users. Anyone reading Phandroid is already familiar with All Access, and so this marketing ploy isn’t directed at us. It’s not going to be discounted, and it WILL count toward your data cap.

    It’s just like if Verizon offered Netflix as a plan add-on. It wouldn’t change the amount you pay for Netflix, but it would open another marketing opportunity for Netflix.

    Also, this will cost the same as buying the service through Google, but if you get it via Verizon, Verizon will take a small cut of the subscription fee (think link referrals in Amazon).

    1. link to this information, please?

      1. What link? This is normal business stuff. LoL!!

  14. I’m already doing this with Sprint.. Just change the form of payment method to “bill my sprint account”..

  15. Sounds cool and all, but they probably aren’t going to beat the early adopter discount. That’s the only way this would be tempting.

  16. No to Verizon.

  17. I really wish they’d offer this with all carriers with at least a dollar discount…I put my trial on the wrong debit card, and lost the introductory pricing, so dammmittttttttttttttttttttttt.

    1. Ooo!! My debit card didn’t have money. I had to quickly use another card. But Google sent me an email so I caught on quickly. Thank the heavens. I’m sorry for your lost.

  18. Ha!! I hope they enjoy paying that $11. I’ll save my $2. Oh my gosh!! My card had no money on it and the subscription was trying to make a payment. I almost lost my deal. LoL!!

  19. This won’t end well for consumers. It’s Verizon …

  20. Doing anything unnecessary through one’s carrier is foolish.

  21. New Verizon Shared Data Plan: 5GB data plus Google Play Music All Access for $129.99 a month. Share across as many as 8 devices for the low, low price!

  22. My Google Play All Access is already charged to my AT&T…

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