Aug 2nd, 2013


The Moto X will indeed be available on the big four US carriers. Not all will take the same approach to selling it, however. While AT&T has a temporary exclusive deal to offer Moto Maker customization and Verizon and Sprint appear ready to launch the device through traditional channels, T-Mobile won’t stock the device in stores. At least not initially, anyway.

The whole thing is a bit confusing. T-Mobile is more than ready to say the phone will be compatible with their network, but also says customers will only be able to find it via Motorola’s site. Then there is the issue of how the phone will be priced out given TMo’s recent switch to payment plans for new devices rather than subsidized pricing. Remember, Motorola only confirmed that the Moto X will sell for $199 with a wireless contract.

$199 with a contract isn’t in T-Mobile’s plans, but is the option to buy the Moto X at a TMo retailer? For what it’s worth, we only spotted devices with AT&T and Verizon branding at yesterday’s event. Sprint confirmed soon after that it would offer the device as well. But Motorola was very clear that the device would be available for all major US carriers. We’ll just have to see how things shake out.

[via AllThingsD]

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