Android 4.3 rolling out to Google Play edition Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One


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Not too much longer after HTCDev posted the kernel source for the Android 4.3 update for the HTC One Google Play edition, the update has already begun rolling out. As documented by Anandtech‘s Brian Klug, it’s not only the HTC One GPe getting the latest dessert, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 is being updated as well.

Android 4.3 update HTC One GS4 GPe about phone.jpg

What’s interesting is the dependency in sizes between the two. The Android 4.3 update (build number JWR66V) on the HTC One weighs in at 185.5MB, while the Galaxy S4’s is only 150.7. We heard from HTC that they’d be handling the updates for their respective GPe device, handing it off to Google once it was ready for the pushin’. We’d say that’s a pretty good turn around time on these devices, despite not receiving updates directly from Google.

For rooted users, it shouldn’t be too much longer before we see the system dumps from these devices manifest themselves in the form of a flashable ROM. We’ll keep you updated.

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  1. Wish I had Any of these GE phones :I

  2. Schweeeeeeeet

    1. Yes?

      1. lols

      2. Lmao

  3. What does the difference in the size of the build files mean for their respective devices and the update?

    1. Size diff in the builds is probably due to different hw drivers they need

      1. 35MB difference? I hope it is not an NSA driver that is included.

    2. I would think that the H1’s larger file size is for the Beats Audio driver, and perhaps some camera optimizations.

  4. Nine days from the nexus devices getting the update to when the ge devices get it is not bad at all, I’m quite satisfied with that.

    1. The real measure is going to be the next update in 6 months when they’ve already moved on to something else.

  5. That’s good….that was fast

  6. I love my N4 and my future N5! true Google phone

    1. Thank you for the non-sequitur

      1. it’s OK don’t worry

  7. Was pushed to my one at 10:11p.m. eastern tonight. Haven’t flashed it though since I’m rooted with cwm.
    Won’t return to stock, like being able to disable ads and being able to mod my phone to show a battery percentage.

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      Nine days from the nexus devices
      getting the update to when the ge devices get it is not bad at all, I’m
      quite satisfied with that.

    2. Cool story bro.

  8. I have my One GE, checked through android system update at 1:03 a.m and no updates available yet :S.

  9. I had my doubt’s about the play edition devices getting timely updates. Well done HTC and Sammy :)

  10. Maybe it’s because HTC is keeping some of their “HTC” stuff intact.

  11. running previous test build on my gt-i9505 runs brilliantly no problems with it cant wait to get the ported official realise on it now :)

  12. My One GPe still hasn’t gotten it :( tried the Google Services Framework trick, and still nothing….

    1. Just tried the framework trick and it worked for me… I have an htc one that I converted the the google edition :D You might have ti do it a few times my man

      1. What type of recovery are you on? Stock, Twrp or Cm

  13. Still no love from T Mobile , on my HTC ONE, stuck on 4.1.2…..

    1. That’s all US Sense Ones, including Developer and Unlocked.

  14. Does anyone still care about marinal Android updates? This is a mature platform and not much is changing at all.

    1. Different strokes for different folks. Some Android users really want the latest for whatever reason, others who are satisfied with their current version stay and that’s perfectly fine.

  15. Having been burned by HTC before, I’ve been holding back on an One. But this news is very encouraging, provided I get a GE that is.

  16. Part of the fun of GE and Nexus devices is getting the updates. Some are marginal, but some are huge, like ICS and JB – even GB was a pretty big deal.

  17. Still dont have 4.3 on my s4 yet. Anytime i try updating the software, it tells me i have the latest version(4.2.2). How do i get this new update running on my S4?

  18. Nice to see the google edition devices getting 4.3 very close to the nexus

  19. Why is one picture noticeably brighter than the other one?

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