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Find yourself popping into Starbucks often for a cup of Joe and some free, sweet WiFi? You might want to know that AT&T and Starbucks have ended their partnership, where the former provided data for those who needed it. So who’s taking AT&T’s spot? None other than your friendly neighborhood software and web technology company — Google. This partnership only applies in the United States, so those of you elsewhere will continue enjoying free WiFi by whoever the current provider is.

So, what does this mean compared to what AT&T offered? Google’s promising 10x the speed, and as Google Fiber continues its rollout they’re hoping to be able to offer 100x the speed AT&T was. The rollouts begin this August, and will take Google just 18 months to reach all of the 7,000 Starbucks locations currently offering the service. I can’t say I’m too disappointed at that at all. Sorry, AT&T, but if Google can live up to that promise then we won’t be missing you in America’s most popular coffee destination.

Google isn’t offering a way to see which locations do and don’t have WiFi on a website, but if you walk into your local Starbucks and the SSID is “Google WiFi,” you know you’re up and running on the new network. Don’t go crazy and spend all your money on coffee as you look to check your favorite locations in the months to come.

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. From now on I’m doing all my uploading at Starbucks.

    1. IKR!? Better hit up a VPN, though. Them hackers goin’ be there.

    2. from now on, im doing all my porn at starbucks……bathroom..giggitty

    3. Yeah…. I am wondering how fast internet will really be. I have a Starbucks like 2 blocks away. lol

  2. Wonder if this includes on-campus locations. It’d be awesome if Google provided WiFi for my university’s Starbucks.

    1. I was wondering the same thing for Barnes and Nobles stores

  3. why people buy overpriced burnt coffee from a national chain is beyond me.

    1. because not everyone is a cheap slacker who expects to pay nothing for goods and services.. Bet you wish you had the idea to charge high prices for burned coffee, but I know its easier to complain than to innovate. I’m guessing you only use free apps to

      1. or maybe he’d rather spend his money on good coffee…

    2. In my case, Starbucks is right across the street, within walking distance. Good coffee isn’t :)

  4. If they could just get Google Fiber to my house…

  5. I haven’t been to a Starbucks with WiFi in well over a year, so, do you still need to use the time-limited password on the receipt for access, or is it just free if you’re in range? (And, does DNS tunneling for free wifi still work? :))

    1. AFAIK you’ve never had to use the stupid time-limited receipt thing at Starbucks. At least in the Bay Area, only Peets had this wonky system. And even they have gone to all-free all-the-time.

      1. Ah – good to know that the time-limited wifi is fading away.

        1. The three Starbucks near me both have probably a third to half of their AC outlets/receptacles broken or hanging loose out of the wall so they are all pretty much rendered useless anyway. Slow Wi-Fi speeds have been a constant. I know I can get consistently faster speeds tethering to my VZW GS3 than I ever could from Starbucks or Panera’s wifi

  6. Thank God. Att wifi at every starbucks I’ve used in South Florida absolutely blows. I mean slowwww, unstable freaking terrible. Good riddance ATT!!
    FU on wifi, overpriced plans and piss poor customer service.

  7. It’s a good thing but usually I don’t have time to sit at a Starbucks just to use free internet

  8. So Google beat the NSA in providing free WiFi?

  9. I’m in a Starbucks four or more days a week for an hour or two.
    I buy the tall “pike roast” in the recyclable Starbucks cup for $1.55
    & every twelve I get a free Venti drink! Seems like a good deal to me with free wifi.

    I use codeminders Starbucks auto login app so it logs in as I walk in.
    I have noticed all the locations in SoCal seem to throttle the wifi at 3G speeds. (SLOW)
    if google keeps speeds higher then that it’s all good. :)

  10. I might go in there with my own cup of coffee sourced elsewhere in the EU for cheaper whilst I submit my UK tax return and see what they have to say about that…

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