Should Google go with LG for the 2014 Nexus 7 tablet? [POLL]



The honeymoon period with the new Nexus 7 hasn’t exactly expired yet, and folks are already talking about what the 2014 version might entail. Well, one analyst thinks Google could be breaking things off with ASUS and going with a certain South Korean manufacturer for its next rendition. That manufacturer would be LG. The prediction comes from analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, who seems to have quite the decent track record.

Apparently, LG’s major positioning in the display manufacturing market would make the company an ideal match to make Google’s next 7-inch wonder. The fact that Google and LG have already collaborated on the Nexus 4 smartphone can’t hurt, either. Of course, Samsung also has a big hand in the display pot, though the company is already responsible for Google’s biggest (literal) tablet.

Of course, it’s entirely too early to guess what sort of specs we’d find inside a 2014 Nexus 7, but if the version we’ve had our hands on for the past week is anything to go by, we shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Would you want LG to be responsible for the next generation Nexus 7 tablet, or should ASUS hold on to the reigns for another year?

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  1. Based on my N4, yes. Or HTC, their build quality is stellar, too bad their software is bad.

    1. We’re talking a Nexus tablet here so manufacturer’s software isn’t a problem here.

  2. I love my N4, but I don’t think it would be a great idea to let LG do that when they are barely known in the tablet market. I guess that was the same story for the Nexus 4 though.

  3. IMO ASUS has done a great job with the Nexus 7 series and I would not mind seeing them continue with the series.

    1. If I had to pick between ASUS and LG, then yes… no, wait… *hell* yes to ASUS making it again. I don’t want LG to touch the tablets. Now, if given the choice between ASUS and Motorola… sorry ASUS. But Moto build quality just can’t be beaten.

  4. I really would like them to FINALLY go the Motorola route. As a side note, I think Key Lime Pie will be a full fledged functional operating system designed and aimed specifically at desktop, PC, and making your smartphone your walking PC.

    1. That was my vote!

    2. Agreed, Motorola build quality on a Nexus would be awesome.

    3. More on this, that would be interesting if Google ditched ChromeOS and fully replaced it with Android Key Lime Pie while also releasing as a PC distro like Ubuntu. 1 OS for everything with both Arm and x86-64 support.

    4. I too voted for Motorola. Their build quality is the best. Sony might get my vote, but Sony doesn’t know squat about making affordable electronics.

  5. I don’t care who, just no glass back.

  6. I haven’t actually owned a nexus 7, but if it’s anything like my laptop made by Asus, then no. It’s a collection of sketchy components hidden inside a solid build.

    1. I agree to a degree. While i do have love/hate relationship with my ASUS performance laptop I absolutely love my N7 (2012) and will be purchasing N7 (2013) to get FHD screen and a boost in performance.

      Although, perhaps I just got lucky with my N7 as the are reports of a shabby build quality for N7 (2012) on the net.

  7. I havent seen or used any Asus phones. Really dont want a nexus made by someone not familiar with phones. I dont want my nexus to be 100% experimental. I want to see a Moto Nexus but HTC would be very well welcome also. LG would be next choice in line. just my opinion.

    1. They are asking about next years Nexus 7 tablet. Not the phone.

      1. silly me commenting before reading. In the case of a 7″ nexus tablet, i would like to see samsung. Sony has good build quality lets through them in the mix.

  8. Asus has definitely done a great job with the Nexus 7. However, I’m guessing Samsung might be next in line to create the next Nexus 7. Just my guess.

    1. I’d like Samsung to not get anything else in the Nexus pipeline but it won’t happen.

  9. It’s not important…… The importance is it must be more innovative like sgs4……nexus4 is really boring=nothing innovative
    That is why Apple’s products are losing market share=boring, outdated=too simple

    1. I’d have to disagree with your point.
      There is less and less demand for new features on the phone, because the phones already do pretty much anything you can think of. Or are we talking innovation in terms of design?

      While i do not own Nexus 4, I fail to see whats boring about the phone (no air gestures?). As far as I can tell from observing my friends and colleagues that do own N4, it is very useful and diverse phone (especially for the price) plus LG tried (some might say tried and failed) a very innovative approach with the glass back of the phone.

      1. Sgs4 more sales than sgs3, the best seller phone in the world
        More features than sgs3
        You don’t see the facts?

        1. More sales = innovation? More features = innovation?
          Who said anything about iPads?

          I’m sorry sir, but this seems childish and looks like a comment from bgr where it’s always Sammy vs Apple bashing.

          Never mind, I’ve looked at your previous posts and they are just non informative Sammy vs Apple bashing.

          1. hello kid, its not my fault youre missing the obvious facts :)

        2. Sales has nothing to do with the N4. The n4 was not marketed and thus didn’t sell. How does that make it boring? I personally think TouchWiz’s UI design is old and clunky and most of those “exciting” features are gimmicks that I would never use in day to day use. Air gestures? I would never use them. Eye Tracking? Barely works, i’ve tested it on friends S4’s and its a joke at best. Seriously, what does TouchWiz add that makes Android sooo much more interesting? Samsung markets, thats why it sells better. I’m not hating on Samsung, they’ve done well for themselves, but that’s not grounds to insult the Nexus. Without pure Android Samsung wouldn’t have an OS to slap their ugly ass skin on. Nexus devices will never be a top seller, but its the phone for me, every time.

          1. are you kidding? Google doesnt want to sell Nexuses? google does it just for fun? so why do SGS4 and HTC One Google editions exist?
            do you get it now?

            have you really forgotten controlling with gloves or IR blaster?

            you think these features are useless? so why is the SGS4 the best seller = because brings wow effect with features (some we don’t need but some are important)

            deal with the facts = SGS4 = many features = huge sales = still not able to accept the reality, the simple logic? :)

    2. You don’t understand what a Nexus is and you’re missing the point of Android’s relationship with OEM’s. Android is designed so that the OEM’s can be innovative when skinning AOSP to their devices. Google is not interested in being innovative with hardware. The Nexus is just a byproduct of building and testing the source code. They’re really just trying to distribute it to us to be beta testers and recover some costs.

      1. yes, Nexus is just for fun like SGS4 or HTC one edition :)
        so you should bash Google for trying to sell more Nexuses, so you disagree with Google but trying to defend him :-D
        ambivalence? :)

    3. What is so “boring” about the Nexus? It doesn’t have Air Gestures and Eye tracking? Gimmicky add-ons that I would never use? And how can you presume that the Nexus is outdated? It has the latest version of Android and is the basis for what Samsung adds their skin to. I’d say that anything that was truly innovative eventually gets added into the stock Android, and the rest remains gimmicks only available to the manufacturer making the skin.

      1. no IR blaster, no gloves controlling……N4 is just a common phone

        read more, you will understand more :)

  10. HTC is the ONLY company that should get the 2014 Nexus….the Nexus One is one of the original phones that Google can attribute to Android’s success. HTC clearly needs some help right now getting back on track, and I truly believe a Nexus program could bring HTC back to it’s roots and help get them back on track….despite the usual lousy sales of Nexus phones

    1. Agreed!

    2. I totally agree with this. I’d like to see what they could do with a tablet now with guidance from google on a nexus 7 tablet.

      Just nothing from Samsung please? They’ve gotten too many Nexus products now.

  11. Oh, gosh… NOT Asus, please. My Nexus 7 was a disaster.

    1. Care to explain, other than just saying it was a “Disaster”?

      1. Pretty much this:

        For ages when I first got it, it would be massively unresponsive/imprecise before I figured out what the problem was and that I wasn’t alone in having it (as I also later found out when my Mom mentioned hers was screwed too). A system update later made it slightly better, but I’ve ended up never using it as a result.

        1. I understand, nothing worse than using something that is supposed to increase productivity only to have it slow you down. Just a thought, why did you never try to send it back to Asus for a repair?

          1. I did try, but it was given to me as a leaving gift from a previous job, and they got it at a retailer. I never received the gift receipt, nor could they find it when I asked them for it. Quite the victim of circumstance in this case.

            I wouldn’t be so against Asus if it was just mine (a faulty device here and there is kind of to be expected), but my Mom experiencing this problem and others that I’ve read about online just doesn’t help the case. :/

          2. Yea, Asus really shot themselves in the foot with the Nexus 7. I purchased one on launch day and had the screen lift. I then had to buy a new one at a later date (Original one drank too much coffee, not saying any more than that), and a half year later it didn’t have noticeable screen lifting but it was still there.

        2. I also had two warranty swaps for this problem.

      2. I think he is talking about user error.

  12. Asus should continue with the Nexus 7 and get a stab at a Nexus phone.

  13. Nexus Padfone anyone? Pretty please

  14. I could see this. If you go with LG you might be able to get the displays cheaper so you have a bigger budget for other components. And while ASUS has done a great job with the N7s, there is no denying they had quality control issues last year.

  15. I would really like to see Google pick Sony as their next nexus maker.

    1. The waterproof Xperia Z and Xperia Tablet Z would be fun in a Nexus! Cool thing most people don’t know is that any Xperia can already be turned into a Nexus though. Sony lets you download stock android to any of the Xperia phones or tablets from their website without rooting.

  16. Samsung! They seem to get things right. Plus they have top display technology too.

  17. Based on the quality of devices I’ve seen in the past couple years I say:

    Tablet – Asus, the 2013 Nexus 7 is really nice.
    Phone – Samsung, similar to an updated GNex with LTE and Snapdgraon 600.

  18. Personally I love my Lg Optimus G Pro, the super ips display and for a plastic phablet the build quality is great, I would love to see LG make the nexus line for next year. For those who complain about about Lg’s software it is my personal favorite coming from someone who used touchwiz (the ugliest and most bloated software in my opinion) as well as sense 5 and sense for plus the sony ui.

  19. Honest opinion which some may not like but for the next Nexus Tablet, why not go with HP? They’re struggling to get into the Android market due to poor business strategies and optimistic views on PalmOS but why not throw them a bone?

    And next Nexus phone should be from HTC or Sony… why not? LOL Just saying…

    1. HP’s product quality has been on a downhill slope for quite some years now and they are famous for poor customer support. so.. thanks but no thanks :P

      1. That’s true but maybe if they get a Nexus contract, it could turn things around for them… just saying.. I do like the ASUS tablet now, it’s a big improvement from the old one. I had a lot of problems with the old N7. I don’t mind seeing a Sony or HTC Nexus tablet but enough with Samsung already.. they’ve saturated the market enough with all their products..

  20. HTC!

    1. Agree, but I’d like to see a ‘modern’ HTC tablet first maybe designed by HTC One design team. I’ve heard older Flyer tablet was terrible.

      1. They tried to do to much with the Flyer tablet… I think they have the formula down at this point.

  21. Asus hit a big home run with the new Nexus 7, and the OG N7 for the most part. They certainly deserve to get the next contract if you ask me. Love the new N7, best performing (real world) Android device to date, period.

  22. Can you please change the title to reflect that this is for Nexus 7?

    I thought this was about the Nexus (phone) 5, 6, etc…

  23. Someone who hasn’t made a Nexus yet. I like the concept of every OEM getting a chance to be the official Google developer device. Maybe Sony.

    Samsung has already had a Nexus device three years running, and rumours point to them making another 10″ tablet this fall. As much as I love my Gnex I truly hope they get passed over for the phone.

  24. Would love to see the Google Motorola take over the market.

  25. The new Nexus 7 is fantastic. I’d give Asus another try if they are interested.

  26. I don’t care.. As long as they keep their standards high like in the latest Nexus 7

  27. I would like to see a new player but how can you beat success? $229 for a fantastic 7inch tablet? I don’t see anyone including ASUS able to compete with this. Who will have a screen that good and more options for less than $250? Everyone else seems to fighting over the narrow $399 and up space which means I am saving pennies to get a Nexus 7.

  28. Why? If it aint broke, don’t fix it. They should switch only if the new manufacturer can ensure some vast improvement that Asus can’t.

  29. LG makes displays that bleed light, i’d prefer not to see them making Nexus devices… but honestly i’m not in the market for a tablet anyways, so what do I care. I just hope the next Nexus 4 is anyone but LG.

    1. Wasn’t there a rumor that it will be LG for the next iteration of Nexus line?

    2. I’ve never had a problem with an LG display, I find them to be some of the most beautiful in the mobile business especially.

  30. HTC or Motorola should make nexus tablets.

    1. Yea HTC so that my tablet can run out of battery in 5 hours.

      1. I never used Flyer, but I’ve used a number of HTC phones and based on my experience your claim regarding shortage of battery life is invalid.

        1. I’ve owned the EVO 4G, EVO 3D, 3x Rezounds in my household. All have had horrendous battery life, rooted, downvolted, etc.

          1. My dad owned HTC HD7(W7), I had HTC Dream (G1 in Canada), HTC One X and HTC One S (I downgraded from X to S, X was heating up too much and was bulky-ish). I never had a battery issue though, but perhaps I was just lucky. I did hear bad rep about Rezound though.

            It seems weird that you kept getting HTC devices if you had bad luck with them in the first place, but I’m sure you had your reasons.

            I’m not sure how good/bad battery life on their phones is post HTC One model.

            Thanks for sharing your experience, I’ll keep that in mind when and if I’ll be looking at new HTC gadgets.

          2. As for the 2 HTCs on Sprint, there were no better options at the time. The Rezounds were also the “best available” at the time. It was either that or the Droid Bionic which flopped even harder.

            I gave HTC multiple chances because people reviewed it saying that “HTC did well with the battery this time.”

  31. if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Asus Baby!

  32. After how much LG dragged their feet with the Nexus 4(remember them avoiding the ramp up to meet demand?) I’d rather not see them make another Nexus device. Asus at least tries to keep up with demand so I wouldn’t mind them for 2014 again.

  33. I’d want Asus or Sony, but I voted Other with Sony since Asus has already made it twice. HTC would be my third choice.

  34. NO! LG makes such terrible devices.

  35. Sony or Asus. Preferably Sony before Asus, Asus already makes the N7.

  36. I’d like to see a smaller company get the chance to make it. How about Huawei or even Pantech? I know Pantech had made some sketchy devices in the past, but it’d be nice to see one of these companies get to grow like that. (Seems like Huawei is already making nicer devices all the time)

    1. Agree^

  37. I chose “other” and I will not lie. My choice was biased towards HTC. LoL!!

  38. LG would just wind up putting a glass back on it and shrugging when anyone tries to talk to them about thermal throttling.

    Asus can keep it indefinitely as far as I’m concerned. :D

    1. Get over yourself. The Nexus 4 is still a fine phone.

      1. I know. I own one.
        Doesn’t mean it couldn’t be better…

  39. Has LG made a decent Android tablet yet? (I’m asking, not being rhetorical)

    If yes, then why not have *both* LG and Asus make Nexus tablets? The more AOSP-supported devices the better.

  40. Why mess with perfection. Asus FTW

  41. The first NEXUS 7 was a game changer for Android tablets (and small form tablets in general). As long as ASUS performs, they deserve to have Google’s loyalty.

  42. HTC Nexus Anything, imagine a 7″ tablet built like the HTC 1….

  43. Why would you break up a good thing?
    Asus, baby!

  44. are you nuts? when is the last time LG has put out a quality tablet? I rest my case…

  45. I like Samsung’s stuff. I’ll probably got for the next version of the 10 inch Nexus, myself, but I’d be interested to see their 7-inch variant. I like the displays and I like the overall quality of their stuff. I hate Touchwiz, but the devices are pretty awesome. As long as it is a Nexus product, you’ve got my vote.

  46. I voted Asus! I had the Asus Prime, still have the Asus Infinity, and just got a ’13 N7 the other day. Asus is hands down the BEST Android tablet manufacturer! I won’t be parting with my Infinity anytime soon, just wanted their 7″ ’13 N7 to go along with my 10″ Infinity! Unless Asus proves to be a bad choice, which they haven’t nor will they, then let them keep the reigns! Both N7’s have been a huge success, why mess that up!? I’d actually love to see them make a Nexus PadFone, with a CDMA version alongside a GSM version!! Do it Google, DO IT!!!

  47. While I’ll agree that Samsung does make nice phones (I have a Note 2 on Sprint), I’m not a fan of their tablets! Like, not at all!! The Asus Infinity was an easy choice over both the N10 and Note 10.1!!! Let Samsung make the Nexus phones, and keep Asus in the Nexus tablet drivers seat!!

  48. And no, not just the N7, they should be building the ENTIRE Nexus tablet lineup! How awesome would an Asus N10 be!!!?

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