Amazon has Verizon’s 32GB Galaxy S4 for $200 [DEALS]


Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon Wireless

Many folks were ecstatic to see Verizon carrying the Samsung Galaxy S4 32GB, and for good reason — the 16GB just isn’t cutting it with TouchWiz taking up about 40% of the device’s storage. Unfortunately, that storage premium came with a sizable bump in price: $300, compared to the $200 for the 16GB version. We’d understand it if someone preferred to pass under those circumstances, but fortunately Amazon is offering you the chance to grab one for a price that feels more “right.”

The retailer is offering Verizon’s 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 for just $200. Of course, this price is after tagging on a new two-year contract, but thankfully it’s not restricted to new customers — existing customers are free to take advantage so long as they have an upgrade available. That said, those who are already stuck with the 16GB version aren’t really stuck anymore.

Samsung is in the process of shipping an OTA update which will allow the installation of apps onto your phone’s microSD card. With up to 64GB supported, folks should have more than enough space for their apps. Still, if you’d feel more comfortable with 32GB of sweet, sweet on-board storage. Head to the retailer’s website to get in on it before it’s too late.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Teehee, you wrote ass :)

  2. Somebody got booty on their mind….

  3. I’ll pass. When I needed 3 replacements for my defective GS3 I pretty much said I’m done with Samsung. I have never needed a replacement for any phone until I got a GS3.

    1. Well that’s preposterous! Samsung’s products are well crafted and last quite some time. I’ve had both the Gs3 and 4, and they both worked amazingly.

    2. So what you’re saying is that you got your GS3 fixed 3 times, right? Not that you had 3 separate GS3s that all needed to be fixed? Yeah, lemons happen. And phones break. If anything, you’re lucky you never had something go wrong before that.

      1. No, what I’m saying is I had to go and get a new phone 3 times. I had 4 different S3’s. The first had a problem with the radios where it wouldn’t look for an OTA update, even though one had been available for several weeks. The second would randomly freeze whenever it felt like it. And the 3rd the headphone jack stopped working after about a week and a half. By the 4th, I decided I was done with Samsung and sold it and got an iPhone 5, which I’ve had zero problems with, and now I also use an HTC One, which I’ve had zero problems with. GS3 was my first Samsung phone ever, and I needed 4 different devices. I think that would put a sour taste in anyones mouth.

        1. i unfortunately have had to use my insurance with all my phones since flip phones. I think it depends on the user. I use my phones like all day so i guess it increases the chances of a problem occurring, I replaced my s3 like 3 times myself. But i also had to replace my last phones so many times.. including iphone. N its never been broken because of my fault… it was stuff like , stop charging, screen stop coming on, buttons stop responding.

          1. Ok I guess I should say I’ve never had a smartphone break. Because I’ve had flip phones break but I think because people were constantly opening and closing flip phones they were more prone to breaking. But I’ve never had a smartphone break. I’m on my phones a ton! I was so excited when I got my GS3 but then it just turned into a nightmare! I mean, I did get it pretty much right when it became available so maybe in the beginning their QC process was a little off. But yeah it will be a long time before I have a Samsung phone in my hand.

  4. How does Amazon work with “alternate upgrades”?

    1. Perfectly. Done it a few times with no issue. Just enter the line with the upgrade on Amazon and when you call you service provider, just give them the line you want to upgrade. Easy.

  5. I have an upgrade on the 21st of this month. At this point I think I am going to buy either this phone or the One outright and when my contract ends in Dec, see what’s up with T-mobile. I am pretty tired of Verizon at this point. Dude at my Verizon store is going to be bummed lol. I wish Amazon could offer a lower price for the total price as well!

    1. Dude my advice… Don’t do it. I left Verizon for T-Mobile thinking “Man T-Mobile always get every cool phone” but I had the service less than 2 months and I regretted it big time. I paid the ETF and went running back to Verizon. If you want to switch I’d suggest AT&T. They’re at least on the same level as Verizon. Just some advice from someone who did what you’re planning to do. :-)

      1. I was looking more for a cheaper price because when I am eventually forced into the tiered data, my bill will go up about eight bucks. I am hoping by December either pricing will be changing or T-mobile will be improving. Probably too soon for either but buying the phone outright and not renewing my contract with Verizon for a new two year deal at this point will at least save me some money. Thanks for the tip though, I really want to weigh it all out before making a big change!

  6. Any idea how long this deal will last? My upgrade eligibility is in 3 days!

    1. Check on amazon in 3 days?

  7. Still a no go if you want to keep your grandfathered unlimited data. :/

    1. if you are on a family plan… you can phone swap like i did. I used my mothers upgrade and switched it to my account after I activated it on her line

  8. Too expensive.

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