Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Snapdragon 600 launches in China… that’s probably as far as it’ll go



I was excited to read about news that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 — the phablet hit that inspired other competitors to step into the “big-ger” phone game — would be getting another launch, except this time it’ll have a Snapdragon 600 processor. The Exynos 4412 sitting inside the original Galaxy Note 2 isn’t bad, but Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600 is so nice that I’d probably buy the phone again just for it. Such a phone is launching in China, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem those of us in other parts of the world will be quite as lucky.

This version of the device needs to support TD-LTE, something which Samsung’s current Exynos 4412 doesn’t. Quad-core Krait is some awesome silicon, and those with the Galaxy S4, HTC One and other phones with it will tell you as much. Let’s hope the Galaxy Note 3 comes with the even-more–awesome Snapdragon 800 (though, truth be told, we wouldn’t be mad with Exynos 5, either).

The other specs remain the same — you’re getting a 5.5-inch 720p display, 2GB of RAM, S-Pen, a huge 3,100 mAh  battery and more. All of that combines to keep the Note 2’s streak going as one of the best smartphones in the game right now.

[via Weibo]

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  1. I absolutely love the Snapdragon 600 in my htc One, works like a champ with fantastic power management. As a side note I think it’s really terrific that the Snapdragon S4 Pro in the Next Gen Nexus 7 is basically an Under-clocked 600 processor with the Krait 300(Exact same core as the 600) rather than regular S4 Pro such as in my Nexus 4 which is running the Krait 200 core in it.

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  2. Snapdragon or not, this Note 2 is such a freakin amazing phone. The more I use it the more I love it for it’s versatility.

    1. I agree, the Note 2 is amazing and I love mine. I just wish Samsung would provide proper source for it.

    2. Its the best phone ever released in my opinion.

  3. Believe I am hard go to choose a Note 2 or HTC One! I don’t care about the cost. I got bored with iPhones. So, people which one do you suggest?
    One has beautiful built, faster processor coupled with awful 2300mah Non removable a.k.a non repairable battery as iFixIt wherever Note 2 boasts a big home theater with 3100 mah but with the plastics and older processor with less maneuverability due to 5.5″! So which one to go with?

  4. Should have upgraded to a FHD 1080p display while they are at it… it will sell like hotcakes!!

  5. The Note 2 is the best overall phone I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned so many. The Galaxy Nexus was great, but the Note 2 puts it to shame in my opinion. The Note 3 will be mine.

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