Just in time for your football draft, Yahoo relaunches Fantasy Sports app



With fantasy football season right around the corner, Yahoo has just dropped a totally overhauled app experience for managing your team from benchwarmers to championship contenders. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, which will actually bring together fantasy baseball, basketball, hockey, and football under one interface, is completely rebuilt with the help of Yahoo acquisitions Bignoggins Productions and Loki Studios.

The update introduces several features fantasy managers will love like the ability to draft directly from your mobile device and push notifications. It also promises a faster, smoother experience. The new app makes sure life will never get in the way of your fantasy obsession. Because we all know how much of a drag that first-born child or wedding can be when it gets in the way of your waiver wire transactions.

[via Yahoo]

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  1. I just have to say it’s amazing that no one has commented on this. Guess hardly any football fans among the phans.

  2. I’m a football fan but not a fantasy player. However, these app updates are amazing, even to me.

  3. Oh I love football any how it’s in my blood. So would be t
    his app now. I am going for it; this can make me a fantasy football star I

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