Jul 24th, 2013

Google had more to announce than just the latest version of Android and the new Nexus 7 in San Francisco today. The company also introduced Chromecast, a new HDMI-based multimedia stick that will let you stream content from your Android, iPhone or Chrome devices wirelessly, easily and efficiently.

The Chromecast, retailing at just $35, gives folks a lane for beaming content such as streaming music, YouTube videos, and photos to their television at the click of a button. This will be possible with a “Chromecast” button that you’ll find in supported apps.

google chromecast


For instance, playing your music from Google Play Music on Chromecast is as simple as tapping the Chromecast button within the app. From there, your TV or home entertainment system picks up where your phone left off. Conversely, if you wanted to continue listening on your phone, you can disengage that connection and pick right back up.

The same is true for watching a video on YouTube or viewing photo albums from Google+. And you can even keep all of this stuff going on your TV while you continue to do stuff in the background. For instance, you can continue chatting on Hangouts while your TV is playing a song, or you can continue browsing the web on your Windows, Mac or ChromeOS-based PC while it’s showing photos on the big screen.

And it’s not just YouTube, Google Play Music and Chrome — the Chromecast SDK allows developers to implement the functionality in their apps with ease. Pandora and Netflix are already on board, and more are sure to be on the way once this device gets rolling.

Goodbye, Nexus Q

This is the Nexus Q re-imagined, and it’s what we wanted out of that now-defunct device to begin with. A lot of folks were sad to see the $300 Nexus Q die, but if this is what we get because of that — well, let’s just say that was a sacrifice worth making.


This is one of the most exciting products Google has announced in a long time, and for $35 I can’t imagine not being in for one of these once they become available. The Chromecast will go on sale today online (ships in 1-2 days, but no later than August 7th), and will be available in-store (at Best Buy) starting July 28th.

Find out more details over at the Google Play Store, or look for it on Amazon or Best Buy’s website if you prefer those online storefronts.

Chromecast Netflix Offer

We read the fine print for you and that 3 months of free Netflix applies to previous, current, and new Netflix members! If you were planning on paying for 3 months of Netflix anyways, you’re essentially buying a Chromecast for $11. That’s pretty amazing! Here is the quote:

“*Once your Chromecast ships, you will recieve an email with a promotional code for 3 months of Netflix. Offer valid for previous, new and existing Netflix members, one per Netflix account. Offer expires 12/31/13. For full promotion details, visit google.com/chromecast/offer.”

[via Chromespot]

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