Jul 22nd, 2013

We’ve seen lots of knock-offs of popular smartphones over the years. From iPhone clones to Samsung Galaxy S wannabes, these smartphones have almost always tried to fool those with thin pockets into buying them. Most of these smartphones tend to run Android due to its open source nature, so it’s even easier for a company to try and emulate the real deal.

Never have we seen a knock-off as convincing as this one. It’s called the Cubot One, which — in case you haven’t noticed — is an HTC One clone. No, really, it’s damn near identical to the real thing. The curves, the placement of buttons and everything else are lifted right from the HTC One. Even the trademarked logos are shamelessly plastered on the front and back of the thing.

htc one cubot one knock-off

Of course, the Cubot One is not totally equal to the device it stole borrowed its identity from. It’s built out of plastic, and the mold-injected strips featured on the HTC One are represented by painted-on lines. Finally, the front-facing speakers aren’t actually front-facing speakers — it’s one, lone front-facing speaker sitting on the top. The bottom grill isn’t a speaker, but that’s where you’ll find the microphone.

Still, this thing could fool anyone from a distance. It also doesn’t match up under the hood, with this device sporting a quad-core MediaTek processor, an 8 megapixel camera, a 720p display, and more.

It doesn’t have NFC or an infrared port, we’re not sure how much RAM it has, and its battery is a good deal smaller than the HTC One’s. It runs Android 4.2.1, and tries to fool folks with a bunch of wallpapers and other tweaks to make it look more like it came straight out of the Taiwanese company’s plants.

htc one cubot one knock-off 2

Of course, the price tag is also another big discrepancy between the two. The Cubot One costs $200, while the HTC One is upwards of $600. It’s not a bad device for that price, but I don’t think I’d pay even $50 for a decent knock-off (no matter how great it looked). Have a look above, and let us know if this is something you’d buy just for the fun of it in the comments section below!

[via TechnoBlimp]

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