LG officially confirms G2 name, announces all future premium handsets will carry “G” branding


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Samsung’s got the Galaxy, HTC’s got the One, and now LG officially has the G. It started with the LG Optimus G (one of my personal favorite Android devices) and today, the South Korean manufacturer is confirming, not only will the name of their upcoming flagship — the LG G2 — but they’ve also announced that from here on out, all future premium handsets to come out of their factories will carry the G branding as well.

LG’s president and CEO Dr. Jong-Seok Park said via press release, ““Our vision is to make LG’s newest G devices synonymous with excellence, raising the bar even further for the ultimate in user experience.”

LG also went onto announce their massive 4:3 Android devices will also stick with their Vu branding, making things a little easier on consumers (outside of the US, where the only Vu to launch stateside was the Verizon LG Intuition). Go tell your friends, the LG G2 successor will officially be known as the LG G3. Oh, and an LG Vu 3 is incoming.

Chris Chavez
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  1. Cool, so now they’re trying to copy Samsung even more? G? Come on guys… might as well just call it the LG Galaxy line. Lol

    1. All’s fair in business. Whatever sells the product.

      Personally, I’m liking the approach. Catchier title, people like short names. Phone is interesting, enough that I might pick it up.

      1. I never said it was bad! It just seems like they are trying to be Samsung so hard – their designs and now a solidified naming scheme starting with G.

        1. Yup, my statement was in agreement with you ^_^

  2. G2?!? Oh, I’m so confused. There’s already been an Android G2, hasn’t there?!? Or do I need to be woken up?

    1. T-Mobile HTC G2 and LG G2X. But yeah.. kinda like the Xbox One. :P

      1. T-Mobile G2X.
        LG called it the Optimus 2X, or O2X for short.

  3. Triple O.G.

  4. I remember the good ole days before they change their name from Lucky Goldstar to LG. Lucky Goldstar were known back then for making sh*tty TV’s.

    1. My first apartment TV was a shitty 14″ Goldstar. Yay! Wasn’t THAT shitty. :)

  5. Couldn’t help myself.

    1. Lmao!

    2. now there is a marketing idea…LG could afford G-Unit endorsements…shouldn’t cost that much….say…$500 bucks..50 will take 90% while the rest split up 10%.

      1. Damn, Banks and Yayo only get da scraps? :(

  6. We need a htc g3 don’t you think?

  7. Sure, why not? There’ll probably never be another T-Mobile G phone anyway, since LG destroyed that line’s reputation with the G2x, so sure, take the name over as a… sign of conquest or something.

  8. Can’t believe they are still going forward with the vu. It hideous. Might have sold better in other parts of the globe, but I’ve never seen one aside from in the stores.

  9. the world’s first certified gangster phone

  10. I’m going to start my own line of phones and call them the “Ridiculously Stupid and Completely Random Single Letter” phones. I mean, what’s next, the HTC H? Samsung J? Motorola K? LG L? Pantech M? Sony N? Huawei P? Etc. Honestly, the best phone name in the industry is by far the iPhone. Think about it. It makes the most sense. It has a nice ring to it (pun intended). It’s easy to remember and to say. And it even looks cool when you type it out….iPhone. The lower case “i” in front makes all the difference. The one thing Android manufacturers will never be great at is marketing (specifically device nomenclature). The closest anybody has come to that is HTC with the One. Now let’s hope they stick with it and don’t change it next year to the HTC One X+ SV 2++ or something stupid like that. But Lord knows they will.

  11. Shut up already

  12. Is “G” short for GALAXY? Lol

  13. Who cares about LG phones? For the price you’d be an idiot to not go with Sammy, HTC or sony flagships.

    1. And why not? LG flagships are very good, competition is healthy.

  14. tinyurl.com/nc6x6hg…

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