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Amanda Google Glass - 2

“Ok Glass.” It’s the familiar command used to wake up Google Glass from its slumber and let the device know you’re ready for business. Also known as the “hotword,” the phrase went through many iterations before the Glass team finally settled on the now iconic, “Ok Glass.”

Okay Glass

In her Google+ post, Google Glass Product Marketing Manager Amanda Rosenberg (pictured above) gives us a behind the scenes look at her part in the phrase’s development, prior to her joining up with the Glass team. In the post she talks about her meeting with Glass Product Manager Mat Balez and the challenge the Glass team faced when coming up with the device’s hotword. Pre-Ok Glass, here’s their best (and most hilarious) efforts:

Listen up Glass
Hear me now
Let me use Glass to
Go Go Glass
Clap on
Device, please
3, 2, 1…
Glass alive
Pew pew pew

The email goes on to talk about user-defined hotwords, an option not currently available on Glass, but one rumored to be featured in the upcoming Moto X and its expanded voice commands. The post is rather interesting, and walks you through life as a Googler, and how they end up working on specific projects.

If the Google Glass development team ever decides to add user-defined wakeup commands, here’s a list of some we’d like to see in the XE8 update:

Who’s your daddy, Glass
Okay Bing… just kidding whaddup, Glass
Knock Knock
Rubber baby buggy bumpers
Take a picture, enhance… enhance
Ok Jarvis

Alright, now your turn!

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