“Go go Glass,” “Device please,” and other ridiculous Glass wakeup commands that didn’t make the cut


Amanda Google Glass - 2

“Ok Glass.” It’s the familiar command used to wake up Google Glass from its slumber and let the device know you’re ready for business. Also known as the “hotword,” the phrase went through many iterations before the Glass team finally settled on the now iconic, “Ok Glass.”

Okay Glass

In her Google+ post, Google Glass Product Marketing Manager Amanda Rosenberg (pictured above) gives us a behind the scenes look at her part in the phrase’s development, prior to her joining up with the Glass team. In the post she talks about her meeting with Glass Product Manager Mat Balez and the challenge the Glass team faced when coming up with the device’s hotword. Pre-Ok Glass, here’s their best (and most hilarious) efforts:

Listen up Glass
Hear me now
Let me use Glass to
Go Go Glass
Clap on
Device, please
3, 2, 1…
Glass alive
Pew pew pew

The email goes on to talk about user-defined hotwords, an option not currently available on Glass, but one rumored to be featured in the upcoming Moto X and its expanded voice commands. The post is rather interesting, and walks you through life as a Googler, and how they end up working on specific projects.

If the Google Glass development team ever decides to add user-defined wakeup commands, here’s a list of some we’d like to see in the XE8 update:

Who’s your daddy, Glass
Okay Bing… just kidding whaddup, Glass
Knock Knock
Rubber baby buggy bumpers
Take a picture, enhance… enhance
Ok Jarvis

Alright, now your turn!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Ok, sensors on!


  3. I need Intel!
    HQ, respond
    Jarvis come in!
    Eye candy

  4. Kirk to Enterprise
    Engage Google Death Ray
    Make It Rain
    Pump Up The Jam
    Activate Self Destruct Sequence

      1. Thanks Chris

    1. My 1st interpretation of this was to read the entire thing as the command. LoL!!

    2. I believe that’s spelled “Pwomp up the jayum”

  5. It should be…”OK NSA”

    1. This is one of the reasons I want to quit all Google products. Right now I cannot quit, but 1 by 1, I will break up with Google Services.

      1. If you understand the Internet, you understand how tiering and IP transit work and therefore you would know that what the NSA does has nothing to do with Google. They are tapping the Internet backbone. They don’t need to touch Google servers. They just tap the conduits by which Google servers connect to the Internet (same for apple, Amazon, facebook, etc. servers). XO Communications, Verizon, Level 3, AT&T and the rest of the Tier 1 networks are who you should be wary of.

        1. But Google collects vast troves of personal data on each user, and presents it to the US government. You don’t think Google gives the NSA exclusive access to all the data?

          1. You don’t fear companies like Google or apple or facebook. They have been around and have a lot to lose. You fear the smaller companies that do things like messaging or cloud storage or notes that have a lot to gain and nothing to lose by sharing your information.

          2. That’s a naive thought process. It’s quite the opposite. The bigger the company, the more they have to lose, so they squeal when Uncle Sam squeezes them.

          3. Google has been forced with court orders, just like everyone else, to give up their information.There is nowhere to run.

          4. I guess you missed my point.

          5. I get your point, but that doesn’t change what it is, the face of failure…

          6. Meh…. I don’t feel like arguing today, got laid an hour ago :D

          7. All trolling aside, a lot of people at the NSA need to be in prison.

          8. The sad part is, that nothing will change, because people don’t feel like protesting. Matter of fact, it will only get worse. Give them an inch, they want a foot.

          9. lololololol

            All trolling aside, our government needs a restructuring, and a lot of people at the NSA should be in prison.

          10. Did you know that Guy Fawkes, that mask you are using was a failure. He got caught trying to blow up Parliament, was tortured, the executed. Good mascot for “Anonymous!”

          11. It stands for something a little different today. Symbols change meaning, in case you were not aware.

          12. Symbols change with time. so pointless statement. Just like Christmas originally is a Pagan holiday, same as Halloween, and just about all other holidays. Over time things are reborn into something new.

  6. Hoochie Sensor Engage

  7. I think everyone can agree that using Jarvis as the hotword is something they have always wanted. But I am not gonna lie, Go Go Glass would have been pretty sweet. And if I end up buying a moto x I may have to use the term “Go Go Moto”

    1. Has a nice ring to it…

    2. Or you could just do the classic “hello moto” lol

      1. yolo moto. sounds Japanese.

    3. No idea who Jarvis even was until I googled, and I’ve seen all the Ironmans. Have to stop falling a sleep in theaters…

  8. I would make mine “Ok Cortana”. I also considered GLaDOS.

    1. I just wish they’d use GLaDOS for Navigation already…I’d take wrong turns just to hear her snarky response.

  9. “pew pew pew” like little gun noises or something??? hahahaha

  10. i see you!

  11. Ok EDI


  13. Me love Glass long time

  14. Aye mothafucka! (Samuel Jackson)

  15. Bankai

  16. dolan y u do dis

  17. Captains log…


    Personal log…

  18. I think ‘Hey Glass’ would’ve sufficed

  19. “Read my lips”
    “Make me a sandwich”
    “Listen up bish”

  20. Thunder cats HOOOOO!


  21. I think the most obvious phrase is “Apple Sucks”. Only problem is, you’d get a lot of times where it starts up in normal conversation.

  22. Some of these user suggestions are hilarious…please keep them coming. Holy crap.

  23. “do you even lift”?

  24. ‘Can’t touch this’

  25. Open the pod bay doors, HAL

  26. Not a SINGLE comment so far about the Product Development manager? This is conclusive proof that Google Glass is officially hot!

    1. mm, because she’s not?

  27. Everywhere I go I got glass
    I wear every damn glass even when I’m in the house
    Got that gliznass yeah I got gliznass

  28. “alright, alright, alright”

    1. Said in a Matthew McConaughey voice I assume…

  29. how bout
    ” hey, fool”

  30. “Google Glass powers, activate!”
    “Holy potatoes Google!”
    “It’s a bird it’s a plane it’s Google Glass!”

  31. “Ok Jarvis” Who? lol

  32. Aye titface
    Go go power rangers
    Come in star commander

  33. Fo Shizzle My Googizzle

  34. it’s morphin’ time!

  35. Run You Clever Boy, Run
    Wibbly Wobbly
    Fishsticks and Custard
    I Am The Doctor

  36. I’ll get you next time Gadget! Next time……..

  37. Glass On! Apply Directly to the forehead!
    Glass On! Apply Directly to the forehead!
    Glass On! Apply Directly to the forehead!

    Glass On! Available at Walgreens

  38. Mishka, mushka, google glass….

  39. “Main Screen Turn On”
    “…..All Your Base”

  40. Well the grammar Nazi in me has to point out that it would be “Who’s your daddy?” :)

    Care Bears….STARE!

    1. Good catch. And fixed :p

  41. Chris, have you met Amanda in RL? I would pay money just to talk to her…..

  42. This is Major Tom to Ground Control…

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