New Google Play Store redesign hints at Google Glass support


Ever since Google Glass launched (be sure to read our Google Glass review), Google has resorted to using a separate service for getting apps which are compatible with the device. Glass Explorers would simply sign into a site that they can use to browse and activate new Glass apps. Considering Google Glass is based on Android, some are wondering why Google hasn’t been using the Google Play Store to distribute these apps.


Well, it looks like support might finally be on the way. Upon getting the new Play Store redesign yesterday, some Glass Explorers have noticed that their units are showing up under their list of devices.

This list didn’t include Glass units prior to the redesign, so it’s definitely a recent change. This doesn’t mean much to us yet — there is no known way for developers to upload their Glass apps to Google Play, nor is there a way for Glass Explorers to download them from the same source — but it could be a sign of things to come.

We’ll be reaching out to Google to see if they can shed some light on the situation and let us know if Google Glass apps might soon be distributed through the Google Play Store. In the meantime, folks will need to continue getting their apps as they always have — by heading to google.com/myglass.

[via Google+, thanks Nicolas!]

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  1. It was not a matter of if, but when google glass and play store will play nicely.

  2. This Google Glass is more trouble than it’s worth. How am I supposed to play a video game while wearing glasses?

  3. It makes sense that Google would keep all of their apps in one ecosystem, they would do what they always do and hide apps you can’t use if viewing from a device, so adding Glass would be simple, and most people would never know – unless using the web version of the market.

  4. At $29.95 GG will go far.

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