HTC teasing the HTC One Mini with latest blog post


The folks at HTC have become quite the real teasers over the past year or so, and now they’re doing it again. The Taiwanese company has published a blog post titled “Little things that pack a big punch.” In it, an infographic highlights several interesting facts, scenarios in pop culture and more where small objects and people have gone on to do big things and make big impacts.

htc one mini teaser

This would be quite odd, but we have a feeling they are teasing a certain “mini” object of their own. I’m speaking of the rumored HTC One Mini, of course, a smaller version of HTC’s 2013 flagship. The device is only said to be about .2 inches smaller than the original when it comes to screen size — which makes it 4.5-inches — though we’ll have to await confirmation from HTC whenever they make it official.

HTC might have more to tease later this summer as the company is rumored to be preparing an HTC One Max for a September unveiling. That particular device is said to have a 6-inch display, a Snapdragon 800 processor, up to 64GB of internal storage, 2GB of RAM and a 3,200mAh battery.

The jury on that particular rumor is still out, but with all the leaks of the HTC One Mini we’ve had lately we’d say it’s safe to bet on at least one of these variants making their way to store shelves this year. Take a look at the full infographic over at the source link.

[via HTC]

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  1. Hurry and bring out both of them!!

  2. You know with HTC and Samsung releasing these “mini” versions I’ve never actually seen anyone in the general public with them… just release the standard sized versions and the phablet… the Mini’s are unnecessary. You won’t a cheaper version get last years versions of the phone with better specs

    1. Well, it depends which country you’re from if the mini devices are even sold. I know they aren’t here in the states.

      1. Yea that’s true

    2. I’ve seen a few S3 minis in the UK. People with them I’ve spoken to seem to be stuck in the belief that the full version is too big for them and don’t realize that the specs are significantly lower. I pity these people.

      1. ‘Pity these people’?!

        It’s not necessarily all about the specs. I’m still running a Desire Z/G2 and have ICS running smoothly on it. Even a midrange device like the S3 Mini would be a step up for me, power-wise – I’m now holding out for the Moto X or One Mini.

        The full versions being too big is a completely valid complaint. If users don’t realise that they’re not getting the full power versions, they’re probably not the kind of mobile phone users that would take advantage of all that power anyway…

    3. i agree with your statement somewhat. in the usa, the price of the unlocked s4 mini just doesnt make any sense. last time i saw them, they were going for $499 off contract. you can spend an extra $100 or less and get the full fledge s4. the s3 mini i thought was introduced at the right price point being around $330 at the time and of course it’s much less now.

  3. Make that 4.3 inches for the Mini…

    1. Making it the same [screen] size as the Sensation and One S.

  4. As for the Mini versions: the Samsung Minis were/are rather sub par spec and quality wise. But the HTC will be really close to the real thing and I know already that my wife will buy it (the original One was to big in her hands).

  5. I really like the idea of releasing the exact same phone in a variety of sizes. I hope that is what’s happening here.

  6. I look forward to replacing my Nexus 4 soon. I am thinking about one of these newer model midrangers like the HTC One Mini or the Moto X.

  7. Htc one mini, normal, and max, what you going to call your htc one tablet series? (since they seem to be following samsungs foorsteps :P )

  8. Hey HTC >>>> Shrink the phone not the specs!!!!

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