Was this camera sample taken with a Motorola Moto X?


motorola moto x camera sample

Ever since Motorola revealed its new branding and began hyping the Moto X, we’ve seen various leaks come to the forefront. We’ve seen the device in various colors, and with a Kevlar-coated chassis. Now, we may have our first camera sample from the device’s 10 megapixel camera.

The camera appears to take pretty decent photos at first glance, though the fact that its landscape subject is being photographed through what appears to be a green-tinted window doesn’t help us judge its quality. Take a look for yourself and see what kind of image quality you should be expecting once this interesting device makes its way to the forefront, supposedly sometime this August.

[Picasa via Reddit]

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  1. I thought it was supposed to be made in the US… that doesnt look it like Texas…

    1. So people can’t travel? smh

    2. 1. I’m pretty sure the exact words were “assembled in the US” which is somewhat different from “made in the US”.
      2. So you’ve never taken your phone more than 10 miles from the store you bought it from or the place of manufacture?

  2. i thought the camera was middle of phone back plate? the reflection it looks the camera is off centered…

    1. i thought the camera was at the top (holding the phone upright) and the “extra sensor” was in the middle? from the reflection, the camera does appear to be centered horizontally.

      edit: what i do see as odd though, is that it looks like the flash is to the side of the camera, and not below it like previous pictures of the moto x.

      also it seems the image has been pulled from picasa?

      edit 2: from reddit: http://static.androidnext.de/2013/07/moto-x-spiegelung-449×500.jpg

      it does appear to have a flash below the camera after all. SPECULATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. ah…didnt think of that…good catch…still looks like its a lil off

        1. unless the phones super narrow…or less its just an image distoration hmm

      2. le reddit le XD face

      3. You’ve got your camera sensor, the flash below it, and the speaker grill to the right side of the camera (on the left in the reflection). It’s all there.

        1. if that is it in the reflection then they must have changed the design. look at every single other picture of the X and then look at this one. the lens is way too off centered.

          1. He’s holding the phone in landscape mode…the camera is perfectly centered. That’s probably why the picture is also in landscape.

    2. score one for chris

  3. Image link isn’t working for me. Anyone else? Has it been taken down?

  4. If you look on the upper right side you can see the reflection of the phone with a white case. :)

    1. I believe it’s just a white Moto X?

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      You’ve got your camera sensor,
      the flash below it, and the speaker grill to the right side of the
      camera (on the left in the reflection). It’s all there.

    3. Noticed that too, and it looks like dual LED’s next to the camera. The one Eric Schmidt was seen using only had a single LED so it could be a different phone. Could be something in the background too, hard to tell.

      Then again, it’s all speculation, there could be a completely different model being held back that is the real one. SS did that with the S3 by secretly releasing 4 fake models to throw people off the trail.

  5. why does it have to be compared to Texas?

  6. This is an HDR image taken with the Moto X. Have to admit, I’m quite impressed.

    1. could not agree more. I feel this device is so hype that it will be difficult to let us down.

      1. Maybe it utilizes tech that is similar to the Tegra 4 chip, always HDR with no lag.
        PS I know it isnt T4, just maybe it has similar Tech.

  7. Seeing this image with window reflections, I think it would be great if phones could have a polarizing filter that would auto-rotate to reject window reflections when selecting the “behind a window mode” :P
    And… what about a new HDR mode that would take 2 shots with polarizing filter in different positions and merge to a new “clear color” image ? ;)

  8. With a nexus 10, any picture that’s not on par with my screen’s epic resolution looks like dooty-squat

  9. Better than any pic I could ever take with the crappy camera on the Moto Razr series.

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