Jul 3rd, 2013


Just moments after we learned the Moto X may only offer the customizing options in choosing the color palette of the device, a French site by the name of NoWhereElse was able to nab some images of a few of these colorful back plates. The seemingly legit pic shows the Moto X’s battery cover in green, turquoise, pink, and purple, with more colors no doubt coming down the pipeline.

Moto X colored batter covers

Exactly how many more colors can we expect to be available at launch? According to the tipster who provided the leaked pics, Motorola is planning to have 16 color variations at launch. If you’re wondering which other colors, well, maybe Motorola’s new logo is giving us a clue (you’ll notice these 4 colors are a part of the rainbow circle). Remember, these battery covers can be mixed in match with the device’s trim which ABC News says will give the Moto X a nice 2-tone paint job. Sweet.

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