Reminder: T-Mobile’s bold news announcements kick-off at 2PM eastern


tmobile invite press event

Here’s just a quick reminder if you were interested in what T-Mobile’s announcing in New York City today. The company’s shindig goes down starting at 2:30PM Eastern time, which is 11:30AM Pacific, and 1:30PM Central. Phandroid is on-hand to cover what T-Mobile calls its “boldest moves yet.” We have a clue of at least one thing to expect — T-Mobile will be making some exciting announcements regarding phone upgrades.

That much was revealed when the company attacked AT&T in its latest ad, ridiculing the nation’s second largest carrier about the fact that it extended its upgrade period to every 24 months instead of the usual 18-20 months the industry typically uses. Of course, AT&T wasn’t the first carrier to do this — Big Red Verizon lead the charge in that horrific change.

T-Mobile’s original press invite indicated the company would be announcing more than one thing, so we’ll have to keep our eyes fixated on the venue in New York City this afternoon to figure out what, exactly, those announcements are. As always, stay tuned to Phandroid as we look to bring you live updates right from the source.

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  1. Actually, that would be 11:30 am Pacific time.

  2. I hope this is not some Blackberry “Bold” announcement…

  3. All I saw was happy hour.

  4. I don’t care for T-Mobile policies vs everyone else. All I care about are prices.

    1. often times they go hand in hand

  5. If it doesn’t include an announcement of a path going forward to upgrade the large parts of their network that are languishing with EDGE/GPRS then the event is a non-starter.

  6. Just saw on the Verge that it is a new unlimited upgrade program called “Jump”.

    1. redirects you to which is currently down.

      1. It’s up for me. Here’s a pic of the page if you can’t see it.

    2. I posted a picture if you can’t see it. It’s called “Jump” which lets you upgrade your phone twice every 12 months. You trade in your old phone and upgrade to a new one, using the Equipment Installment plans.

      This is so perfect for me. Buy ALL the phones. =.P

  7. what happened to mountain time?

    1. your on your own on that

    2. Fortunately, those of us in mountain time are able to figure it out.

      1. All my life I have seen Eastern & Pacific. Living in Mountain time is how I learned to add or subtract!

    3. Sorry, it’s not available to those in Mountain Time.

  8. what time would that be for central?

  9. Finger’s crossed for new Blackberry bold /sarcasm

  10. KILL-OFF EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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