Jul 9th, 2013

att july 16th

Hot on the heels of T-Mobile’s big New York City event tomorrow, our friends at AT&T says they have some major news coming next week, as well. The carrier has teased an announcement for July 16th, stating that we should get ready for what’s next in wireless. This would indicate AT&T is going to announce some plan-related or network-related news, but we can’t be too sure about what, exactly, is in store.

The timing is very interesting, with T-Mobile revealed to be taking shots at AT&T in its latest build-up to tomorrow’s event. T-Mobile scoffed at AT&T’s move to a 24-month upgrade cycle in a print ad, and seems to be brewing up an announcement that should make those affected by that change pretty happy.

We can’t do much but speculate right now, but the mobile landscape is about to get very interesting here in America. With competition heating up and carriers getting more bold than ever, we could be nearing a very important change in dynamic. Let’s hope the first fruits of said change are as bountiful on every carrier as T-Mobile and potentially AT&T are planning to make them.

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