Samsung Galaxy S4 reportedly reaches 20 million units sold


Samsung Galaxy S4 TouchWiz

Much has been said about the Samsung Galaxy S4 since it launched. Folks doubted its ability to live up to expectations a half-dozen different ways, from how it’s been more of an iterative release compared to all the devices before it to how Samsung’s marketing has gotten stale, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to the common consumer.

If recent reports out of South Korea are accurate, Samsung has reached a major milestone by selling 20 million Samsung Galaxy S4 units. Samsung reached that milestone in about 100 days with the Samsung Galaxy S3. For the Galaxy S4, it’s been just over two months.

That is a breakneck pace that Samsung has never experienced before, and the company expects to sell 100 million units of the thing by the time it’s all said and done, something that would be a company first. We reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S4 and praised it for building on its predecessor enough to call it a worthy sequel. We mentioned Galaxy S3 or Note 2 owners might not be as inclined to upgrade, but the device would be a fine catch for pretty much anyone looking for an exciting new smartphone.

Indeed, there seems to have been more than enough people who thought it was a big enough upgrade to spend another wad of cash to stay aboard the Samsung train. It’ll be interesting to revisit these numbers once the end of the summer approaches — we could see Samsung well on its way to selling half of 100 million in less than 6 months at this pace, a number that no one would be able to sneeze at.

[via Yonhap]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. My wife had the S3, it was stolen. Got the S4 to replace it (after some convincing by the sales rep), and I am incredibly pleased. It’s absolutely a better device in every way and feels like more than an iterative update. I have the Note 2, and I have to say I’m a little jealous.

    1. Been seeing more s4s lately and can’t say I envy them. Good phone no doubt, but my Note 2 is still just as good if not better due to the bigger screen and spen, at least for me.

    2. my note 2 is still awesome, and still came up as the top 5th phone according to phandroid.

    3. just the screen alone for me makes the phone worth it. I absolutely love my s4. I thought about trading it for an HTC one then I came to my senses.

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        1. Ha believe it or not I didnt even realise it.

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          Dude, If you ever been here in Phandroid you Would know that!
          otherwise you are like everyone that comments this article without
          knowing what the article is talking about.. and as I said! never
          mentioned sold to “end-user”.. theres been alot of articles of how
          samsung is selling and every time theres always a commenter like you
          saying the same crap over and over again.. seriously.. read the

  2. So much for the S4 being a dissapointment!

  3. *Shipped, not sold. There is a difference!

    1. They’ve sent 20 millions S4s to partner stores. They’ve got they’re money for that.
      How is that not a sale?
      And you really think that in today’s market someone just stacks piles of s4’s in a warehouse?

      I’m tired of this crap coming from the isheeps!

      Either way they did way better than with the S3, which was definitely a hit so props to Sammy for an astounding product and this android related record!

      1. I’m not hating and don’t you dare call me an iSheep! I love Samsung. All I’m saying is the article is misleading. “Sold” sounds like they sold the phones to the end-user, which is simply untrue.

        1. Stop justifying yourself. “Sold” is a little redundant, We all know this article is talking about sales to partner stores. Quentyn never mentioned “end-user” so you’re accusation is not valid at all …

          1. Do we all know he’s talking about partner stores? You can only spell assume one way..

          2. Dude, If you ever been here in Phandroid you Would know that! otherwise you are like everyone that comments this article without knowing what the article is talking about.. and as I said! never mentioned sold to “end-user”.. theres been alot of articles of how samsung is selling and every time theres always a commenter like you saying the same crap over and over again.. seriously.. read the ARTICLE!!

            EDIT: to your edit… cmon! The first comment in that article says selling!! are you the only one not getting that???

          3. We all know it’s numbers sold to partner stores because no company reports the actually number sold to end users. No company has any way tracking that. This has been explained time and time again.

          4. Apple does :-)

          5. Apple does the same thing. No company has the means to track how many phones are sold to consumers.

          6. Beware Anthony Walker.. DroidDoesnt is a troll ;-)

          7. And did you not assume in this regard? the regard that they were talking about end-user? i don’t see any misleading done just that you assumed that it was something else and that you are mad that you got confused

        2. Butt hurt Samsung fanboys. Don’t sweat it dude.

    2. How about you ship me everything you own?

    3. Who cares? They’re still going to sell even more then 20 million.

    4. You do realize that that shipped IS sold. They SOLD those shipments to the stores that are selling them.

      This article has nothing to do with USER BASE..its statement of how much hardware samsung has sold..and they have SOLD 20 million..legitimately.

    5. Youre one of those retard who still wants to argue this point. Get the f out of here.

  4. Time for Carbon Fiber Body!!! Woot lol

  5. Let’s see if this reflects to their recent stock plunge.

  6. Still way behind iPhone totals

    1. LOL! iPhone is dying faster then BB did. I’m just not sure what stage of grieving you’re currently in. Still in denial or have you made it to anger?

      1. Some of you fucktards don’t understand satire.

        1. Yep… Definitely hit the anger stage. Good to know you’re progressing well. Hope you find acceptance soon. Btw there was nothing about your comment that indicated satire, sarcasm or just plain kidding around. Maybe you should work on your delivery a bit more. ;-)

        2. lol, yah you should work on your satire!

    2. *facepalm

    3. Yup! If only Iphone cam out with a screen that size… would blow the S4 out of the Water. Only a matter of time. Apple always comes back strong! SO I’m a temporary Samsung fan! Still hate the Android OS!

      1. Dude , get out..

        1. You don’t think that if Apple put out something comparable to the Galaxy, that Apple wouldn’t take the edge? Really? I take it you’re not an Apple fan at all? I’m sure the Galaxy is a phenomenal phone, it should be, its the latest release. And with that said I’ve had my experiences with Androids and it’s always been the same; after 6-8 months they run shitty. I TRULY HOPE THIS ONE BREAKS THE MOLD! Im an open minded person. RIGHT NOW I’M JUST ON THE APPLE fanbase…until people like you push me towards the Galaxy (Android OS)

          1. Never said any of the accusations you are making, I just told you to get out :P

          2. Why are you posting here?

          3. Racism! Even in the technology forums! lmao! Thought we were past those days… Oh and to answer your question…. Because I can! Why are YOU posting here? Pretty stupid question isn’t it?

          4. You’re posting here because of racism?

          5. Anthony… learn to read brah. My comment was related to the fact that people are segregated based on the type of OS or device they like or prefer. Seriously, it isn’t that deep people.

          6. I asked you “why are you posting here” and you answered “racism”. How was I suppose to interpret that other than what I posted?

          7. Do you know what racism means?

          8. you are deep bro.

          9. Is it because I’m black?

          10. LMAO! LOVE IT.

  7. My wife and I switched from iphones, a few of my colleagues did the same,just a lot of people switch from apple, I think !

    1. Even though I’m not particularly a Samsung fan I love to hear these stories. Whether it’s Nexus, Samsung, HTC, Motorola or whomever, Google and Android still win. =)

      1. but but but according to iSheep the iPhone is still the bestest and most awesomest and technologically greatest smartphone ever and forever … gag. iPhone 5S probably slightly better processor and slightly better screen = BBOORRIINNNGGG

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