Jul 3rd, 2013

It’s been just a little while since esteemed Falcon Pro developer Joaquim Verges took his application off the market due to Twitter stopping him from resetting the tokens on his app every time he reached 100,000 users. He immediately provided a download for a previous version of the app for paying members who found themselves locked out after the reset, and mentioned he’d be going back to the drawing board to see what he can do to circumvent this unfortunate circumstance.

falcon pro for twitter banner

Unfortunately, he was unable to come up with an acceptable compromise for users who paid for the app, and things have pretty much been at a standstill. Posting to Google+, Verges says users can get future updates for free from getfalcon.pro, but there’s one condition — you have to have an existent token to use it. This ensures folks who paid for it can keep using it without having to worry, though you’ll want to be careful when messing around in your account settings as relinquishing a token could mean you’re locked out forever.

Verges did mention that there’s a “secret” way to log in if you don’t already have a token, but he’ll leave it up to users to find that. He says it’s a bit of an experiment, so let the games begin. With that, Falcon Pro has been updated to version 2.0.4 with the following changes:

v2.0.4 Changelog :

– Brand new mobilizer – seamless integration of articles in the app !
– New image loaded scale animations
– Little improvements and fixes

So where do we go from here? Well, Falcon Pro updates will slow down, for one. Verges says he’s going through some pretty significant life changes, including starting a new job and moving to an entirely new country. His new job won’t give him as much time to work on Falcon, though updates will still be pushed through the pipeline whenever he can find the time.

I imagine not being able to sell his app doesn’t help in the matter, so this is the trade-off we’ll have to accept if we want continued support. Head to GetFalcon.Pro, and see if you can’t get one of the best Twitter apps ever made for Android back on your phone.

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