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Ryan Socio, a user over at The Verge’s community with an untouchable track record when it comes to Google’s Android apps, has leaked some early information about an impending update to YouTube. According to him, the app will soon give users the ability to search for other videos while a video is playing, all without interrupting the video experience.

Socio says the user interface will remain the same in terms of overall aesthetics, but a new “arrow” button will appear during playback that you can swipe down on, thus moving the video to a smaller window down below while you continue to scroll through more videos above. He also notes “it currently doesn’t support system wide capabilities,” but that it should come by launch.

We’re not sure if that means we can expect to be able to use entirely different apps while video playback is going on, but we’ve reached out for more clarification. It could be a very killer feature either way, and we hope these rumors turn out just as true as the accurate ones Socio put out there for Hangouts before its official debut. What do you think?

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  1. About time

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      i emailed Google about a year
      ago, with 5 ideas that would make youtube(mobile) better and i kid you
      not, this was one of them….

  2. i emailed Google about a year ago, with 5 ideas that would make youtube(mobile) better and i kid you not, this was one of them….

    1. Your check is in the mail…

      1. yeah you would…Im just the little guy in the middle…lol

    2. Mate, I’m sure you’re not the only one who had this idea, relax.

      1. ok “mate” it is one thing to have an idea(s), it is another to take the time write a formal email explaining it(them). So “relax mate” im not actually expecting anything in return. In America we call that “joking”…lol..this guy!

        1. Lol get over yourself. You’re impressing no one.

  3. How about the ability to switch windows while watching a video and being able to still hear the audio from that video? That’s the feature I really want.

    1. Not exactly what you said, but i currently use this as a workaround on my Note 2

    2. Or how about being able to listen while a video is playing with the device turned off? Google acts like the only people that might ever want to do this are people listening to music, because, you know… anything that isn’t music obviously needs the device turned on while the video is playing, like TED talks :P

      1. Well YouTube is a video site. So all the features are tailored to someone watching a video. And no one only listens to the audio of a video. LoL!!

        True there are videos with just a picture so you can listen to the music, but it’s still a video. I’m guessing they don’t want to fill it with extraneous gimmicks.

        *Sponsor alert*
        And with Google All Access, why would you even want to YouTube for your music? =.D

        NOTE: Not affiliated with Google or anyone else. =.P

        1. I personally listen to a lot of discussions and debates on YouTube. I would love to be able to turn off the screen.

    3. Or the ability to keep the video paused without it having to re buffer every single time you switch apps.

  4. How about message reply

  5. How about being able to reply and thumbs up/down?

    1. Thank you. I’m tired of having to go to the desktop version to reply to someone. I feel like I’m making this person special by doing all that extra work. LoL!!

    2. probably will come at sometime….if not, it will be for people to still use the desktop version for marketing(non-mobile)

  6. Good update

  7. This sounds like a small thing that will make a HUGE difference. Like not having the search capacitive button anymore. A small thing, but it required a huge adjustment for me. LoL!!

    Like in Google Music App the “Play Next” option has been removed. So I have to manually move a song in my queue and I HATE doing that. >=.(

    It’s always the small things that make the difference.

  8. I would like it if YouTube was updated to support 1080p screens.

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