Jul 2nd, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 9:11 pm

pebble smartwatch

Another Kickstarter success story has culminated with its landing in a major retail store. I’m talking about the Pebble smart watch this time, the e-paper time ticker that convinced more than 68,000 people to pledge more than $10 million in funds to make it a reality. This is only the beginning for Pebble, with the team still crafting the final SDK that will allow developers to create great apps for it.

Now, Pebble takes its next big step as it has gotten a place in a certain big box retailer’s heart. I’m talking about Best Buy, and it’s one of the few places you want to be if you want your products to succeed. The store will sell the black and red versions of the watch for $150, and while we can’t be sure how the less-informed public will react to seeing one of these on a store shelf we can only imagine Pebble is better off for it.

That said, this isn’t the first brainy wristwatch to hit Best Buy’s stores. Sony’s own SmartWatch is still on-hand for $130 (though the new SmartWatch 2 has yet to launch just yet). Still, this is an exciting time for this growing category of products, and we’re sure many other Kickstarter hopefuls are looking on with inspiration (or envy, depending on who you are). Are you going to go and grab one once they’re available?

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