Jun 25th, 2013

Part two of Sony’s announcements at the Mobile Asia Expo in Shanghai was the introduction of the Sony SmartWatch 2. Taking a few cues from the original, this SmartWatch has been upgraded with even more of a stylish look, as well as enhanced functionality thanks to the advent of NFC. Folks can pair the SmartWatch with their NFC-enabled phones by simply making the two touch each other. The connection is maintained via Bluetooth, of course, so everything from there is a standard affair.

The SmartWatch will feature many different apps and features, interfacing with your Android phone to do things like answer phone calls, check notifications and messages, change music tracks, GPS-enabled features for runners and bikers, remote presentation control, and even the ability to control your smartphone’s camera. It also features the ability to check email, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, check your calendar and more.

As we’d heard before, Sony’s latest SmartWatch 2 has been built with dust and water in mind, meaning you won’t need to worry about a little rain in the morning or a little sand at the beach. Of course, like with any watch, we wouldn’t take the chance of doing a cannon ball with this thing attached to your wrist, but if you’re just heading into a weathered world there won’t be much to worry about.

The “watch” part of the device remains functional without a connection, so if you can’t get your Bluetooth paired up for some reason or you just don’t want to drain the battery, you’ll have basic time-telling features. You’ll also be able to access previously-delivered notifications and messages, set your alarm, and use the device as a flashlight.

With its 24mm wrist band support, the watch should be able to fit mostly any custom wrist band without fail (meaning fat-wrist people like me should have no reservations). Sony says we can expect this beautiful little thing to launch this September.

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