Barnes & Noble will no longer make Nook tablets, turns to 3rd party OEM to keep the brand alive


Barnes Nobile Nook HD - HD Plus Phandrizzle

It’s hard out there for Android tablet makers. Barnes & Noble may have finally learned this the hard way after announcing today that they are cutting their losses with the Nook tablet line, giving up on producing new tabs — in-house that is.

During their earnings report, B&N revealed a 16.8% decrease in Nook sales for the year in comparison to the same time last year. Because making the tabs in-house wasn’t exactly cost effective, B&N will turn the Nook line over to a yet to be announced 3rd party manufacturer. B&N will continue to focus on bolstering their digital content with new e-books, while providing support for existing Nooks.

Speaking of existing Nooks, you’ll still find the Nook HD and Nook HD+ tablets on sale throughout the holiday season, until B&N’s inventory has been cleared out. Expect rock bottom prices on these tabs in the near future. As for their e-ink readers (Simple Touch, Glowlight), these will continue to be manufactured by Barnes & Noble where they remain hot sellers.

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  1. Barns & Noble is closing the chapter on the Nook Tablet; Amazon’s Kindle reportedly giggling in the corner. Sad day indeed. Nook > Kindle, any day! But the Nexus 7 reigns supreme…

  2. I don’t think many people were that interested in reading. The apps weren’t really good too. Then, most tablets have e-reading software on them. So, yeah. I see why.

  3. They are still going to make epub ereaders which is the only type I’m interested in. I own the 3g original and the glo simple touch both were better than the Kindle. Their tablets are better than the Kindle Fires too. Unfortunately B&N just didn’t have the resources to compete with Amazon in the tablet market. They didn’t help themselves by locking out the play store and not having a viable alternative.

  4. Still nice tablets if you don’t need GPS and the latest and greatest OS version.

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