Jun 24th, 2013

hp slate 21

It seems the AIO / big tablet market is one of great interest for many PC and device manufacturers. Samsung showed its desires to fill the market last week with the announcement of the Samsung ATIV Q tablet, a 13-inch convertible slate running Windows 8 and Android 4.2 Now, it looks like HP is looking to continue its own line of devices with another desktop-bound AIO.

What you see above is called the HP Slate 21 AIO, a 21.5-inch desktop AIO that’s sleek enough to fold down into a slate if needed. We imagine carrying a 21-inch tablet around isn’t ideal unless you absolutely need it, but its sleek form factor makes that possible.

This could be great for lots of in-the-field applications, though with how much this thing is bound to cost (the price hasn’t been disclosed just yet) I can’t fathom many scenarios where anyone but the richest of folks would risk having this thing battered by the elements of the Earth.

The Slate 21 will sport Tegra 4 internals, which — if you haven’t already seen in various SHIELD videos and showcases — is an absolute beast. It’s coming with Android 4.2.2, which will obviously be augmented by user interface customizations to make the device more practical to use with a mouse and keyboard. Other specs have yet to be detailed but we’ll be looking for those details in the hours to come.

Unfortunately it’s still not clear when we’ll be able to get our grubby little hands on this monster, so for now we’ll just use “at some point throughout 2013” to stay on the safe side. And considering it was announced in Beijing, we’ll say China is the only safe bet in terms of region. What do you think?

hp slate 21 2

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