Samsung Galaxy Note 3 now rumored with a more reasonable 5.7-inch display



Back when the OG Samsung Galaxy Note launched at 5.3-inches, there were many users that felt their hands couldn’t palm a phone any bigger. As we all know, Samsung launched the followup Galaxy Note 2 at 5.5-inches, making the device slightly taller but thinner as well.

If you’ve been keeping an ear to the rumor mill, there’s been a lot of talk floating around that Samsung would further increase the device’s display for the upcoming Note 3 release to a whopping 5.9-inches (even 6.3-inches at one point), challenging not only what consumers consider a palmable “smartphone,” but the physical dimensions of their pockets.

Worry no more, folks. Our friend at @evleaks has it on good authority that, contrary to rumors, the device will come with a more reasonable — albeit still slightly larger — 5.7-inch display. This puts a Note sequel with the same overall size more within the realm of possibility. Samsung would then only having to focus on shrinking the bezels a tad, while possibly adding a few more pixels to its width.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out, but for those extremely displeased with a substantially bigger device need not worry. Those disappointed by this news, well… there’s always the Samsung Galaxy Megalodon.

Chris Chavez
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  1. I hope the HTC One Max is around the same size. I really want it. If its the rumored 5.9 inches I may just get the Nexus 5, HTC One, or I’ll try my first Samsuck phone– the Note 3.

    5.7 inch display sounds perfect for me.

    1. HTC = High Tech Crap

      1. That or “High Tech Computer” that’s released one of the best smartphones in modern day.

        1. that depends on the user.

          1. Wait- there was a bad review of the HTC One?

          2. No! Xcept the speakers…that’s too awesome!!!

          3. Just because the HTC One was a success doesn’t mean they haven’t launched more than their fair share of shitty phones.

          4. yeah – the ones with the odd notion that metal is somehow better.

          5. everything is better than Samsung-plastic

        2. Chavez is the biggest HTC fanboy lol

        3. What? Horrible camera and battery life. Huge bezels. No thanks.

          1. go enjoy your laggy touch-wiz and 99 cent samsung s4 calculator. good news now you can get it at any dollar store…

          2. I paid $750 for my Note 2. Six months later, I paid $700 for my S4.

      2. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        1. go enjoy your laggy touch-wiz and 99 cent samsung s4 calculator. good news now you can get it at any dollar store..

      3. go enjoy your laggy touch-wiz and 99 cent samsung s4 calculator. good news now you can get it at any dollar store.

  2. Don’t know where my last reply went but here goes. This isn’t enough of an increase in size for me to warrant a full price upgrade. The Note 2 is already too small to me.

    1. GALAXY Mega for you

    2. yeah, as long as they can keep the body the same width or thinner lol im down with the biggest screen they can fit

    3. Let’s see about that when the device is announced.

    4. How is the note 2 small to you? Just curious.

    5. What screen size did you have in mind? Depending on that, I have 2 non-existent, perfect solutions for you :P one with a 6.4″ display, and one with a 6.9″ display.

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  3. No not reasonable I want overly huge I want it to be 6.1 inches at least

    1. that’s what she said…?

      1. I’ve read that before and thought ‘har har’…but this one made me laugh after re-reading JBrowne’s comment.

  4. I will not buy it if it’s not 5.99 or higher

    1. Let me fix your confusing double negative for anyone who got suckered into reading it twice:
      “I will buy it if it’s 5.99 or higher”

      1. No it’s not a double negative wth do you gotta be so positively negative about my negative statement I will not buy the galaxy note 3 if the screen size isn’t 5.99in or higher.

        1. Or… “I will only buy the phone if it is 5.99 or higher! “

          1. Or.. No because thats not how I want to phrase it.

  5. That sounds about right. They will do the same exact thing they did packing a bigger screen into a smaller or same sized body as the note 2 like they did from the s3 to s4

  6. I had hoped they hadn’t gone 6 + like everyone else, so this is welcome news to me, it they trimmed some of the bezel off of the Galaxy Note 2 housing than this should be about the same size as the Note 2 but bigger display so that’s awesome, and still reasonably sized, i don’t want to be carrying a tablet around in my pocket like the Sony ZU wich its reported to have a 6.44″ display ( larger than an E-reader).

    1. It’s been confirmed now haha

  7. I will be very disappointed if it is not at least 5.99. Had Samsung phones my whole life and the screen on every phone was at least .5 bigger than last.

    1. They have mega 5.8 and 6.3 inch phone, the sad thing, those two are not high end that you’re waiting for.

    2. Only thing is, the Note series seem to expand in increments of .2″ at a time. I wouldn’t mind the 5.99 either but would still upgrade no matter what the size…that is, if the other rumored specs (1080p,13MP camera, etc) are true.

      1. you can’t make an assumption about a pattern of expansion in the Note series…. there’s only been one expansion.

  8. if that’s final design of gnote3, it must be on screen capacitive button, there’s no space on the bezel to hold it that you may accidentally touch those button or make it two square round corner physical button. Just suggesting!!!

    1. That’s actually not a bad idea, putting the “Home Button”, perhaps just below the power button ,for easy access. This way, it would please everyone, especially those that don’t like the “Home Button” on the front, I personally don’t mind it on the front as I tend to use it a lot, just to wake up my phone in a hurry lol!

  9. I would actually be happy with 5.7 if they package it into the same size chassis. I have the Note 2 and I don’t want a bigger phone at this point but another 0.2″ of screen real estate would be welcome.

  10. 5.7 sounds as big as the user would ever need or want. I love my galaxy s4 but after owning a note 2 it feels for some reason small. But if they can fit a n3 screen size of 5.7 in the same body as a note 2. Then I’ll be fine with it. I have huge hands. Bigger than most people. I could almost touch all 4 corners of the note 2. And I personally think if u want bigger than the note 2 then buy a tablet and use Skype.

  11. Definitely looking forward to the new galaxy note 3… I own the S4 and Note 2 right now.

  12. Its a no brainer, 5.7″ thats a no go for the yogos.

  13. No point in upgrading from note 2 if its only .2′ difference…Go big or go home!

  14. I was contemplating “downgrading” to a Mega 6.3 from a Note II just to get its PERFECT sized display (the 1.5GB RAM is what stopped me in the end). If it’s true that the Note III will have only a 5.7″ display I will keep my Note II until a *real* alternative comes out.
    At 5.99″ I would probably begrudgingly go through the hassle and costs of selling my Note II and getting the Note III and all of the accessories I always get, at 5.7″ no way.

  15. I think sammy have done their research well and realised you cant fit bigger than 5.7 in your pocket. Anything bigger belongs to tabletworld for those who want bigger. Just what iI was hoping for, plus of course that fantastic 1080p res. Perfect!!!!

    1. Plus the 13 MP camera, faster processor, lets hope the storage and ram is higher as well, can’t wait!

  16. I’d like 5.7. Currently got 5.5 and would like just a bit bigger.

  17. Sony just announced their 6.4″ Xperia Z Ultra

  18. They could make the display even bigger than that without increasing the overall size if they would just put some software buttons on that thing. Hardware buttons are soooo 2011.

    1. Plus front stereo speakers.

  19. Finally a worthy competitor to the Optimus G Pro!

  20. Sweet spot. 5.5 seemed to be the sweet spot, 5.7 will be just fine.

  21. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to have 5.7 inch display now. However because of no official confirmation i think note 3 will take time to release and it might have different features compared to rumors are suggesting now days.


  22. iI’s overall dimensions and weight, not screen size, that determines what’s pocketable. If Sammy can squeeze a 6″ screen into a device that is no larger or heavier than the Note II, they’ll have a HUGE winner. Just wait and see!

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