Report: Age of Empires and other Microsoft games to arrive on Android before end of the year



We’ve heard the murmurings since back in January about Microsoft’s plans to bring Xbox Live games to mobile devices and we’re not just talking about Windows Phone. These plans — “leaked” by a Microsoft job listing — also included both Android and iOS. Other than that, we had little else to go on.

Details are still a bit murky, but a report from Nikkei today is providing some additional details. Apparently Microsoft will be contracting Japanese game maker KLab Inc. to bring these games to major mobile platforms (not just Microsoft’s). You can expect to see some of these games by the end of the year beginning with a free-to-play Age of Empires, with other Microsoft titles to follow soon after.

We find it interesting that Microsoft wouldn’t first introduce these Xbox titles on Windows Mobile but then again, these are entirely separate divisions and exposure seems to be the main focus. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

[via Reuters]

Chris Chavez
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  1. About time! I was literally searching the play store last week, wondering if it had been ported yet. Can’t wait to play Age of Empires again! Hope it has multiplayer and cheat codes for single player. Those little laser shooting space men were awesome:-)

    1. id rather have the rocket launcher cobra cars and race around with 1,000 car army

      1. h@x!

  2. Waitinh for a Windows Phone version. Hope it will come before we move to a Mars

  3. I tried to get into Ages of Empire and could not get into it.

  4. Hopefully it’s the original cause the newest online version completely blows.

  5. Halo?

  6. i still break out my HTC Tytn 2 to play Age of empires once in a while

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