US Cellular’s Galaxy S3 gets multi-window update



Samsung Galaxy S3 owners on US Cellular will soon have good reason to jump for joy as the company’s version of the Galaxy S3 is getting a big new update. This update will add the multi-window features that folks on many other carriers have been enjoying for a bit now. Beyond that useful multi-tasking tool, the update will bring Smart Switch support, the latest version of Samsung’s gallery app, and more.

The upgrade is available for download over-the-air, so you’ll want to do well to make sure you’re on a WiFi connection before initiating the download. It also isn’t a horrible idea to get your battery charged up to 30% – 50%. Once you’ve taken care of that, you can head to the settings menu and choose the software update option to get started. You’ll be looking for version R530UVXAMD4.

[US Cellular via IntoMobile]

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  1. MetroPCS next PLEASE

    1. LoL as a fellow Metropcs subscriber I have to say sure why not

    2. Its supposed to come out July. Some of the guys at androidforums.com got the leak and Shabbypenguin based his update for metropolis on it.

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