Jun 18th, 2013


Verizon’s DroidLanding Twitter account has just awoken from its 1-year+ slumber. While only initiating at the current moment, we expect a new round of fun contests and possibly even a device launch to follow. The last “Droid” we’ve seen on Verizon was the HTC DROID DNA which, unfortunately, received little television air time.

DroidLanding tweet

So, what exactly does Verizon have up their sleeve? Well, it could be the upcoming Motorola Moto X, rumored to be launching this summer across all major carriers in the US. That, or maybe even the recently confirmed Verizon Wireless version of the HTC One. Can’t say for sure… you guys have any guesses?

UPDATE 1: Another tweet has been posted saying, “Augmented Reality imaging matrix is online ::: Scavenge mode detected…” Looks like we’re going to have another scavenger hunt on our hands!

UPDATE 2: We now have a video. Looks like DroidLanding will be using another augmented reality game called D:Com Mission Alpha (the same guys who made the Bionic Hunt ARena app in 2011) to help with the scavenging. Video below.

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