Motorola Moto X specs tipped, might not be the powerhouse you were expecting


motorola xt1058 xfon

Over the weekend tipster extraordinaire, @evleaks, quickly tweeted out some specs for the soon-to-be-released Motorola Moto X (formerly known as the “X Phone”). According to @evleaks’ inside sources, the Moto X might not feature the next-gen future proof specs you were hoping for.

We’re more than likely looking at a modest “dual-core” 1.7GHz MSM8960 Pro. If that looks off to you, keep in mind there is a “Pro” designated dual-core processor in Qualcomm’s S4 lineup, although technically the MSM8960T. Other specs include a 720p display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, with 10MP/2MP cameras all running on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Essentially a Nexus 4 without that Glass back, most of this is inline with what we’d expect from a “high-end” smartphone that Motorola bills as affordable and for the masses. The device is gearing up to launch any week now, with an official announcement already out of the way, although lacking on official images or spec sheets. Let’s hope Motorola and individual carriers will have more announce soon.

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  1. Lame

    1. Yep, I was afraid of this, I know when I heard that Motorola wasn’t going to play the “1-upping the other guys” game, I was worried that they wouldn’t even match the other guys, and that sounds like that’s what they’re doing.

      If this is the case, sorry, but I’ll probably go with the HTC T6, at least it looks to have some nice specs!

  2. Only thing that hurts my feeling in those rumored specs is the 720p display. If it has Maxx-like battery life, and comes to Sprint, I may be inclined to jump from my GS4.

    1. you do know that would be a major downgrade

  3. If this pans out, I’ll say, it is what is to be expected from Motorola’s lineup…..

  4. Wow… and here I was holding out for Motorola’s new baby. Utterly disappointed if this is true…

    1. Same here.. i’ve also been holding out for it.. <_< Maybe a newer Nexus will be announced soon or something..

      1. I don’t get why you guys thought this was going to be a high end device… >.>

        1. People expected big changes from Motorola after the Google acquisition

          1. But at the announcement they said the high end devices was on it’s way. It wouldn’t be this one.

    2. Just wait for the next Nexus line device or the Note III. Both will be awesome. Or maybe even a Google Edition Note III if we’re lucky.

  5. So you’re saying you would downgrade across the board for a midrange Motorola?

    1. Well, there isn’t an announced screen size, yet. The only people who care about what CPU the phone has, are spec whores who just want to have the latest & greatest to say they have it, since the majority of them will never fully utilize it to its potential. The RAM is the same. Camera isn’t much different. I have Android 4.2.2 on my GS4, as well as 16GB minus the space hogged up by Touch Whiz.

      So, if the Moto X phone has awesome battery life and comes to Sprint, I may be inclined to switch, yes. Why would that be a bad decision?

      1. some people have phones to use as phones, not to show off touch wiz, some want something that will last, I still have a Razr from 2004 floating around somewhere, I think you are making a decisions based on your needs rather what they tell you what you need.

        1. Don’t worry. Verizon will make sure people think it is the most amazing phone ever.

          1. But i am not on Verizon :)

          2. I mean, it is their job to sell it. Kind of makes sense that they would want people to think it’s the most amazing phone ever, right?


        2. I’m still selling Nokia 6010’s at work to eager customers who wouldn’t trade it for anything else. The flip Razr’s were a best seller for a long time. They finally hit a wall late last year and stopped selling. We could have 30 of them listed on eBay and they’d be gone within 3 days.

      2. But this was ‘supposed’ to be the “ooo wow Google finally has full control over Motorola!!!” phone. Instead, it’s just another Motorola phone.

      3. its not about knowing the difference in the cpu your phone vs another. I don’t necessarily know the intricate differences between the engine in my car or the one in the newest model besides the info on the website. But one thing for sure is that the newer more powerful engines also tend to have better mileage. And i don’t want to miss out on mileage. Same can be said for battery. Of course a 3,000 mah battery would minimize that argument. but if im going to be buying a new phone i want it to be smooth and last all day.

      4. Spec whore or not, there’s a noticable difference in how the phone runs without the top specs. I think most people don’t want their phone to lag, and with the massive amount of software they lay on top of Android with manufacturer skins and bloatware that extra hardware becomes necessary.

        1. Isn’t the whole purpose of the Motorola X phone to run with pure Android and not have all the “lag” issues some people experience with Touch Wiz or HTC Sense? If it is indeed a pure Google phone, that alone should be worth the jump for some people, such as myself.

          Every Touch Wiz or Sense phone that I’ve owned, I would always do my best to hide traces of the software (example: delete the clock and all apps on home screens) without the need to root, or I would simply root my phone. However, I feel that I should be able to receive a Nexus like experience without having to root my phone.

          Rooting isn’t an issue for me either, as I’ve rooted my Galaxy S2 & S3 and enjoyed both of them. Both times I enjoyed the AOSP roms more than any other rom. So, if I can get AOSP software on a phone with at least decent specs and, again, outstanding battery life. I’ll be more than happy to sell my Galaxy S4 and get a Motorola X phone.

          In the end, if the X phone does not have the same, or nearly the same battery life as a Droid Razr Maxx, I’ll likely be staying put.

  6. yeah fits me well mid range beater, i am not looking to replace my laptop hopefully its under 300 like well under, to the point I on a prepaid gsm can have it with ease. I want this device, I like the smooth unibody. kevlar and maybe maxx battery nfc etc, the rest of you can hold out for its flagships later in the year. but this has me written all over it

  7. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on this. It would be a great device in my price range. If Verizon gets it, I’m in.

  8. This better be a $249.99 device.

    1. well if it is gsm, lte 16gb 2gb of ram 1.7 dual core with nfc and 10/2mp camera, yea I will take it at that price in a heart beat unlocked since I am on a phone with out nfc 1gb of ram 3.5 screen 5gb storage and 5/0.3 camera I would consider it a substantial upgrade.

    2. I’m guessing it’ll be a highly customizable (in color & design) with the same “low end” specs for the sub $300 price. It’s not bad, but I am disappointed….

      1. Hopefully they manage their OS better than the ATRIX HD, which is similarly spec’d. I have so much lag, but I love the build quality of Motorolas. so I’ll probably buy this device.

  9. If this is the next Nexus that sucks

  10. Its assembled in the usa and you people expected them to not have to cut corners? They are going after the general consumers not the geeks this time around. Looks great to me

    1. looks great to me as well, as I can’t afford flagships, and I like great build quality I hope it is weighty tho like 170gs or more.

  11. Looks like I’m waiting for the note 3 then lol

  12. Xperia Z Google Edition it is then…

    1. ^ This is my next if the news is accurate.

    2. I am with you on this one, if the high end Moto X do not come out, i will go with the Xperia Z if verizon gets it.

  13. LoL this article is the Anti hype

  14. I thought I read somewhere that they were releasing a mid-range device and then a higher-end flagship device. If that’s true, this is probably the mid-ranger which from the specs would be similar, if not a little better due to the increased clock speed, to the US variants of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is still no slouch today.

    1. That would make sense. They did have the Razr M last year, and also had the more top end Razr models that came a little later.

  15. I remember that…IT KNOWS…..I think the rest of you forgot.

  16. Looks like Samsung will still be on top for a while

  17. As long it has LTE for any carrier and priced competitively, it would sell a ton

  18. I was cautiously optimistic about this phone and would have gotten it had it been THAT cool but this….this does not sound very cool. I’ll just buy the GS4, although since I just used my insurance claim to replace my GS3 I’m tempted to hold out for the rest of the year.

  19. So its basically a Nexus-ish device? If it has LTE and is cheap unlocked, then it’s not a bad option. The specs are pretty solid, obviously not top tier, but good nonetheless.

    1. Good in 2011… its basically a rebadged, smaller Galaxy Nexus.

      1. No…closer to Nexus 4 innards. That’s very end of 2012 tech.

  20. Isn’t the X phone and Moto X different devices.

    1. There’s an XFON and a Moto X, believed to be two different devices. The Moto X was confirmed by Dennis Woodside at AllThingsD as their Hero device (flagship phone) for this year, while the XFON was believed to be the mid-range phone. I honestly don’t know what to believe with these rumored specs, and I’m thinking Moto will go with a quad core in one of them but I think I’ll just wait for it to be officially announced (specs and all) before I make any judgments.

  21. “Essentially a Nexus 4 without that Glass back,”

    And an inferior processor.

    1. It belongs between the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4, we should just call it the Nexus 3.5

  22. Look at that, they just did the Droid Bionic all over again. Super hyped phone that had good specs according to half + year ago.

    1. Perhaps then a Razr will be right behind it just like the Bionic too? Either way I’d wait to see how it plays out.

  23. Dafuq is this?

  24. Well, its not like a nexus if it only has a dual-core that’s for sure. And i’m sad to keep seeing this 16gb number popup, really wish we could see manufacturers using Android start releasing some higher capacity storage… I guess that’s just not going to happen though. 16gb is what they’ve settled on to ensure more cloud usage. /sigh

  25. I have a nexus 4 but if it is affordable with a headphone jack on the bottom Ill take a look at it.

  26. id rather get a nexus 4 that is available at this moment.

  27. A phone doesn’t have to one-up its competitors’ specs in order to be a good phone. 720p, 1.7GHz, and 10MP are good enough for me! As long as it’s cheap, I’ll be all over it.

    1. Keep telling yourself that. In 1.5 years you’ll be just as fed up with it as I am right now. You realize that these specs are basically a galaxy nexus?

      1. you realize the TI-OMAP SOC in the gnex (especially with its crappy gpu) is not even close to the same level as this s4 pro, right? The MoX has a more advanced SOC then what is on the one x and gsIII here in the states. and i could imagine the average sIII user (not phandroids like us) will still enjoy their devices for another good 2 years. Off the top of my head I would say the store i work in sells more sIII’s then s4’s 2:1, mainly due to its $100 price point and ‘good enough’ specs.

        moto has a MUCH better chance battling LG and last years HTC/Samsung flagships for the mid range market, then they do going up against the One and S4 (and soon to be new iPhone).

        am i wrong on this??

      2. No it isn’t. The S4 Pro is a beefy processor that is circa 7 months old. If it’s a 720P screen, there is no need for anything faster. If it ends up being a true dual core version of the S4 Pro, it will be plenty fine for 720P.

      3. they’re basically not.

    2. Agreed, give it a low price, and make everything on it solid. Like a solid quality feel. A nice looking screen (good colours, contrast and view in bright light). Make the camera capture iPhone 5 or better quality picture. Let the microphone and speaker be of high sensibility and clarity. Have as close as possible to Stock Android, with fast updates. Etc.

      These are the things that make a Phone great.

    3. And, let’s not forget that it’s made in the U.S. I was going to upgrade in mid-July, but think I’ll wait to see just what the Moto X actually is. Besides, I’ve had an iPhone 4S since the thing was new — I’m plenty used to “good enough.”

  28. “You have to realize what Motorola is trying to do here. It’s going for a strategy that no one else is trying, which is all day battery life, durability, low cost, and maybe customizability. But it wants to achieve all this while keeping the phone small, so that it “fits perfectly in your hand,” without “cheating” like Samsung does in making the phones huge to cram in more battery.

    So yeah, those of you who are expecting a god phone are going to be disappointed. But that’s why Google is releasing the S4 and One Nexus editions, to assure Samsung and HTC that Google isn’t giving Motorola special treatment.

    Basically Motorola’s mindset is that smartphones have become so advanced that we don’t need octa cores or stuff like that. For common folk, these specs are simply good enough (especially at the low price at which they’ll be selling).

    And they’re going to play up the “Made in the USA” bit a ton, and market the Moto brand as something feel-good premium (like, how it will feel, not the specs) that Americans will be proud to own, if you will (does that make sense?)”

    1. I still wish it had a quad core like the nexus 4

      1. The new 8926 Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core chip will be perfect for this midrange device. It seems like the perfect chip for it…covers a lot of ground and ability to do multimode 3G/HSPA+42/LTE, possess quickCharge 1.0 feature for 40% faster charging etc. Will hope the real Moto X device we are all expecting will come with the Snapdragon 800 chipset, a monster battery 3500+mAh, 13+MP cam, a 5″ 1080p HD screen with onscreen keys on a more compact form factor of less than 135mm. Very doable…

        1. I’m wondering if the leaked X Phone is the mid-range handset, while the “superphone” we were all expecting will carry the Razr branding on it.

          1. I hope not, RAZR has been stuck with verizon so far, unlike in the past when RAZR was across every carrier. It’s the new DROID.

          2. Yeah. I wish they could bring the Razr brand to all carriers. But who knows what deal with the devil they had to sign with Verizon. But I’m pretty sure the Razr name will stick around since it’s got a lot of equity in it still.

        2. Your “Will hope” sounds terrible, and just like every phone. I’m sick of 5″ phones.

    2. But Moto is pretty weak outside the US. You’d think they’d want to work on that marketshare.

  29. I don’t even know what to believe anymore, but in the mean time I am enjoying my htc one and don’t have to worry about playing the waiting game.

  30. how much is my Q…

  31. This is why I never got excited.

  32. Is Motorola ever going to make the jump to quad-core? I hope they figure something out. I like their phone hardware the most but they’re getting so far behind that I see them following the route of my previous favorite phone company RIM (BlackBerry). I think 2Gb of RAM would have made a world of difference with the RAZR HD/MAXX. Sigh…

  33. We have been duped, I knew it was too good to be true

    1. Lol couldn’t help but smile at the “we have been duped and knew it was too good to true” statement. Lets hope the real Moto X device we all have been salivating for will show up in the 4Q of the yr…if not then we have the next Nexus, hopefully from HTC.

      1. Hoping the next Nexus has Verizon bands, going to hold on to my unlimited data as long as I can.

    2. Shut the hell up

  34. They never said it would be high end. They said that was was still in the works. This is a entry level device. That was made very clear from the start.

  35. I am confused as to where people didn’t read the press launch and Moto said this wouldn’t be a high end device. It has been there since the beginning.

    1. That’s the first time I’ve heard about it. Granted, I didn’t read the press release myself. I haven’t been following it very closely this time around because I just got a new phone a few months ago. But all the tech news websites keep talking about the X Phone in relation to what Motorola has said as being the next big flagship phone. In any case Motorola let the rumors get out of hand and whether or not they intended the X Phone to be a flagship they sure let many of us think that from early on.

      1. Motorala never confirmed nor denied a thing. I think they didn’t let anything happen, people did. Flagship doesn’t need to be super high specs and high grade anything. People forget that the average user is ok with just the dual core and a 720 p screen. Shoot the majority of phone users couldn’t even tell you what core their phone has. If Motorala plays it right, they will launch a phone that can appeal to all first, then make their big debut.

  36. I guess we can all go back to lusting after the next Nexus, huh?

    1. nah the gear heads will have their X Fones later in thr year this will make the lil guys happy like me :)

  37. “He also was sure to mention that Motorola was ready to build high quality, low cost devices for emerging markets, but the X is not one of these. The X will be “more contextually aware. And you can interact with it in different ways.””

    A direct quote from the Moto X reveal… ugh

    1. I’m confused. This doesn’t jive with the “hero phone” talk from the recent All Things D conference. This looks more like a boring-ass entry level phone.

      1. This is the phone they talked about.

        1. Bummer.

        2. Actually at the recent All Things D conference, keep in mind he said they would be releasing other phones early this summer and the “Hero phone” would be coming later in the Summer. There might be two different phones we are talking about.

          1. There are two different phones.

          2. I am beginning to feel that these geeks are stupid. Woodside said this is not the device that will compete with the S4 and Iphone

          3. He absolutely said the Moto X would compete with the S4 and iPhone.


            If this is indeed the Moto X, as mounting evidence suggests, then you are completely mistaken.

      2. Unless by “hero” they meant the HTC Hero, the strong mid range phone of yesteryear.

  38. Dennis Woodside said the Moto X would compete with the iPhone 5 and the S4. This device doesn’t.

    1. All of the specs are higher than the iPhone 5 – better camera, higher resolution (and presumably larger) screen, faster processor, double the ram.

  39. Motorola sucks. After the Atrix 4G fiasco, they’ll never get my money again.

  40. Was holding out to see if I get this or Note III. I guess its the Note III for me.

  41. No Baytrail?

  42. haven’t we known that it isn’t the powerhouse it was supposed to be?

  43. and do any of you kids actually have a job/money to buy all these phones you claim you plan on buying? lmao

    1. It depends on how competitively this phone is priced ;)

  44. I wonder how many people saying they don’t like this phone has ever owned a motorola phone before, or is not on verizon, I like motorola I wish i could afford to pay verizon for a Droid, or use a milestone elsewhere with its qwerty keyboard, i want that build quality that I can have for two more years until i can buy a great new device, dual care what is the issues seriously is a quad core at the same ghz that much different, i want a Phone I can take on the charger at 7 am and at ten pm look at it and say 50% left after txting and calling people and browsing when I should had been working, I want a phone I can use to pay for my 4 mcdoubles and have people go hory sheet at the awesome, a phone at when i take pictures I dont go eww looks like i smeared gravy on the lens I need a phone that when I drop it doesn’t fly into three parts but remains intact so I dont waste time putting back together. but I also want a phone that knows I want to take a picture that knows when I am moving that just knows what app I need when I reach into my pocket. this is what I want, and this phone can deliver it

  45. Actually the specs doesn’t matter at all if the performance user experience and software covers it all and as i am expecting some cool stuff from this phone just wait and watch. i am waiting for u………Moto show us different and better i count on you

    1. This device will be huge and will sell a lot.

      1. I already got my dollars set for it

  46. This does come off as quite a disappointment, although the amount of articles and coverage this phone has gotten is what really makes it disappointing because everyone set the bar so high.

    1. But this is supposed to be a mid ranged device

      1. Well NOW we know that, but months and months ago when rumors first surfaced it was supposed to be the most high-end phone ever.

        1. But motorola didn’t make those rumors we did, when it was announced last month we were told this would be a mid ranged device , and the flagship would come later..

          1. That’s exactly what I said in my first post. Expectations ran high because of websites posting rumors…

          2. Guess some people don’t really read the comments before they jump on their high horse to “correct” you.

          3. I was really thinking I was writing/reading my own comments wrong for a while there. Good to see I’m not going crazy lol

          4. This people do not understand. Moto is making room for the non geeks as well. The high end we will have it by October. I do wish this device was quad core instead of double core.

        2. The high end will come later on. It has happaned before

  47. I think my decision to not wait for the first Moto X release was a good one. I do believe that my next phone will be a newer version of the Moto X. I understood the announcements from Motorola to mean that they were “beginning” their Moto X releases this summer, with different phones being released through next Summer. This is just the first—-mid-range phone with decent specs. I expect bigger and better as well as smaller and more affordable to come after this first release.

  48. Since I have an old GS2 and have been waiting to see what this turns out to be along with the Note 3… I could be persuaded to buy this under the right circumstances.

    If this is “affordable” as they have been saying I would likely buy it for $200 or less off contract if it comes with a better than average battery and some of the features that have been rumored or stock android.

    Less than $200 off contract doesn’t seem like a possibility so I’ll likely end up with a Note 3.

  49. Motorolla should just hide their heads in shame. I was waiting to see what they had comine because I have always bought motorola phones (looking at my Razr) , least now I know not to bother looking to them for anything worth while unless its dirt cheap, like 199 to purchase.

    1. There’s still hope. I’m thinking a new Razr will come out sometime in Q4 of this year. I’ve seen some comparing this to the Bionic, and that seems a somewhat accurate assessment so far.

  50. If the camera is improved and the display isn’t Pentile then this isn’t actually a bad device. Sure it’s not anything next to a quad core, 4K, NexusGalaxyXperia phone. But I actually really like my Razr HD and only wish the camera were a little better, and the screen wasn’t a Pentile.

    That said the specs are somewhat underwhelming considering all the hype Motorola has tried to pump into the Moto X phone. Maybe they’re saving the big guns for the next Razr release later this year?

    1. Motorola Pumped no hype that was all us They said flat out what this phone would be mid range phone for the masses “that knows”

      1. Really? What about Eric Schmidt going on about how Moto devices are lackluster, and then teasing the upcoming phone as something to beat? Granted, that wasn’t Motorola specifically, but Schmidt is a high ranking Google exec, you’d think he knows what’s going on.

        Another thing is that Motorola kind of let the rumors fly. In the world of unreleased products that’s as good as confirming the rumors. Not that that should be right, it’s just that speculation can either work for you or against you to build up hype.

        But Motorola has been teasing the customization thing, whatever it is, but they haven’t said anything about what phone(s?) will be “customizable”, and most people assume all the rumors are about the X Phone, the only device we currently know is on Motorola’s release list. Sure there is probably a Razr in the works, that’s my bet. But we don’t have any rumors on that yet, unless some rumors thought to be about the X Phone are really about the next Razr line.

        Also, the name was poorly chosen. “X Phone” sounds like a flagship device. Not that mid range phones can’t have an interesting name. But “X Phone” sounds like a competitor to the HTC One, or Xperia Z. Can you really blame people for thinking it would be better?

        So while you’re technically right I still stand by what I said.

        1. alright you are not saying anything but proving my point, what company doesn’t let rumors fly wild with anything when its positive, as an executive of google of course he will say his phone will be better than phones of the past, the customization was seriously started by people assuming and hoping based on nothing they weren’t teasing he was just a guy who thought hey it would be cool if we could do phones like that posting just a thought.Poor Guy kawasaki. they hinted nothing nor did they confirm nothing, we set ourselves up to be let down. so yes i am right .. technically (whatever that means)

          1. You’re only proving your own point. Which is? Look, I’m a friggin’ Motorola user and I like Motorola. So you can argue your point into the ground and I’m not going to care. Go troll someone who gives a $h!t.

          2. My point was we set ourselves up for disappointment

      2. Motorola hasn’t said much of anything till recently. The X Phone has been leaking for the better part of the year so far and EVERYONE has been speculating about it. Look, I don’t give a crap about what Motorola did or didn’t say about it. The fact is that the rumors led the majority of us to think that the X Phone was a flagship.

        But since you’re obviously enjoying nitpicking over stupid stuff like who said what when I’m going to bow out of this flame war that you’re clearly waging against a MOTOROLA USER! So I don’t get what your point is other than to stir up arguments where there really shouldn’t even be one.

  51. I don’t get all the apologetics for this phone. “It’s mid-range and you can buy it with food stamps and a Kroger coupon! That makes it a ‘hero device’ after all!”

    Don’t get me wrong, this will be a nice smart-phone for single working mothers and 3rd world tribe’s people.

    1. The bad things that the carriers do not accept food stamps you fool. Go back to Arkansas already.

      1. What he means is that OTHER people (not himself) are saying the X Phone could be sold everywhere, including grocery stores where food stamps are accepted, and thus being similar to the HTC Hero; which became a ubiquitous Android phone in the early days of Android. But he’s not advocating for such comments himself, but rather lampooning them as ridiculous.

        Perhaps you should carefully read the WHOLE comment before jumping to conclusions and rushing to write a reply. It just makes you look like the real “fool” in this conversation.

  52. Word is that the XFON and MOTO X are two different devices. One a ‘hero’ device the other a mid-range for the masses.

  53. -1 for an article about rumors.

  54. android users:

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