Jun 17th, 2013


AT&T has announced that its Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 would be launching this Friday, June 21st, and that folks would only have to pay $400 after signing a new two-year contract to walk away with the 4G LTE S-Pen tablet. More than that, though, AT&T is offering a sweet deal for anyone who wants to pair that up with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active or the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

If you take the bundle package, you’ll be getting the Galaxy Note 8.0 for just $200 (or you could effectively look at it as getting the S4 Active or Note 2 for free — it all works out the same). Again, both options require two-year contract agreements, though you should know by now that’s standard policy for subsidies. You’ll be able to head to AT&T’s website or waltz on into your nearest AT&T store if you’re interesting in buying one.

[via AT&T]