HTC T6 specs and launch confirmed? 5.9-inch display, Snapdragon 800, front facing speakers, and Key Lime Pie [RUMOR]



So much Android hardware news these past few days, I almost feel bad for those other guys. In any case, we’ve been hearing rumors for quite sometime that HTC was working on a Samsung Galaxy Note challenger, a mysterious “phablet” (I hate that word as much as you) dubbed internally as the HTC T6. This device would finally give big booty handset lovers and HTC fans the device they’ve always dreamed about. Today, our friend at @evleaks took to the Unlockr to post his latest leak… and boy, it’s a doozy.

According to Mr. Leaks, the HTC T6 will reportedly come with a 5.9-inch full HD display, powered by a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor (MSM8974). Just like the semi-confirmed and recently leaked HTC M4, the HTC T6 will carry almost identical aesthetics to the HTC One — front facing speakers and all. The UltraPixel camera is also said to return for the T6, only this time around it will be “optically” stabilized and come along with a 2.1MP wide angle front facing camera.

Remember that capacitive style pen from the HTC Flyer? Well, it looks like it could be coming back and possibly with a vengeance. The HTC T6 will take similar advantage of a capacitive-like pen, possibly like the Scribe from the Flyer. In an attempt at pulling users and potential customers away from Samsung’s Note line, HTC is said to be focusing a lot of time and effort in making sure this pen — and it’s software — is a top-notch, premium experience for Android users.

While the RAM comes in at the standard 2GB, unfortunately it looks as if the device might only carry 16GB of storage internally. Before you flip your table (we all know how 16GB turned out on the GS4), the HTC T6 is said to feature memory expandability via micro SD card. What’s also interesting about this leak is the possible inclusion of a fingerprint reader, something we haven’t seen since the OG Motorola Atrix. Unlike that device, this sensor will be on the back of the device so that it’s easily unlocked when you go to pick up and use the device naturally.

That’s not all. The HTC T6 could also be outfitted with some premium HTC accessories, like something @evleaks calls a “powerjacket” (charging case), upping the included 3,300mAh battery with a bonus 1,250mAh of juice. Something tells me you might have a hard time killing this thing.

Finally, the HTC T6 will launch sometime late summer or early fall and — wait for it — come out of the box with Android _._ Key Lime Pie. That’s right, folks. This just might be one of the first devices on the market running Android’s next big firmware update and, of course, Sense on top. Sense will also have some tweaks like an improved BlinkFeed experience.

What say ye? If all this turns out to be true, HTC might have come back from the brink of death to take their rightful spot as top Android manufacturer (even if sales say otherwise). With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 just around the corner, are there any Samsung fans out there considering the HTC T6 if Samsung doesn’t wow you with their next flagship bigphone?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. this…. this could be very Big.(and I don’t just mean the size of the device)

  2. BS Chris. Stop posting non-sense for views. /sarcasm

    Serious-note: I don’t even know if and when I should upgrade anymore haha.

    1. It’s getting so hard to know when is exactly the right time. You just gotta jump in when you find a device with all (or most) of the features you like. All this time wasted and you could be enjoying an S4 or One for 9+ months :P


  4. I like really I do, but I think HTC should 1 up and only go with 32 gig variants and 64gig, this is 2013, when will a oem set a new memory standard

    1. I mean, HTC kinda did when they offered the HTC One in only 32GB/64GB varieties. People complained, and now for the T6, it’s got micro SD card slot and the expense of lower internal. Can’t have it all I guess.

      1. I guess it’s to keep costs low and profits high for HTC, but with a micro-SD slot, I got nothing to complain about.

        1. There is plenty to complain about. Not having 32GB or 64GB of internal space means you can’t store the apps you need, want and frankly shouldn’t have to leave off the phone. MicroSDHC is fine for music, movies, pictures, other content but we can’t put apps there and this has been the way since OS 4.0 and the OEM’s still FAIL to deliver. Memory is not that expensive that they cannot deliver on it.

      2. You right, you right, but the only way it can be a standard if htc does 32 from now on, and while I do like expandable memory, I mean it’s not like you can move everything to a memory card to create more space on ur phone. But I’m not complaining I have a one x+ 64 gig bruh, I’m just stating a way they can force these other big oems to do the same

  5. How ironic that the heading starts with “confirmed” and ends with “rumor”…

    1. It’s confirmed by Evleaks. He knows his stuff.

      1. It’s confirmed as a rumor? o.0

        1. It’s a confirmed rumor. O_o

          1. @Gamercore:disqus… What did the mean Ultra Pixel in here/ That mean the camera it`ll be the same one on the HTC One with 4MP! Or higher?

        2. Here you go.

          1. Did you get this from Woot?

      2. Weren’t they the source that said the one tabone would have same specs as the one just bigger? If so they don’t always get it right.

    2. Evleaks is almost right constantly. I trust him and Chris Chavez of course.

      1. I have no problem with trusting it either, it’s just that it looks contradictory.

      2. I don’t trust that Chris Chavez guy, he stole my girlfriend. And that hair and skinny jeans… /sarcasm.

        1. Don’t worry about Chris stealing your girlfriend. No woman with a brain would put up with his juvenile behavior and unprofessional writing e.g. “This device would finally give big booty handset lovers….” They will soon have to rename this web site Phrat-droid.


    3. Not sure if it’s been edited since your comment but its ‘confirmed?’. It’s a question not a definitive statement.

      1. Yes, the question mark was not there initially.

  6. I’m glad we have confirmed that this is a rumor.

  7. Those are sick specs…I’ll take 2 please.

  8. YES YES YES OOHHHHHHHHHH YES …..The sooner the better MY HTC ONE could use a Big Brother ……

    1. for some strange unknown reason, i read those words as if i was having an orgasm. this news make some unknown flame stir inside me….

  9. I just might upgrade to this from my note ll. I freaking hate HTC sense though. Cyanogen mod it is!

    1. Have you tried Sense 5 and compared it with TouchWiz? It’s faster, lighter, more minimal, and prettier. This ain’t your momma’s Sense :p

  10. Well, Samsung will still get theirs. It will look like the S4 so it’s not like they’ll go out of their way to make it completely different. We can get the build and complaints out of the way. That’s baby talk. I’m curious as to what software and camera functionality the Note 3 will have compared to the S4, because the S4 already has a big screen and is similar to today’s Note 2 feature wise. I wonder how they’ll make it different and push it further so you can still have that distinctive difference between a phone and Phablet, and not just because of the screen size but functionality. I hope HTC for well and Samsung.

  11. Can’t wait!!

  12. Weird, I am throwing money at the screen but for some odd reason I don’t see anything happening.

    1. Huh, same thing over here. Even tried another computer and nothing…wonder what’s going on….

  13. When are companies going to realise that 16gb is not enough storage for apps these days. Even expandable stroage does not help has most apps cant install to the sd…

  14. 2.3 GHz?? Gawd Dayum… The manufacturer of the processor (Most likely Qualcomm) should cap the speeds at 2 GHz and make it more battery efficient… I don’t need a 2.3 GHz processor to watch YouTube vidyas and go on Reddit… lol

    1. Other people use their phones for more than just Youtube. Faster is always better.

      1. What more can you possibly do with your phone other than games? 1.7 – 2 GHz (quad-core) is more than enough to handle whatever tasks you need to complete. I’d rather have a more efficient 2 GHz quad-core processor than a faster 2.3+ GHz processor that’ll eat my battery up. Faster doesn’t mean better.

        1. Faster means better performance. I value that. That’s what I want, so that’s what I’ll seek out. Reading your comments on this site one would surely guess that you have this “my way is the only way” attitude and it’s not very flattering. If I wanted someone else to tell me what phone experience I’d have then I would get an iPhone. Android is choice pure and simple so I’d rather have the extra speed and be able to turn it up or down if I so chose or keep it for better performance.

          1. Prefect example of Ad Hominem right there. If you prefer faster, by all means, good job. But you don’t really back yourself up and tell me why exactly faster = better, while I told you why faster doesn’t always mean better.
            I’m sorry for backing myself up.

          2. I agree @DavidVarghese likes it his way. Based on your comments you’re guilty of the same thing and I know I am too. It’s the nature of online commenting.

        2. Snapdragon 800 has improved efficiency.

          1. I haven’t seen a device that has the Snapdragon 800 yet, but hopefully it is more efficient


            Here, read about the Snapdragon 800, it’s not just a spec bump, it’s a true beast, even USB 3.0!

          3. Of course Qualcomm will say that. Let’s wait for the real world tests.

      2. Faster isn’t always better, sometimes longer lasting with adequate performance is desirable.

        1. *insert inappropriate joke..

          On a serious note, im on a gs4, but those specs and stylus have me excited

    2. I didn’t even catch that. Good heavens!!

    3. Most likely Qualcomm

      Seems like a bizarre statement. The article clearly says Qualcomm. They also show the chip model MSM8974. And they even say Snapdragon 800. It’s not most likely Qualcomm. It is Qualcomm.

      Even more ironic that you called somebody out for not reading the article…..

      1. It’s still a rumor, which is why I said most likely.

        1. It’s funny though because in your comment you choose to treat the clock rate as fact and the chip manufacturer as rumor. It just reads like you skipped part of the article.

          1. Lol, I see what you’re saying

          2. I get where you were coming from now though.

          3. @DavidVarghese @Butters619
            Now kith.

          4. ._.

    4. Root n’ under clock, problem solved. But faster processor = less CPU time active = better battery

      1. But when it is active, it’ll suck right through your battery.

      2. No! faster processor = less battery on mobile phones.

    5. Yes, but would it help you with streaming your teen porn.

  15. no s_d card + no removable battery = no purchase

    1. Good call, did not even notice that with it’s boastful specs.

    2. You’re a moron. It is “rumor-confirmed” to have a micro-SD slot. Read the article before you post BS. If 3300 mAh isn’t enough for you, then there’s always an option to attach a car battery to your phone.

      1. I lol’d

      2. Ahh, another Internet warrior. Do you see that squiggly thing at the end of the title. It’s not what you use to fish for your dinner in the dumpster every night, it’s a question mark. That means it might not all be true. I won’t believe it until see an official company press release. Like if someone told me that you were in Costco with a gallon jug of lotion and a case of kleenex in your cart looking for Miley Cyrus videos, I would tell them they were wrong (because you’re obviously the type to get your wank videos delivered directly to your house). I had a Rezound and the battery life was horrible, so I already don’t trust HTC halfway in that area. Also, some of us actually have jobs where we work on the phone all of the time, including very battery draining activities like using gps to go to many rural places that drain tons of battery. I don’t begrudge you sitting at home popping off with tweezers all day. Just don’t claim to understand the requirements of anyone beyond your pea brain.
        PS- If you are ever in the Hilton Head area and see a 6’9″ guy, I’d love to chat.

        1. Well, then your basing your purchase off a “squiggly line at the end of the title.” You must not be a very smart man.
          Did you just have a tantrum on a forum?
          How mad, 1-10?

          PS-Have my Big Mac ready for me when I stop by, k? Thanks

          1. About a 6 on the anger scale for about a minute, then I realized you were just another webtard talking smack.
            PS – you would get supersized.

          2. Nope, you’re at a solid 10.

          3. Nope, people get hurt when I’m at a 10. Just enjoy dressing down a know it all paper tiger.

          4. Nope, don’t mess with people unless they mess with me.

          5. PPS- & what kind of idiot would base a buying decision off of specifications on a rumored phone? I guess I’ve now had contact with someone dim enough to pose such an asinine question. I was simply posting the things that would prevent me from buying that phone when some jackass called me a moron.

          6. “no s_d card + no removable battery = no purchase”
            Don’t defend yourself any further. You screwed up, it’s okay. Next time, read the article before posting garbage. Now, go make yourself some coffee, and wind down with some good ol’ Miley Cyrus vidyas.

  16. I hope they come out with a kick-ass tablet to even out-do Samsung’s Android tablets and put shame to Apple and their iPad. :)

  17. Interesting to say the least, but let’s see if this rumor holds water in the future.

  18. I think the HTC One is the best device on the market right now so if this turns out to be true and the specs are correct than I’ll be all over this! Only little issue I have is the screen size. I currently use the GN2 and at first it seemed to big but after using it for awhile I got used to it and now really enjoy it but 5.9 just seems like to much. But with these specs and the build quality of the One I’m sure I could get over that pretty fast.

  19. Throw in water and dust resistance, and I think you have a winner at hand.

    1. Sony seems to be the only one doing that.

      1. Yeah, that’s why I have both the HTC One and Xperia Z. Good for my son’s swimming lessons ;)

      2. And Fujitsu, Sharp, Panasonic.. Of course they barely sell their phones outside Japan lol. Oh and LG does it too, Optimus G and G Pro, in Japan, are waterproof. I guess Japan is the land of waterproof.

  20. I’ll be due for a Tmo upgrade 2 days after X-Mas… I have no idea how Im gonna choose my next phone O_O

    HTC One, T6, Nexus 5, maybe the Moto X… all looking like great options

    1. This is non-existent to me. Just fully pay off the phone and I can get another upgrade. I didn’t expect to find a replacement for the HTC One so soon. =.S

      I’m so glad Tmo has that no contract plan. Buy all the phones!! =.D

      1. lol

  21. shouts out to the Unlockr too, I didnt even know they were still up.
    They and Chris Chavez walked me through my first rooting of the G1 and Mytouch 3G back in the day!

    1. Ha! I know! I was so happy to see the Unlockr still in it, doing their thang. :)

  22. still 16gb???? when will we start seeing 32gb standard?

    1. NM i see it will have SD slot, i wish you could delete stupid

      1. But my apps will have to go on that 16GB. Apps on the SD card always run horrible for me. D=

        1. I dunno … do u really need more than 16GB of apps storage? How much do you use now?

          1. What? Are you serious? I usually play games on my phone and those apps are about 1-2GB in size. On my E4GT I only had like 3 big games. That’s because I didn’t have enough space for the rest. I averaged about 1-2GB of space left on the phone.

            Yea. I don’t think I like 16GB on board. And yes I had a 32GB external.

            I don’t really use external memory. I had like 20GB left. LoL!!

  23. Anyone want to buy an HTC One?

  24. Again with the measly 16gigs internal?

  25. If I can get that with Google Experience and direct updates, it would be my phone for the next 6 years easily.

  26. Maybe they’ll release a Mini version with a 5-inch display.

  27. Not buying it even if it had specs better than any, Just cause of the screen I`ll skip without hesitate

  28. Please correct your story. HTC Flyer does not use a capacitive stylus (a.k.a. finger extension rubber nub). It’s an active penabled solution that uses N-Trig tech.

    1. It was still awful compared to the S-Pen. I bought the Flyer just for that reason and then quickly sold after less than 1 year owning it.

  29. I tried waiting for HTC before going with the Note II. Glad to hear they’re bringing some heat with the One and this possibility. May be switching back in the future.

  30. can we not have ultrapixel? majority of the people shoot at daylight anyway. higher resolution camera is better imo.

  31. ‘a mysterious “phablet” (I hate that word as much as you)’

    Please start calling them Tabones. I’m sick of tech writers complaining about the word phablet but not using something else in its place.

    1. Tabones sounds like a music instrument.

      1. Do you consider that a good or bad thing?

        1. bad.

          I think tabfone sounds better, if that helps.

          1. I like tabfone but I think Asus already have a product using a similar name.

  32. I’d definitely buy it. Have an upgrade in October so if this holds true it will be my next phone. Looks like the wife will be getting my sgs4 instead of using her upgrade :-)

  33. HTC has my attention. I’ll just have to wait and see how they execute it. I’ll never be opposed to going back to HTC, if they put out a product that suits my needs (and will be good enough to garner plenty of 3rd party accessory support).

  34. i will have to sell my one for this lol

  35. Oh my!

  36. Isn’t T6 suppose to be 5.6 inch ? Anyway if all of this is true then I am going to get this device no matter what!

  37. Not sure anymore with all the rumors going around so correct me if I’m wrong…

    Would this HTC T6 launch late summer/fall of this year? I mean, 4.3 Jelly Bean is yet to come out but they’re saying this would have Key Lime Pie out of the box :p

    But even if it’s not Key Lime Pie, the specs are enough for me to drop my note o.o

  38. Oh ya baby cmon HTC lets get back in the game and get back on top!!!! I just bought the note 2. Now im really interested in this phone. Looking forward to it

  39. I will swotch to htc

  40. Not a HTC fan , but this caught my eye.

  41. Big Booty Handsets!

  42. This could be my next phablet after the One X!
    Just looking back when I thought 4.3″ was the limit… then 5″… and now maybe 6″ is not big enough LOL!

  43. How the hell can they throw those kind of specs at obviously a great phone and then just ruin it with a pathetic 16gb of internal memory. What a freaken joke. You can take that thing and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. It costs just pennies to add internal storage, what not enough real estate for the extra memory, what a freaken joke. They ruined a potential beast. I prefer my T-Mobile SGS3 with 32gb of int memory. Not enough people, the right people are complaining about this problem. Shove this phone you know where.

  44. Now if it just has a kickstand! :)

  45. I will still stick with Samsung Galaxy Note 3, because it is easier to root and it allows called to be recorded. HTC doesn’t allow for call records and rooting an HTC phone is difficult. Also, many HTC phones have fixed battery like iPhone, that’s not good too. I want to be able to replace batteries. I would still be going to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Mega. Meanwhile quite happy with my Galaxy Note 2.

  46. The fact that it has 3300 mah only for 5.9 Inch screen and that its a htc phone. … battery life will be so shoddy. No thanks

  47. IMHO 5.9″ might be a bit too big. I’m more than happy with the Optimus G Pro and Note 2’s 5.5″ display. I’d love a stylus and a Wacom style digitizer better than a capacitive one. The deal breaker, or deal sealer for me though will be the type of display. If it’s an AMOLED, count me out!!!

  48. Sounds like the note finally has done competition

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