Verizon’s rugged Casio Commando 4G LTE leaks in press render


casio commando 4g lte render leak

Rumors regarding a follow-up to Verizon’s rugged Casio G’zOne Commando aren’t anything new, but having such a clear picture of what the thing is supposed to look like is. Meet the Casio Commando 4G LTE, and aside from having a much better name than its predecessor this device looks to be pushing Verizon’s 4G LTE signal heavy.

The device looks to be running Android 4.0+ out of the box, though with some of Casio’s custom user interface changes sitting on top we can’t be sure which one just yet. We wouldn’t exactly expect this device to set the world afire when it comes to sheer computing performance, but its ability to take a beating in the elements and the dangers of life should please quite a few people who require such a handset. Get a good look up above.

[via @evleaks]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. My that thing is hideous!

    1. Really? I actually like it o_O

    2. I think it looks pretty badass

    3. It looks pretty cool. And keep in mind that it isn’t known for it’s aesthetics, it’s selling point is that it’s rugged. Drop an iPhone and it breaks. Drop this and concrete crys.

  2. Casio/PCD warranty support not included.

    1. However, you will be given a free calculator watch.

      1. but wait there’s more.. order now and receive a second calculator watch for free.

        1. just pay separate shipping and handling

        2. haha… those TV ads are ridiculous, by giving you all that stuff at the beginning they basically reveal that their product isn’t worth sh*t, and that the price they sell it at later is overpriced by about 8 additional products.

          anyways… the phone looks pretty badass, though I wouldn’t expect it to have good specs at all.

      2. Verizon wishes to tax you foe the free watch tho

  3. Wouldn’t it be smarter to buy a mid tier device (like the RAZR M) and a good otterbox case? This is coming out of the box behind on OS and I doubt it ever catches up or even keeps up

  4. I think it’s great but a little late to the game. Resolution isn’t great. Screen too small. I loved my commando but I can’t see getting this

  5. that’s hot

  6. It has a face only a mother would love!

  7. this thing better be water, dust and shock proof

  8. Now, if Verizon will RELEASE IT. Passed FCC months ago. So we know it has two sizes of batteries, optional wireless charging, etc. Verizon left over two years between this and the previous Casio Android so the early adopters are punished or… without contract so leaving for other carriers. Dumb.

    Anyway, to the haters:

    Visual appeal: Leave and go buy something else.
    Ruggedness: The first generation Commando appears to be totally indestructible.
    Otterbox? No. Much larger when you get to it, not waterproof ports, internals not ruggedized so still breaks eventually if you drop it constantly.

  9. The first one was a slow jittery piece of junk. Was interested and took a long look and demoed one, no way would I have trusted it.

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