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When we originally heard the folks at OUYA would be having their booth outside, in a parking lot, across the street from where E3 was taking place, a bunch of different scenarios began running through our heads. The most embarrassing was an image of the folks behind OUYA using a stand that looked worse than the one you started out with on Lemonade Tycoon.

That obviously wasn’t the case, of course, but a more likely scenario actually played out today that almost jeopardized the fate of OUYA’s little parking lot experiment. The ESA — the same organization who runs the yearly games show — ended up parking their production trailers right in front of OUYA’s booth, completely obstructing folks’ view from the sidewalk and across the street.

This would have been pretty lame for OUYA who could pretty much throw any booth traffic out of the window had the truck stayed, but someone eventually called the cops and had the truck escorted to a different area.

ouya park booth

We’re still not sure of OUYA’s true incentive for wanting to have their booth in a parking lot. Either they were being really ballsy and wanted to make sure they were seen or just couldn’t get a good enough booth inside. Either way,we imagine they’ll want to move the crew inside for next year’s show and prevent a disaster like this from ever happening again. We’ll look to get coverage from said parking lot for you folks in the days to come.

[Update]: And there’s a picture of said parking lot booth right up above.

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