OUYA’s booth outside E3 almost jeopardized by huge truck parking in front of it


ouya twitter parking lot booth

When we originally heard the folks at OUYA would be having their booth outside, in a parking lot, across the street from where E3 was taking place, a bunch of different scenarios began running through our heads. The most embarrassing was an image of the folks behind OUYA using a stand that looked worse than the one you started out with on Lemonade Tycoon.

That obviously wasn’t the case, of course, but a more likely scenario actually played out today that almost jeopardized the fate of OUYA’s little parking lot experiment. The ESA — the same organization who runs the yearly games show — ended up parking their production trailers right in front of OUYA’s booth, completely obstructing folks’ view from the sidewalk and across the street.

This would have been pretty lame for OUYA who could pretty much throw any booth traffic out of the window had the truck stayed, but someone eventually called the cops and had the truck escorted to a different area.

ouya park booth

We’re still not sure of OUYA’s true incentive for wanting to have their booth in a parking lot. Either they were being really ballsy and wanted to make sure they were seen or just couldn’t get a good enough booth inside. Either way,we imagine they’ll want to move the crew inside for next year’s show and prevent a disaster like this from ever happening again. We’ll look to get coverage from said parking lot for you folks in the days to come.

[Update]: And there’s a picture of said parking lot booth right up above.

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  1. Booth space on a convention room floor is insanely expensive. I imagine the parking lot is a much more economical solution.

    1. Yea, but they’ll never admit it.

      1. Haha good ol’ Bob

  2. Is this thing still a Tegra 3?

    1. If only there was some search mechanism for finding things like this out …

      1. Hey maybe Google will make something like that in the future!

    2. Unfortunately… Also, thanks el goog for breaking Bluetooth and therefore Wii remote support in android 4.2.

      1. how did google break bluetooth exactly?

        1. in android 4.2, bluetooth was (or still is?) broken.

          1. Works fine for me, Bluetooth that is. Only a major knucklehead would hook a wii remote up to his phone so I can’t comment on that.

          2. wow, you seem to have an urge to insult people for doing things you don’t know anything about. you must have emotional problems. First of all, because the comment you were responding to is about OUYA, an android device that is not a phone, your comment about only knuckleheads connecting their phones to a wiimote is irrelevant. it can be inferred that supremekizzle is talking about connecting a wiimote (a gaming console peripheral) to the OUYA (a gaming console), which might prove to provide a better experience for side-loaded android games which might have been optimized for use with a wiimote.

          3. oh, and second, i just googled ‘wiimote android’ and found several articles by people, who are clearly less knuckleheaded than you, describing how to connect a wiimote to an android device (usually a phone), and what the merits are of doing so.

  3. ROFL! A parking lot booth! (Imagining a farmer’s market with ouya in between the strawberries and avocados)

    1. Hey man, I’d do the same thing if I was OUYA… Their product perception hasn’t been the greatest and their product isn’t the best (lag fest)… They are trying to get the word out of who they are, so a parking lot at E3 is probably all they can afford for now…

      1. Sales and lag?????!! It hasn’t even come out to the public yet. nice trolling.

        1. Kickstarter… You’re not a smart man are you?

          1. Kickstarter? where they raised almost 10 times what they set out to? It has its problems, but sales is not one.


            “60000 confirmed sales”
            When you think about it, that’s not much for a growing business. I really do hope for the best for Ouya… But they got serious competition, and they need to get the word out about who they are and why we need their product, because I’m definitely not convinced on the Ouya…

          3. Those are the Kickstarter backer numbers! Retail launch is in 13 days.

          4. Woops… You’re right…

          5. That’s almost 60000 more than anything I’ve ever made :(

          6. okay, seems like you don’t understand how kickstarter works…. for something like ouya, unexpectedly high backing is actually a bad thing because it puts tremendous strain on releasing on time. also, you seem confused about how funding for ouya (and every other console) works. they don’t make most of their money on sales, they make it on game sales. ouya gets a cut of the profits on sales and in-game transactions. they also get it from investors. they got loads of money from nvidia and other VCs a few months back. was it enough to go to e3, i have no idea. but their kickstarter numbers have no direct impact on the money they have in the bank for attending trade shows.

          7. That’s not the “public”. I am a backer but the 25th is when it will release to the masses. Also, it made over 8 mill on kickstarter.

  4. Might be a good alternative to the Xbox One.

    1. More like the playstation one.

    2. I really hope that is sarcasm.

      1. Probably not. Xbox One sucks something fierce.

        1. Ive owned every major console released and to this day the original Xbox is still one of my favorites. Had so much fun modding that thing!

          1. xbox one is the confusing name of the newest xbox that will be released later this year. he’s saying the new xbox, xbox one, sucks something fierce. he’s not talking about the original xbox.

    3. If they support used games… forget it :-)

  5. haha, I love that Ouya is not only stirring the pot in the gaming industry, but they are actually stirring the pot at E3, the personification of the gaming industry. I love this company. Ouya Report: OUYA news, reviews and more –

    1. The only thing the Ouya is stirring is my bowels, because it’s a massive turd of a console.

      1. You ate one? Does it taste like Indian food?

      2. I ordered one, but I doubt I’ll play games on it. It’s the cheapest XBMC box you can get right now, and will make a nice replacement for the tablet I’m currently using to power my home theater.

    2. I doubt sites appreciate OUYA employees blatantly advertizing the OUYA in their comment sections.

      1. i doubt that that grammatically troubled blog (sorry justin) is the work of an ouya employee.

        1. You obviously don’t realize how unprofessional the OUYA team is.

          1. Okay, sure, I’m sure that they’re the devil incarnate, and full of unscrupulous, unprofessional baby killers. However, professionalism, or lack thereof aside, I just popped over to their site and gave it a quick once over for piss poor writing that you might find on a dopey fan’s blog, and found none. Unless they have some rogue, grammatically challenged employee, I doubt that their marketing people are responsible for the fan site you’re accusing of being anything but a shitty fan site.

  6. I thought they had it in a parking lot because they weren’t permitted to show at E3.

    1. Even worse.

  7. the truck blocking their booth in a parking lot while the real party is inside, is very good symbolism for their whole console idea…. except i’m not sure what is going to save them.

    1. What about nothing?

  8. it just play android games….

    1. It is also an emulator to steal just a bit from the Nintendo and Sega of old!

  9. Whether one approves of such marketing tactics is an individual choice, so, w/that said…….


    Shoulda had a few bikini-clad models hosting the OUYA Exhibit.

  10. It was a mistake… I’m sure… ¬_¬

  11. Whats the cross streets where this is located?

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