WWDC and E3 2013 — where to follow the “other” big happenings in tech today


Today is a big day for tech. Not only is Apple gearing up to drop some big news at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, but the biggest gaming show on the planet will soon kick off as the gaming world converges in Los Angeles for E3 2013. You know we already have people on the ground for the latter,  and know that you can get all the latest regarding Android gaming news right here on Phandroid. But what about the others?


If you’re curious to see what Apple is set to announce, iSource will be manning the fort to bring you folks all the latest on that front. The biggest thing we’re curious about, as Android fans, is iOS 7. Rumor has it Apple will be introducing the most drastic user interface changes to the mobile OS ever, and you know we’re wondering just how much of their new stuff will be “borrowed” from Android’s design.

We’re also hearing Apple will be launching its own music streaming service ala Google Play Music All Access. It makes sense — after all, Apple does maintain one of the biggest online storefronts for music there is. It’ll be interesting to see how their service stacks up to Google’s. Be sure to find out how you can follow everything coming out of the Apple camp here.

e3 logo-580-75

And if you’re more interested in the gaming stuff, our sister sites Xbox One Daily, PS4 Daily, and Wii U Daily will all be on top of the console and publisher news coming out of E3. Be sure to follow each respective site if you’re wondering what the future holds for us couch dwellers.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I commend you, sir, for posting this….(Tips hat)

  2. hmmm… so it seems you cannot watch the stream unless your a ISO or mac user .. why am I not surprised at all!!

    1. Yea, cuz UserAgent switching extensions don’t exist.

      1. yeah tried that on chrome… did not work

        1. but the point is that they originally do not want any non apple users to watch

          1. They’re a very controlling company. This honestly surprises you?

          2. I guess not huh…

      2. That doesn’t work lol

        1. Really? I must be special, working fine for me…

          1. Yea, not for me. Not sure.

  3. I’m thinking apple will introduce different icons (perhaps shaped different), downloadable themes and some sort of widgets. Whatever it is it won’t be exicisting as what android already has.

  4. All they need to do is talk about GTA5 and I’m set

  5. all it is is apple playing catch up to android/google

  6. lucky for me I got an iPhone… upstream anyone?

  7. iPhone with Android lock screen and phase beam wallpaper ?

    1. Don’t forget the Samsung-esque control center

      1. and WebOS multitasking

        1. and some quick settings that come from the bottom instead of the top….so I guess it’s totally different.

          1. LMT for android has been around since last year.

    2. i do like the parallax wallpaper, thats nifty but that is the ONLY thing i found interesting and THAT to me is boring in itself if there is only ONE passive experience that is “cool”

      1. Chris reviewed a live wallpaper app that I believe lets you do that on Android, too

  8. Hence proved: Matias Duarte > Jony Ive

  9. No mention of

  10. In case there’s any gamers here, Alienware will be announcing new gaming notebooks 8:30pm PST tonight, via livestream on their website.

  11. I’m iCurious.

  12. I think its extremely interesting that this site is basically telling readers to go to other sites to get info for E3 and WDC. Is it possibly because phandroid is having a hard time keeping up with the most recent tech news? Because I have been thinking for a long time that this site has been really slow to post articles lately..I’m starting to think that maybe I should start to get my daily tech fix primarily from another site. Don’t get me wrong, I go to other sites anyway, but this is my PRIMARY site for info. That probably will change.

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