[Rumor] Google is reportedly buying Waze for $1.3 billion


wazeAn Israeli news website, Globes, is reporting that Google is set to acquire Waze, the maps application that puts a lot of focus on social, crowdsourced data. Reports of the possible purchase emerged in late May, when an apparent deal with Facebook fell through. Apple were rumored to be interested last year, but Tim Cook denied any talks took place at D11.

What does this mean for Google Maps? I am not too sure, other than more data that could be used to improve their own service. Some features such as lane assistance and hazard reporting might get ported over. However, I do wonder how much of this is a defensive move to ensure that Apple or Facebook do not get their hands on Waze, which has some 50 million users. Integrating Google+ login and other properties such as Places and Zagat reviews with Waze’s social strengths might be possible/

I can’t see Google supporting two mapping solutions in the long run, so this deal means Waze would probably be a part of spring cleaning in 2014 or 2015. Waze has a good team (well, certainly miles better than Apple’s) but I don’t think they would be subject to such an expensive acquihire.

I’m going to be scratching my head on this for a while, trying to think of any possibility that might explain the purchase. Until then, I would suggest downloading their app to understand what the fuss is all about.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Isn’t this a very old rumour

    1. word had it facebook was gonna buy waze a few weeks ago but apparently that deal busted

      1. They dont need to buy anything….

      2. It would make sense for Facebook, because it would allow them to do location-based advertising without check-ins.

        I can’t imagine what Waze would do for Google that Google doesn’t already do for itself.

    2. Google’s often been a rumored suitor, but never really a front runner until a few weeks back, and now looks like they’re pretty much got the deal done. I marked it as rumor since there’s only one source so far (though everyone is reporting on it)

  2. Google has been striking out lately on products and making questionable acquisitions. I’m sure the stock is going down on this unless Google does something great.

    1. What?!

      1. Motorola. Google Wallet. Google Glass. Malware on Android. Sorry, but my opinion of Google has really taken a hit. Let’s see what the stock price looks like in a few months, but Google seems to be losing that luster.

        1. Troll much?

          1. No. I own Google stock and have all Android products. So I have a vested interest in Android and Google’s success. But these acquisitions make me question what is going on at Google. And I am not the only one. Read some investment articles.

          2. lol bunch of lies

          3. I never claimed anything to be fact; only opinion.

          4. Just because it’s an opinion doesn’t mean it’s not 100% incorrect, you don’t sound like a Google investor, you sound like a pissy iOS user jealous of Google and their actions, so like yeah

          5. right that’s why ur here on phandroid Mekong Google look even worse by putting comments that could potentially give had PR and decrease it stock even more, not a very smart investor if you ask me. When did they let trolls invest into multi billion dollar companies lol

          6. damme autospeller lol

          7. All Android products?? You realize there are over 1500 Android phones right? Not to mention other Android devices…

        2. Motorola was for patents. Wallet.. that I can’t explain, Glass is awesome, but it will take a while to become more socially accepted, and malware is everywhere, not only just on Android. You only hear about the Android malware because this is an Android website dedicated to.. well.. Android

          1. And the amount of devices out there tends to make it mal ware more apparent on Android then iOS, MS Phone 7, and BB OS. Just like on the desktop/laptop platform you hear more about virus on Windows machines than Apple. Also, most often the most popular gets hit more. AOL was hit way more then any other IM with viruses since it was the most popular IM before smartphones took off.

          2. True, even with Android malware how often has it bothered you personally? I’ve never had any problems with it, and wonder where do people get malware?

          3. My guess would be from the sites that offer paid apps for free (not official “Free paid app of the Day”) that one would have to pay for everywhere else. Two other guesses would be attachments and links from unknown sources and

          4. The Motorola acquisition was for more than patents, but we have yet to see it’s real fruits come out. We’ll have to wait for the Moto X and the other new phones they say they will be releasing in the coming months.

          5. Motorola was for patents as well as hardware, from what I hear the android team has had a hand in the X phone. Wallet is a bust at this point because all the major carriers went with Isis instead (and look how that’s working out). Glass is new and people fear new things but I think it’ll become more acceptable in time. Malware on android is only an issue for those that want everything for free so they side load pirated apps or get them from questionable locations. Download from the Play Store only and you’ll miss 99% of the malware floating around out there.

          6. Glass will never be socially accepted. You know that. People want lasik so that they don’t have to have stuff blocking their face.

        3. You’re a moron if you actually believe you’ll be infected with malware. Just stay within XDA, Google Play, Amazon, and a few other trusted sources, and you’ll have no issues pertaining to malware. Oh, and don’t go downloading “Girls with big tits” apps (and the like).

    2. Sure thing pal.

      1. I’m not your pal, guy.

        1. I’m not your guy, buddy.

          1. I’m not your buddy, pal

          2. I’m not your pal, senor (or am I stretching it on too long now?)

          3. I’m not your senor, friend.

          4. I understood that reference.

    3. Google always does something great…

  3. I sure could use 1.3 billion dollars right about now.

    1. Just buy some Bitcoins, according to CNN articles you will be worth billions very soon if you start using Bitcoins.

  4. I like Waze better than Google Maps for actual traffic problems. All Google shows is possible density levels of traffic. Waze allows users to report speeds (as in lack there of) , accidents, Fuzz (aka Smokey), and different hazards.

    1. It also allows you to post messages about possible detours. I never use Google Navigation anymore. I haved used Waze every day for over a year and a half now so i hope Google doesn’t kill it or something. It’s a far superior traffic service for driving around the Chicago area. It’s red light cam notices are very useful too.

  5. Would be great if Waze’s traffic etc could show up in Maps, and Google’s other sources could augment Waze’s traffic info in Waze. Not sure whether it will be a good idea to merge the actual apps, but sharing data would be a win-win.

    1. Yeah, I love Waze’s functionality and features, but prefer the speed and UI of Google Maps. Usually if I just need to find/navigate to something close by, I’ll use Maps. But if I’m doing a long road trip, I’ll use Waze for its better traffic and speed traps reporting. It was cool to see how accurate it was in pointing out cops and road-side hazards on my last trip. I would be awesome if Google was able to merge this functionality into Maps.

  6. I tried waze for awhile. It was too much of a distraction trying to report while driving. Only thing I could find it useful for was tracking of speed to warn of possible slow downs.

  7. I have used Waze everyday in Dfw for over 3 years now. It is invaluable for traffic jams,accidents,red light cameras and police.

    1. Hell yeah, when I lived in Houston Waze was MY FAVORITE app…unfortunately neither Google nor Waze are available in S. Korea…which is a joke! I will never understand why Google can’t bring naviagation to S. Korea, it has to be pure laziness on Google’s part. People argue that they have all these companies that already provide navigation but it’s in Korean…what about tourists. Wake the FUCK up Google!

  8. Google, meet the only app that will navigate you to your final destination

  9. I hope this acquisition improves Google Maps, there’s no reason for their to be two Nav services under their name.

  10. Self driving car.

  11. Say Good by to speed cams and the heads up about cops if Google does buy it.

  12. waze will only benefit them in improving their already awesome map system and help crush apple’s epic mickey mouse work they did on their map system lol…

  13. Yeah I see it as defense. Apple maps blows and everybody knows it. It was a huge disappointment and a laughing stock. The main mapping sevices on an iPhone besides Apple Maps are Google, Bing, and Waze. Two of those Apple can’t buy. One Apple could. And one that could make Apple maps orders of magnitude better.

  14. From the Waze app description in Play: “By simply driving around with Waze open, you’re already contributing tons of real-time traffic & road info to your local driving community.” I guess I was naive, but I figured Google Maps was already doing that.

    In fact, I’m pretty sure that Maps’ navigation IS “learning;” Sometimes, I get different, better suggested routes to the same destination without there being any traffic issues on either the old first route.

    If Waze’s data gets integrated into Maps (with or without merging the apps), it’s a win.

  15. Waze seems good for the social part, but the directions/maps absolutely suck (at least in our area). My wife uses this and will try to give me directions that will have you basically drive in circles for no reason and it will continuously think you have fallen off the freeway to a side road and will try to get you back on the freeway.

  16. They arent buying the app..they are buying the tech and the talent behind it.

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