Fight, fight: HTC UK and Samsung Mobile UK get into online scuffle via Twitter



Well, this was quite entertaining. Where we’re used to seeing this sorta thing from fanboy users, it took us by surprise to see 2 of the hottest Android manufacturers duking it out on Twitter last night.

HTC UK was feeling on top of the world after winning the “Hottest Phone of 2013” at last night’s Mobile Awards — so good, they felt like letting Samsung Mobile UK know about it, saying on Twitter:

“Last night we won the ‘Hottest phone of 2013’ at the Mobile Awards #HTCOne Ouch @SamsungMobileUK”


Samsung Mobile UK was quick to fire back, saying via Twitter:

“That’s okay guys, our arms were full with the other three awards we took home last night. You can have that one!

Never one to back down from a fight, HTC UK came back with body blow saying,

“all those students you paid to write fake reviews of your competitors finally paid off. Pay rise, maybe?”

HTC UK Samsung Mobile UK Twitter fight

All we gotta say is…


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  1. i love it HTC killed Samsung on twitter

    1. I’ve seen better burns from middle school kids, this was pathetic

      1. What? You mean “your mom…” kind of burns?

        1. Samsung: Oh yeah, what do you guys have as big as the Note 2?

          HTC: Your mom.


  2. LG was most sensible:

    1. LG are funny :)

      1. And they’re awesome.

    2. It makes it even more funnier that it came from LG, since they didn’t win anything. But, classy move LG.

      1. Love their TV’s.

    3. Lol at LG someone had to do it. If only big business could get away with been this funny all the time.

    4. Well, as LG have nothing much else to say, being funny is about all they could do to get some leverage in the action. They are no “classier” than HTC or Samsung, only trying to get some attention the only way left to them… since their products didn’t make the grade.

  3. Facebook makes you hate the people you know. Twitter makes you love the people you haven’t met. One of the reasons I love Twitter so much, hehe. I posted this earlier on my G+ stream because it made me laugh.

  4. htc sucks. they never can get their crappy lcd’s right. hasn’t everyone learned by now that for superior cooler and definition you need an oled?

    1. Annndddddd no OEM has adopted OLED yet. Looks like you’ll be sticking with a flip-phone for a while buddy.

      1. Umm.. Because it’s more expensive.. ?

        1. I have no idea if it is or not, but either way, it shouldn’t be a reason why no OEM has released OLED tech on their phones yet. I know Samsung is working on a flexible OLED screen for a while now, but idk why it’s not on any devices yet… Maybe it just isn’t that good.

          1. Motorola and Nokia all use OLED in their devices..not to mention quite a few other makers do also and LG is moving towards it. Check your facts. LG are known to be one of Apple’s biggest LCD suppliers, So can you see where the future is at?

            The reason why more OEMS’s don’t use it is because of supply and demand. The OLED screen market is currently owned by Samsung since they invested heavily in the factories and they are giving priority to their own devices.

            HTC _used_ to use OLED in their devices… Look into the history of the Nexus One and HTC Desire. They had to change over to S-LCD because Samsung couldn’t make enough (at the time) for their own Galaxy S1 and Nexus S devices as there was SLCD versions of these devices . Samsung Wave had to go to S-LCD for the WAVE II.

          2. You’re a moron, it’s as simple as that.

          3. You sound like some unintelligent life form that just got out of the sea. Go learn something in school other then some words you managed to place together that seems to make up a sentence.

      2. No OEM has adopted OLED? Not sure I follow you – AMOLED is Samsung’s implementation of OLED, and plenty of phones use it.

        1. AMOLED is Samsung’s interpretation of OLED, and not a very good one in fact… I prefer the colors of OLED to AMOLED, because it’s not overly saturated like AMOLED. But all in all, I love the screen on my HTC One. LCD’s are the way to go imo.

          1. It’s OK not to like over-saturated colors – I myself prefer LCD for the colors and for sunlight visibility.

            But the statement that no OEM has adopted OLED is fundamentally incorrect. OLED and AMOLED are merely different names for the same technology. You have to understand that when a phone uses a particular panel, the image they present to the user is not entirely dictated by the display panel manufacturer. Driver circuitry, software and firmware chosen/designed by the OEM round out the design. If a phone’s colors are overblown, it may have as much to do with OEMs not making efforts to tone them down a bit.

            I guess I should ask you this – in saying that you prefer the colors of OLED to AMOLED, to what physical product or products are you referring to when you say OLED?

          2. Bad troll is bad.

    2. stop trolling HTC is Awesome.

      1. :P well, to each its own. But to everyone else who is buying HTC One, it is a good premium phone, as long as you are ok with non-removable batteries and no SD card as well as the limited home screen and Blindfeed. But do check your set on the spot and test for gaps between the speaker plate and the body as well as the sensitivity of the capacitive buttons. These are two common QC issues with their phone and do insist on changing a set until you get one that is satisfactory.

    3. Yep..HTC does suck.

      1. Yup, HTC does suck … the blood out of Samsung.

        1. I’m loving the fight between the HTC and Samsung fanboys. I was a huge samsung fanboy for a while (still love my Galaxy Note ll). I think I’ll buy an Xperia Z though. I want a water proof phone haha.

          1. :P I must sound like an old man since this is the second time I am asking a poster about this .. but how is Xperia Z? Is it any good? I won’t be buying it as SD card and removable battery is important to me, but still would like to do some comparison.

          2. It has a removable SD card LOL. It has a 5″ 1080P screen, 2GB of ram, and a quad core processor. So it can play with the big boys just fine.

        2. :P actually not … at least not yet. But good to see some competition in the Android scene. Keeps them on their toe.

          But keep your fingers crossed and pray hard that HTC do not trip themselves up with some stupid design/corporate decision.

    4. It’s obvious that you don’t like HTC. But that is fine. A lot of others do like it a lot.

  5. No need to choose sides.Just pull up a chair,order a pizza & enjoy the cat-fight…….

  6. *Grabs the popcorn*

  7. Dayyyuuummmm! Shut them down instantly… lol

    1. no why its fun both companies having fun together this doesn’t happen everyday its kind of funny

      1. I think I need an interpreter to interpret what you just said…

        1. lol i’m talking in English

          1. Lack of grammar in the original post

          2. well English is not my first language.

          3. Okay now that you’ve edited it, I get what you’re saying.

            Yeah it is… lol

          4. ok cool lol

  8. Samsung should just throw some sales numbers in their face.

    1. many Samsung s4 where returned and many setting on store selves. lol so the sales numbers are fake no prove so far. talk when we see prove

      1. Talk when learn English.

        1. Check her profile before saying that. She doesn’t appear to be a bottom-feeder who didn’t pay attention in class. She even recently wrote that English isn’t her first language.

          MariaxNY had written:

          many Samsung s4 where returned and many setting on store selves. lol so the sales numbers are fake no prove so far. talk when we see prove

          1. Yea looking at her profile, she keeps trolling and insulting people.

          2. My apologies. You are right, OptimusL.

            BTW, MariaxNY and nicedudex26 appear to be the same person. Their writing is nearly identical, and they are both almost always boosting HTC and trashing Samsung. Does phandroid tolerate these things?

            Edit: I wrote to phandroid with this info, and they said disqus handles all that. We just have to report the post as abusive. I’m not a disqus admin, but I thought each site maintained more control over their own pages than that. But what the heck. I flagged both and am done with it. I hope someone somewhere checks and blocks sock puppets.

            Thanks to phandroid for at least replying.

          3. Could you have evidence of a student in the pay of HTC !?

          4. Other than the textural clues I’ve already pointed out, D, I have no inside information.

          5. Yea I think you’re right about them being the same person. The best thing to do is to report them I guess.

          6. I think you’re replying to the wrong person, nicedudex26. I was defending MariaxNY.

            Curiously, though, your writing looks very similar to MariaxNY’s. Your posting history is remarkably similar as well.

            nicedudex26 wrote:

            how you know they might be new in this country so have some respect idiot.

          7. Have some respect for the troll – LOL

      2. haha, so you wish. Samsung needs competition to keep them on their toe. BUT to say that many S4 are returned :P … I think you are the one who should talk only when you show your proof :P.

  9. Slap in the face for Samsung

  10. Are you kidding me? It looks more like htc paid people to write good reviews about them.. Check phonearena.. LOL

    Htc fans are low class bunch.. Lol

    1. We got ourselves a Samsung fan boy here folks. Nothing to see here, keep moving.

      1. and a few HTC fanboys as well……

        1. Posted it in a comment above, I’ll say it again. Moving from my Note ll, to an Xperia Z. :P ~A prior samsung fanboy. To be honest, I see samsung and HTC in the same class. They both make really good phones. Some people prefer removable batteries and SD card slots, some people want metal phones. Simple as that.

          1. True that. Btw how is Xperia Z? I think both are good phone … although HTC’s dodgy history makes me weary of them … and their current spat of QC problem. Of course Samsung is not perfect too. So try them out and choose the one that works for you.

            One thing though, at least no one brought up the so called “build quality” and “premium” material of HTC One … which is a misnomer if there ever was one – come on, Aluminium is one of the cheaper and weaker and softer metal. :P

            But as long as you ignor the hype on that and make your decision on things that actually matter – you should be fine.

    2. FANBOI ALERT – News flash – Phone companies advertise to sell phones.

    3. Samsung pays like at least 10-100 times more, lol!

  11. And no.. I don’t post anywhere else except here..

    1. Did Samsung pay…. you? O_o

      1. Did HTC pay you? ;-)

        1. mmm such hate … must come from somewhere …. :P don’t bust a spleen man.

        2. Really troll? I don’t need money to make my opinion known. After coming to my first Samsung after my last five phones were POS HTCs, I’ve earned the right to be anti-HTC..BTW, if I were you, I wouldn’t be commenting on someone else’s face until you get your very own Mary Kay makeover and pass a few McDonald’s feasts ….. ;-)

          1. I’m anti-HTC as well, after being burned badly by HTC devices.

  12. Both very childish. First, who cares about the damn awards and second the student story wasnt even in the UK and besides who cares if students get paid to say bad things about a device. I think there are a lot off people other than students out there that are getting paid to say bad things about the competition.

    1. Nah your mom does ;). Grow up dude and please come up with a comment that has content instead of being as childish as HTC and Samsung.

  13. Now HTC look just as silly as Apple and Samsung. Well done idiots, you just started rebuilding your brand after the fabulous HTC One and now you’ve pissed it all away.

    1. Oh god.. learn something about humor

    2. Ausdroid and Phandroid? You’re on a roll mate.

      1. I also post on Android Authority regularly.

        1. and the award for least cared about comment goes to …..oh my…
          it’s mr. hill by a landslide

        2. I don’t know why you got downvoted, but anyway.

          1. My guess is HTC fanbois.
            Such is life :)

    3. Well , ah , not really they haven’t

      1. Speaking of silly, what a coherent comment with excellent use of English.

        1. Yes , isn’t it You silly goose

          1. Dammit! You call him an a**hole!

          2. Nope , I didn’t call him that .

          3. Yeahhh… I know.
            google Southpark silly goose episode. You’ll get the joke then. :)

  14. Haha. I saw this play out on Twitter earlier.

    It reminds me of watching Spy Vs. Spy. One guy is always trying to one-up the other guy.

    1. accept this time is black spy vs black spy, not the white ispy :-

  15. Apparently they let the fifth graders use bot of their twitter accounts. Maybe if HTC chose to pay college educated people run their twitter they wouldn’t sound like a bunch of twats

    1. I prefer this to the stilted corporate boring crap that usually gets tweeted out.

    2. I mean funner lol dang autospeller lol

  16. Fierce competition is exceedingly healthy for the ecosystem. Bring it on.

  17. reenactment of the Nokia windows phone commercial lol

  18. epic

  19. I thought it was fun banter until HTC stooped below the belt and got nasty – stank of sour grapes really.

    1. Sour grape?? LOL, hTC only stated real and true statement. When does fact fall under the region of sour grapes, ahah. Fanboy will be fanboys.


  21. ““all those students you paid to write fake reviews of your competitors finally paid off. Pay rise, maybe?”” LOL I love it, go HTC!

  22. losers…

  23. Samsung is afraid of real competition so it had to flame hTC and other competitors. I no long have respect for Samsung anymore.

    1. Too bad HTC is shit.

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