HTC One Developer Edition stock RUU (1.29.1540.16) now available for download via HTCDev


HTC kernel source code

HTC hasn’t exactly been slacking when it comes to posting kernels and RUU’s for their many HTC One variants currently on the market. Today, HTC developer relations unit — better known as HTCDev — has just uploaded the latest full stock RUU for the HTC One Developer Edition (software version 1.29.1540.16). This probably wont mean much to you unless you like to tinker around with your device’s software, flashing custom ROMs and the like.

For flashing addicts, the stock RUU is little more than a safety net, ensuring that no matter what we flash, we can always quickly and easily return our devices to a purely stock state. Previously, HTC provided the 1.29.1540.3 stock RUU back in April. They’re definitely on top of this stuff.


Chris Chavez
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  1. I think this has been up for a while… I used it two weeks ago on my phone to remove root (I have the Unlocked 32GB USA version – not the Dev edition, but it worked).

    1. You’re right, but this is the latest version 1.29.1540.16.

      The previous one was 1.29.1540.3 (pre-update). I’ll clarify and update my post.

      1. OK. I knew I got the update to 1540.16 after I ran the RUU, but was confused a little. Thanks!

  2. You and me both… Although I still might wait until T MO Updates my virgin 1 to 4.2.2. Hopefully soon……….. What..? I heard that don’t hold your breathe It’s almost Friday cheers…..

  3. I think it would be wise to point out that this is NOT the “Google” edition RUU for those who aren’t inclined to do the diligence needed… Just a thought

    1. If it was Google Edition — I’D HAD TYPED OUT THE ENTIRE POST IN CAPS.

  4. anyone know if this can be flashed over the tmobile version?

  5. We can haz T-Mobile US RUU? No? Ok.

  6. Now if we can just get a T-Mobile RUU…

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