Official Man of Steel mobile game soars onto Android June 14th [VIDEO]


I’m not sure how many of our readers are hyped about the latest Super reboot, “Man of Steel,” coming soon to theaters this June 14th. If, like me, the latest trailer had you losing your sh*t and you were hoping to get a little Superman action on your mobile devices, good news. Warner Bros Games will be delivering a piping hot plate of Man of Steel with their official mobile game, arriving on Android the same day as the movie (June 14th).

Judging from the trailer, gameplay looks to be in the same vein as Infinity Blade, with 1-on-1 matches where players use gestures to perform brutal combos. It looks like the game follows the movie (somewhat) closely, and is the reason they’re delaying it until the movie’s release. The game will launch at $3, and we’ll give you a hands-on as soon as it hits Google Play. If you haven’t yet, you can watch the latest Nokia exclusive trailer that was just released today (grab a towel).

Chris Chavez
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HTC One Developer Edition stock RUU (1.29.1540.16) now available for download via HTCDev

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  1. Looking forward to the movie, but imo this game looks like crap, wouldn’t even bother with it if it was free.

    *edit: just watched the new trailer, holy$hit!

  2. The character model looks a lot like Brandon Routh’s rendition of Supes. No matter, not even 100 product placements or this sad title will mar the film.

  3. Lol. “game will lunch” really must mean it’s mega interactive Chris. Thanks for the review buddy.

    1. LoL!! “Lunch”. =.P

  4. lol looks like a gameboy game.

  5. It’s refreshing to see that Gameloft isn’t attached to this.

  6. the game look really bad…. not gonna even do the 15 min try with this.

  7. Neh, fighting isn’t main activity of Superman and i don’t get this game.

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