Latest Dead Trigger 2 trailer shows off new environments and the power of the NVIDIA Tegra 4


Dead Trigger 2 promo screenshot desert

Dead Trigger has long been one of those games you just can’t believe is running on mobile devices. A combination of dark arts and wizardry, developer Madfinger Games has pushed our tiny GPU’s to their limits, delivering console-like quality gaming on our Androids.

Dead Trigger 2 alpha trailer 2

For the sequel, Dead Trigger 2, we’ve been following title ever since it was first shown off running on the NVIDIA Project Shield. To top it all off, we were also able to give you you guys a full walkthrough of the famous “boss demo,” at GDC earlier this year. To get us hyped for E3 — of which Phandroid will be in attendance — developer Madfinger Games is finally giving us an all new look at some new environments from the upcoming game.

To give us a better idea of the performance upgrade the Tegra 4 brings from the previous Tegra 3, they were even nice enough to give us some compare and contrast visuals of these new levels apparently running on both processors. Spoiler: the Tegra 4 makes the game look stunning. Check it out below.

While there’s no question that the Tegra 4 will mop the floor with the Tegra 3, as LightofHonor pointed out in our comments section, it seems NVIDIA may have gone out of their way to paint the Tegra 3 in a much worse light. We know from countless press releases and videos in the past that the Tegra 3 was always touted as delivering console-like visuals — just like with the Tegra 4. As you can see from the 2012 video below, it was non-Tegra devices that apparently couldn’t deliver the same visual quality, looking near identical to the new Tegra 3 comparison. To be fair, while I’m sure the Tegra 3 could output similar visuals, I have little faith it would be able to deliver anything more than 10fps. That being said, you can watch last year’s Tegra 3 video below.

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  1. So Tegra 4 instantly adds water to the floor?

    1. More dynamic lighting, better ambience (fireflies), better shadows, more detailed normal mapping and, well….. grass. I thought the difference was obvious.

      Basically, it could do better special effects without the frame rate going to sh*t.

      1. Looks like they just gimped the Tegra 3 version to make 4 look better since most of those ” Tegra 4 benefits” were “Tegra 3 benefits” a year ago.

        1. I totally agree. I mean, the Tegra 3 version always looked pretty darn good and definitely not the way they portrayed in the video.

          There’s no question the Tegra 4 outperforms the Tegra 3, but it seems they wanted to make it look like more dramatic. Updated my post to highlight your comment. :)

          1. it was the same people who said that their chip is one gasillion times faster than the competition

        2. @LightofHonor those were precisely my thoughts! :)

          Remember what they did with DeadZone last year? They added water to the ground with Tegra 3! :)

          I don’t have a good memory, but @NVIDIA ; I don’t have that bad memory either!

          1. “NVIDIA Tegra Processors: Causing irrigation problems in games since 2012.”

        3. The new lighting/reflections look a million times better than what’s shown in that video. Also that water… Ew.

          I’d definitely say there are some legitimate improvements.

  2. So games on phones look like games did on desktops 10 years ago… Neat

    1. My PC from 10 years ago was NOT running games that looked like that….

      1. right unreal tourney was cute but not like this Its getting day by day

      2. With the speed of how the gaming (and computing) landscape changed, it seems pretty common for people to think things happened much longer ago than they actually did.

        Just got through having a conversation with someone that told me they’ve been running windows Vista sp1 for over 10 years. (vista was released in 2006 and sp1 didn’t hit until 2008)

        1. Not only that — in our heads, things looked great 10 years ago. Of course when we revisit them today, we wonder how we even played them to begin with. Lol

          1. I was just thinking about that and ~13 years ago when I went from software rendered 3D to a Voodoo 2 for Action Quake 2 (think Counterstrike but even older and Quake 2 based) I thought that was looked amazing.

      3. Well, maybe not yours, but Deus Ex: Invisible War doesn’t look that much worse. Especially if you consider how far texture compression and engine technology has come.

        1. The problem was you needed an insane PC to run this at a decent frame rate. Real time shadows and normal mapping were KILLER on GPU’s back then. Still overall pretty fugly. It’s hard to believe I was blown away by this game back then..

  3. Still doesn’t support opengl ES 3.0 or higher which kind of sucks…

  4. Anyone else notice the guy in the screenshot appears to have two left hands?

    1. HA! It’s still in the alpha stages but that’s pretty damn hilarious xD

      1. 2 left hands means “Tegra enabled!” :)

        Play it with normal phone/tablet and your right-left-hand is only a right hand…

  5. Looks great!

    Anyone have a suggestion on the best controller for this type of game?
    No Root

    I have not pulled the trigger on one yet, so many options…

    1. MOGA PRO! Has a gamepad mode for optomized titles, and a BT HID mode for games with keyboard compatibility.

    2. Red Samurai controller at Gamestop for $25. Has the same ergonomics as a PS3 controller.

  6. Just watched the new Teaser Video on and the 4 new screen shots they’ve posted…the fame is going to rule, 1st version was awsome already, hope Madfinger Games are going to keep it free

  7. I’m interested in seeing how the S800 with the Adreno330 compares to the Tegra4. Tegra chipsets have always been a little lackluster

  8. i really dont like madfinger extremely shining graphics, they dont look real

    1. They’re definitely stylized. More like the Darkness or Doom 3. I don’t think they’re going for realism, just stuff that looks like a 3D comic.

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