Jun 5th, 2013

Dead Trigger 2 promo screenshot desert

Dead Trigger has long been one of those games you just can’t believe is running on mobile devices. A combination of dark arts and wizardry, developer Madfinger Games has pushed our tiny GPU’s to their limits, delivering console-like quality gaming on our Androids.

Dead Trigger 2 alpha trailer 2

For the sequel, Dead Trigger 2, we’ve been following title ever since it was first shown off running on the NVIDIA Project Shield. To top it all off, we were also able to give you you guys a full walkthrough of the famous “boss demo,” at GDC earlier this year. To get us hyped for E3 — of which Phandroid will be in attendance — developer Madfinger Games is finally giving us an all new look at some new environments from the upcoming game.

To give us a better idea of the performance upgrade the Tegra 4 brings from the previous Tegra 3, they were even nice enough to give us some compare and contrast visuals of these new levels apparently running on both processors. Spoiler: the Tegra 4 makes the game look stunning. Check it out below.

While there’s no question that the Tegra 4 will mop the floor with the Tegra 3, as LightofHonor pointed out in our comments section, it seems NVIDIA may have gone out of their way to paint the Tegra 3 in a much worse light. We know from countless press releases and videos in the past that the Tegra 3 was always touted as delivering console-like visuals — just like with the Tegra 4. As you can see from the 2012 video below, it was non-Tegra devices that apparently couldn’t deliver the same visual quality, looking near identical to the new Tegra 3 comparison. To be fair, while I’m sure the Tegra 3 could output similar visuals, I have little faith it would be able to deliver anything more than 10fps. That being said, you can watch last year’s Tegra 3 video below.

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