More cities get drenched in AT&T 4G LTE



It makes sense that the second largest carrier in the United States is also carrying out the second most aggressive rollout schedule. AT&T has added even more cities to its list of 4G-enabled markets. So who, exactly, will be able to get up and running on AT&T’s high-speed data network (which many agree is the fastest of all the carriers) starting today? Let’s take a look:

  • Blytheville, AR.
  • Spokane, WA.
  • Olympia, WA.
  • Heber, UT.
  • Williamsport, PA.
  • Vineland, NJ
  • Wooster, OH.
  • Farmington, NH
  • Miami, OK.
  • Muskegon, MI.
  • Fort Wayne, IN.
  • Columbus, IN.
  • Pocatello, ID.
  • Clewiston, FL.
  • Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Forrest City, AR.
  • Batesville, AR.

So fire those phones and tablets up and see if that sweet, juicy 4G LTE icon will pop up for you. If you live in these new markets and have a chance to do a speed test be sure to let us know how things are treating you in the comments below.

[via AT&T]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. We have had LTE in the Phoenix Metro area for a while, but there have always been holes in the coverage. Almost like they started with every other tower and are just now filling in the holes. I work in Scottsdale/PV area and I always only got HSPA+ there… but about a week ago, they cranked on the LTE signal hard! Getting full bars of LTE no matter where I walk in my building.

  2. Yo dawg, where you from
    I’m from Miami fool
    I love Florida
    Nah, Miami Oklahoma

    1. I know, Miami, Ok… whaaaaa?

    2. No worries. If you’re from the area, you know what they mean, because they pronounce it My-am-uh, whereas the Florida one is pronounced correctly. Don’t ask me.

  3. I’m loving the LTE connection in my city I’m getting pretty consistent speed test of 40-50mbsdown and 20-40mbsup

    1. Hope you have unlimited data or what’s the point

      1. Faster download speeds don’t directly equate to more MBs used.

      2. The websites I load now load instantly, Pandora starts streaming instantly… My e-mail syncs much faster text load quicker… Everything works much faster and believe it or not uses the same exact amount of data it did before, just loads much quicker… So in other words the point is everything you do currently on your phone is MUCH faster on LTE, I still have my home connection for when I need to download massive files and what not…

        When you see someone driving by in a fast car is your comment “Whoa what a cool car.” Or “Well now that is pointless since there is still a speed limit.”

        1. Honestly, my reply is: “what a waste of speed”. Your point is extremely valid, in that doing what I want with my data is faster; yet, with the faster speeds I am tempted to do more. Doing more means using more data. Its tough living in these times.

          1. Exactly my point. I wasn’t trying to insult anyone. It’s like saying to a kid here are unlimited cookies but you can only have 1 a week.

      3. Well, we should stick you on a dial up speed connection so you don’t have to worry. It has plenty of speed to load web pages. You can even watch them load painfully piece by piece.

        The point of a faster connection is that things happen faster IF you want them to. Loading the same webpage at 0.5mbps, 5mbps, and 50mbps doesn’t change the amount of data used, but it does cause different loading times. If a person chooses to view 15 additional pages because they can now do that in the time it used to take one page to load, then that person is increasing use because they viewed more, not because the speed was faster.

        The same applies to movies and all other data. The Lack of buffering let’s us choose to consume more video, but the old connection and new connection use the same data if we watch the same number of videos.

        My usage doubled when I got an LTE phone because I suddenly used my phone for video. Now my data usage is through the roof because my LTE is faster and more reliable than my home connection, so I use it for downloading large files. LTE let me choose to make those changes. It didn’t force them.

        1. Glad you are enjoying your faster speed. I personally think ATT and Verizon need to have a unlimited plan as well. Its nice to be able to watch videos and enjoy Pandora without counting your MB’s..

  4. warning from the future. starting with the new generation elections coming up at E3. create a mechanized army of circuitry and metal. cold and emotionless. they will carry out task without conscious. robots, thousands programmed for destruction march towards the future. it’s coming, mans greatest inventions making the impossible possible are no longer under our control. technological strength will just become a threat to the earth. this new bread of technology makes humanity obsolete. robots thinking, acting on there own begin there march towards domination. these machines built by man serve no right. there are already robots among us, watching, waiting, calculate there new world order there time is coming. they cannot be stopped. with superior inelegance robots rule this planet. let the fall if man kind give way to a new age.

    1. Go crawl back in your hole

    2. that’s OK. John Connor will lead the resistance to victory.

    3. That’s silly, there are no elections at the Electronics Entertainment Expo.

  5. We also have LTE in the Chattanooga area….it is great! Of course, the area is not nearly as large as Phoenix, or LA, NYC, etc so not as many holes to fill.

  6. Still no Montana coverage

  7. I think the only cell phone in some of these places belongs to the technician that came to town and upgraded the tower.

  8. Rain on me, AT&T. Drench me in your sweet LTE goodness…

    *opens mouth*

    1. hey Chris what city you work from?

  9. i wonder when sprint will roll out those cities it promosed a few weeks ago…i was in one of those cities!!!! :/

  10. For me >

    Bad news:Nothing in IL : (
    Good News: I switched to T-Mobile and pay only 30 a month :)

  11. Dayton Ohio just got it as well

  12. Come on Sprint, you are being left further in the dust. You have been upgrading to LTE in my part of MD for 8 months.

  13. Well now my crap hole town to shitty to be on any list is completely covered by Verizon has been for some time won’t go back and half covered by at&t if they hire me I would go with them covered by metro come on T-Mobile convert those lte towers to support your devices already

    1. O_o

    2. What?

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